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  3. Number Plates Years

    Putting a newer reg on would be classed as misrepresentation / fraud. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Number Plates Years

    Just a random question but does anyone know why you can make a car look older by putting an older plate on but you can't make a car look newer, is it to do with selling it?
  5. ford just quoted £226 for a second-year service. reduced to £190 after a bit of a haggle. ended up taking it to Halfords who did the job for £135. on both years I've asked ford for a price they have been close to £100 more and I can't see me getting that back at the other end
  6. According to this compatibility list you are correct.
  7. Floor mats

    yep. lol
  8. How to remove wax

    Try looking at the website of the polish manufacturer you've been using. You may find your answer there.
  9. you have done it correctly from what i can make out. the idea of slackening the cam sprockets is to allow the timing to be set as close to perfect as possible. By not doing so you are assuming they are bang on already.
  10. Floor mats

    Ain't you posh lol
  11. Yeah 70 mm is for mk7 7s ... I think 🤔🤔😮😮
  12. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    ^Thanks! Looks like April for me then maybe later by the time it gets here :( Atlesst ill have made few more payments on the current car so hopefully worth closer to what I owe on it!
  13. Haunted Car

    Today we've had quite a large hail shower and quite a lot of rain... At 6pm one of my daughters shouted to me that the car alarm was going off. I went out and unlocked the car to stop it. When I was going to pick up daughter #2 I was passing the focus in the wife's car and noticed the interior light was on, the indicators were flashing as if the hazards button was pressed and the front window wipers were moving slowly. As I was in a rush I couldn't stop to look. When I got back (15mins later) it had stopped. I popped the bonnet but it doesn't look like there was any water on the fusebox Any suggestions other than getting a good priest?

    Mk2.5 Zetec Bought standard & this was a couple of months later. Mondeo Alloys, -50mm lowered, Sony 6-disc headunit, White bulbs, Pressed plates, De-wiper/de-badged rear, Euro reverse light, Interior light with map lights..... ..... and I'm about done
  15. Sudden Drop in MPG

    my petrol focus is getting better mpg than toms diesel. lol
  16. Could be the rear seatbelts rattling against the doors. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  17. Floor mats

    ive got rubber mats all round for winter and carpet mats for summer.
  18. I'm sure they were going for around £40 or £39.98. Also just ordered them for my fiesta 😊. I don't think this kit needs anything going to the battery as it would get its power from the sidelights and indicators. Also what size did you get? Was it the 70mm one?
  19. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Tom don't know what your doing wrong with your tdci currently getting over 67 mpg on the trip and around 60 real life mpg with mine ha! Currently freezing out aswell! Mpg has dropped a bit since the summer and expect to fall a little bit further during the cold months.
  20. It changed in April 2014 I believe. That doesn't mean cars registered, it's cars built before April 2014.
  21. Thank you very much for this! Has been extremely helpful
  22. How are you viewing the software version in your car? I just searched through what seemed like all the system info sections and could not see it... Could you tell me the file path you took to get to this screen? Thanks!
  23. How to remove wax

    I thought it was just dish soap that stripped wax. Fairy liquid ought to do it.
  24. Floor mats

    They are certainly more slippery than carpet mats.
  25. How to remove wax

    Doesn't Clay Block do that?
  26. Yeah I thought that too! Thanks haha I won' be touching the battery...
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