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  2. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    precision balancing, thats when the fitter doesnt bother balancing the wheel and smashes a 15g weight on oposite the tyre valve. seen that happen a few times. lol
  3. as for the wheels, its not uncommon for the alloy wheel to corrode in the centre causing wheel to get stuck on esp if the previous brake checks have been done visually only through the gaps in wheel. alot of garages cut corners and not bother taking wheels off, cleaning corrosion and applying grease to ease removal next time. as for getting the wheels off, they need a good thump from behind with a soft blow hammer/rubber mallet. and if when your refering to rear discs you mean rear drums , remove the two torx screws and either tap the drum face on with a hammer and that will free it , or failing that theres 2 threaded holes in drum opposite the torx srew holes. screw 2 bolts in by hand initialy then screw in with a socket or spanner (both bolts turned the same amount to keep even) and drum will come off. thats assuming the handbrake is off. lol ive been there before a few times wondering why the drum wont come off. ( fellow workers seem it funny to put handbrake on while im not looking)
  4. You said shoes? dont you mean get drum off?
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  6. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    Yes, £3 each on top of the standard balance.
  7. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Hi, been following this thread for a while and thought I’d join in. I ordered mine mid December, and last time I checked with the dealer it was still down as “confirmed” (there were some other codes I’m unfamiliar with.) Went for a grey ST-Line X 140PS with camera/sensors, door edge protectors, comfort pack, driver assistance pack and B&O speakers. On the order form the dealer went with a worst case of June. Is there a system to check progress or do people keep checking with the dealers? Thanks.
  8. Dash Cam Installation

    When you buy a card make sure they have good feedback etc,i had 2of 64gb ones off a person on eBay and all seemed fine,99.7% feedback so had 2 and i always check mine on my p.c for errors and both were faulty,as said above a 64gb turned out to be just under 10 and all the rest was bad sectors so went onto him and refund. Amazon is a lot better as i paid a bit more but was ok and i use Sandisk as well,some cameras are funny with makes and the class,i use class 10 but on a dash cam 6 or 10. I use 2 programs to test mine.........h2testw.........and also ............Fakeflashtest.....
  9. Reverse camera fitted,cheap ones work fine.

    I have the genuine mirror one when the other person had my car and had all Genuine one fitted but i just get a blue screen now when i hit reverse as the Fakra connector ford fits to the wires broke at the back so no signal and all others are RCA so i just done it to RCA and run a new lead and snipped the wires and used the power that ford fitted (old ford camera was dead so snipped power wires off that to get the wire and connector all in one and joined them) The TFT screen is only very small 4'' say the same as the radio display on the dash and low down so know one can see it. So yours is one of those that you get the kit for around £70 with the mirror similar to mine,i looked at them but i have a black plastic cover with rain sensor and light sensor and stuff.
  10. Ford Sync question

    If its the old Sync i wouldnt bother as there were hardly any updates and they did nothing of note. Sync 1 & 1.1 is the one with the mono colour screen and the applink apps are all music apps and are all useless! Sync 2 & 3 has colour touchscreen etc and is quite good. If you are desperate for the updates you can get them on utorrent or by buying one of the dodgy Ford TIS CD's on ebay!
  11. Man oh man I have just spent the best part of an hour today trying to get the front wheels off. Took the 4 wheelnuts off but the wheels are welded on i think - even the good old boot to the tyre doesnt shift it. Managed to get one of the rear wheels off (just) - these must be the tightest wheels I have ever had the misfortune to try and remove just to check the brakes. In addition i had to use my Streetkrap car jack and wheelbrace as i have noticed Evans Halshaw never supplied em - I suppose they do this when they give you the tyre filler and no spare tyre - sheez what a pallaver - I used to be able to do this job on my Streetkrap and Rover in 15 mins tops! In addition its almost impossible to get the rear disc off - any ideas? Looks like it needs a slide hammer - soaked the front wheels in wd40 but it looks like there are lever points on the tyre inner rim or is this previous attempts by mechanics to wedge the wheels off with a chisel and hammer? Didnt help doing it in the freezing cold either? Any hints and tips for getting Fiesta front wheeel and rear discs off? I think for the rear disk it will be a case of using some bolts and making up some sort of slidehammer!
  12. That tyre is as bald as a Kojaks napper no wonder you slid on the ice. Trying to be cheap has its consequences!
  13. Key snapped in ignition

    Is that reprogram the key with the ecu or program the key at the lock smiths? Sorry iv never had this problems before.
  14. Electrical Problems

    wondered if it could be an earth fault or BCM fault, I'm sure the door mirror failed to fold in a few times previously and the keyless entry didn't work around that time. maybe it was last winter. dodgy door loom connector would explain that but the horn... that's just out of top gear
  15. Year difference Focus ST3 2012 VS 2013^

    Hi All, I cant find any threads on this so, Im buying a 2012 Focus ST on friday but while looking at cobb tuning access ports & air lift performance suspension and they say that their products are for 2013 and up, I cant find any differences between the 2012 and the other years can anybody help me with ether the differences or if the products will work with my model? (Ive emailed cobb but no response so far)
  16. Hi! Ford Focus ST3 2012

    Hi All!, Im picking up my new 2012 Mk3 focus ST3 on friday (red) and am really excited! But ive been looking at more expensive modifications and items i wanna add to it in the future (such as a cobb tuning accessport, and potentially airlift performance suspension) anybody have these?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Generally I'm up for a bit of light hearted tuning, but in this case I'd be inclined to agree. The ST was only £1600 more than the Red/Black edition 140.
  19. Water leak

    You bunch of cowboys lol. Personally I'd never use any of these so called "quick fix" products, like the head gasket repair ones. It's just asking to clogg your engine/radiator up with crap. They just don't seem to work long term. I assume your oil is still clean? No froth or white milky texture if you look in the filler cap. Really if you leave it overnight and you lose 2 inches (of coolant) then I'd have thought part of you engine would be wet or there would be a pubble on the floor. Or is it fine if you're not driving it?
  20. Dash cam advice!

    +1 for the YI. Less than £30 on Amazon the other day, excellent quality especially in the dark. Sadly no good for me, mine needs to be quite descrete as I'm not supposed to record the site I work at. I'm not taking it out every morning when I get to work and then putting it back in as I leave. Fiddly enough to do as it is. I'd say try to avoid one with batteries unless it's specifically designed for 24 hour recording for when you're parked. The lithium-Ion batteries just fail in the summer heat in the car. If it's too hot for you to comfortably sit in or a dog, it's too hot for a chinese battery dash cam.
  21. Hi, have you had your powershift one done? any issue's? sorry for bumping this topic back up everyone, but it's all i've been reading about. I have the 1.0 Ecoboost 100 Powershift also, and i really want to get a remap. I've been looking around and seen people like Celtic Tuning on there site offer it for powershift, and couple of custom remap companys (not maybe as well known as others) offer. My vehicle went in today and had the Forge Motorsport induction kit fitted, but they have taken the ECU ID to be sent off to Revo to see what they can do for me. I was told somthing by mechanics at shop though about 32bit ecu gearbox? and somthing to do with USA models? not sure. But really, my heart is set on maybe going to Collins Performance (amount of reviews, feedback i've heard is outstanding), they have said can do powershift model, either Stage 1 = 130bhp, or stage 2 = 147bhp - be fair i'd probably only go stage 1. but i've noticed this on pumaspeed website http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-MAXD-Tuning-Box---Fiesta-10-Eco-PowerShift-and-World-Models-Stage-1_16760.jsp anyway, see what Revo find, but only concern is like i say, they never done powershift as of yet, not sure i feel i want to be the 1st, like guinea pig if you get me. anyone with a powershift model, with any experience on remaps, be much appreciated i tend to have a full exhaust system done, even intercooler fitted if it's going to help keep everything running fine. my car just done over 17,000 now
  22. Keyless entry retrofit?

    You're talking more than Forscan here I would've thought. Would certainly cost more than what it's worth. Several PATS (immobilizer) sensors required which would mean new interior wiring loom. 2 transponder keys amd keyless start module (that tells the immobilizer to turn off). All that kit is very expensive and expensive to program. Get a car with it fitted from factory if you're desperate. Personally I'd avoid keyless start with all of the stolen cars recently that have had a reciever pointed towards the key inside the owners house to "replicate?" the code to unlock the doors. It's very easy to add a push start button though. Just drill the hole into the dash, and splice it into the ignition wire. You still have to turn the key to ignition, but you don't have to turn it all the way to start it. This is a good video on installing one.
  23. nice snow pic

    Meanwhile, up north it's business as usual. It looked something like this for the past week.
  24. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    It is from the Focus diagram, but the ECU connections seemed to be the same. I think it is the same engine, so probably the same ECU. If the connector faceviews I posted, and the ground and supply pins all matched up, then I am fairly certain the ignition connections will, as this is the most basic function of the ECU.
  25. Ford Sync question

    Ford briefly made this available on their website for the UK. Being a 66 plate I'm not sure if there's any more updates for yiu to do anyway. Certainly none that add any new features I don't think. If it's not broken don't fix it I'd say here. I've heard of these updates breaking a few things until the next one comes out.
  26. Electrical Problems

    Haha that's brilliant (well not really for you). It's a bit like the old top gear road trips. Me and a mate did this to another mate once on a camping trip lol. It sounds like you might have a wire shorting out somewhere. I'd guess at your foot has pulled a wire out or the door loom has some insulation that's rubbed and eventually stripped. Time to crack the multimeter out and test the continuity on everything you've said is faulty. It's pretty hard to diagnose on the internet. I'd check anywhere that the horn wires cross with the brake light wire first. Or test the horn wire to the brake light wire. If you have resistance then the short is on those two wires. If something has stopped working then check the fuses. If they keep blowing then you'll have to find the short.
  27. Mods

    Let me guess. You're 17/18, just passed your test and want to "customise" your car and impress your mates. We've all been there though lol. I guess that's what fast and furious has done to the car scene. Everyone wanted to have a clapped out civic with black windows, HID's, a big spoiler and massive exhaust or just a back box haha. The older version of me says buy an ST/ zetec-s. Making yours look like one isn't really customizing your car. Personally I think it looks a bit daft people making their cars all pimped up and making them look like the next spec up when they're not. Like I said, bodykits/making your car look fast feels a bit last decade to me. The cost of getting new bumpers and spoilers is about as much as the price difference between yours and the next trim level. Not to mention painting, you have to assume the colours won't match when buying from a breakers. Quite often they're covered in scratches and allsorts. Then you have to ***** about changing them all over and getting the panel gaps right. You can then devalue the car because people won't have the same taste as you and don't like buying modified cars like this. The zetec-s mk6 are dirt cheap these days, even for a decent one.
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