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  2. 150 and 180 is the same engine yes. They both produce the same torque up to about 4.5k RPM, where the 150 map then starts to tail off so as not to exceed 150 PS. The 180PS instead keeps max torque to about 5.5k before it naturally tails off as the engine "runs out of puff".
  3. Focus 1.0Eco Engine running on

    Probably just a manufacturing defect. Water ingress to electronics can cause the modern cars to go haywire. I had an issue on a previous car where it would lock and unlock itself, get windows stuck etc. Was found to just be the cable cover between the rear door and b pillar had not been fitted properly and was letting water in to the connectors sending the car's modules nuts.
  4. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    Depressed the clutch and it went straight to the floor. As I was in rush hour traffic, close to the dealer I bought it from and still covered by the Ford Direct scheme, I had it recovered back to the dealership. A phone call from the dealer the following morning said they had ordered a new master cylinder and would let me know when it was in. A phone call the day after told me my car was ready for collection. It wasn't the master cylinder but a push fit pipe onto the master cylinder had "dropped off" due to a (plastic ?)securing clip breaking. Has anyone else had or heard about this happening? Car has done 28K miles.
  5. Windscreen stone chip repair

    By shear luck a friend of mine works for a famous windscreen company so I get it done for free every time(chip) and a discount on the screen if I buy the whole thing myself and free fitting.
  6. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    hey folks, gunna re do this post as photobucket put a stick in the works so my candy blue zs got it a year and half ago with 12k on the clock, now getting close to 26k sailed through two mots and has only needed a set of front tyres when i got it i cleaned it to within an inch of its life, clay bar, full wheel off clean type of job. and have pretty much just been keeping on top of that over the time ive had it the only mods done to it so far are a colour coded ST diffuser and a debadge and that brings us up to today, did the vinyl number plate thingy, had to cheat a little bit, doing it myself meant the full width wasnt working. its a tad rough around the edges, but you have to get close to notice
  7. To many spares

    what happened to letting the mechanic source the parts. If you have any trouble with the parts you have supplied, you'll have a fight on your hands for a warranty claim. Regardless, I've got one LUK 3 piece kit coming up for your reg so I don't know what the confusion is? You'd be mad not to change all 3 parts.
  8. Lumbar support handle

    Good to hear. I just checked mine and its all fine. Was it fixed in place? Or did they have to replace the seat?
  9. My problem has now been sorted and I have had no recurrence in 10k miles. However, I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem. My 2015 Focus engine continued running even though the ignition key had been removed and the rev counter was showing zero. Ford dealer didn't believe me until I gave him a copy of the AA fault report. Print out showed System: Engine Control-ZDE /Motronic MED17.0.1 U2PO25A-Fuel Pump Control Unit-Malfunction P06E4-Unknown Fault. Error message Malfunction U0109. The problem, I was told, was water ingress into a section of the wiring harness from the washer bottle/pump. A new section of wiring harness was inserted and a modification made to the washer/ bottle/pump though the dealer couldn't specify what. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi, I have Red&Black, 1.5 GTDI 150HP and think about remapping it using Superchips Bluefin. Anybody already did that on mentioned engine? If yes, how did it affected the performance and complete "feeling" of the car? I think there shall be no problems with HP increase to 193HP because I have found information that GTDI 150HP and 182HP are the same just the 150HP is "limited" in firmware, correct? Thanks! Kind regards, Gabrijel
  11. To many spares

    If you just need the clutch plate then it is Finis code 1679189 and will match your (B5/IB5) clutch assembly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-98-14-Volvo-S40-V50-C30-Clutch-Disc-Models-Below-Part-No-1679189/232448137631?epid=1130602714&hash=item361efd199f:g:mwcAAOSw5-hZkdBp
  12. Today
  13. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    The menu's under the car details expands when you click on the '+' icons. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  14. Brake Pads Question

    Theres nothing to be gained from using more expensive "performance" pads with bog standard discs so either fit fords own or use a decent mid range brand such as mintex or pagid
  15. Touch Up Paint

    That's all I do. Sometimes apply a second coat of colour if it hasn't covered well. You need to be fairly accurate though, the solvent will re-flo the paint if you mess about too much when you apply a second coat or lacquer, even after you've left it 45 mins.
  16. Touch Up Paint

    Thanks, so from what I can gather from the instructions, I clean it, apply base-coat and then clear coat?
  17. Touch Up Paint

    Pretty sure that's only 2 coat. 3 coat are the pearlescent colours.
  18. Touch Up Paint

    Sorry, should have added that , I have Vision Blue.
  19. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    Thanks for posting that picture.... I love it. I would definaltly consider one of those. Maybe it was because the ST-Line I saw was a five door, it just didn't gel with me as much as that picture you posted. I know my current MK7.5 is 5 door but in TitX spect with the big wheels and chrome sides I think it looks well. Jonathan
  20. Touch Up Paint

    What colour paint do you have?
  21. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    The Mk8 looks a lot less training shoe than the Mk7 imo. I'll be getting a 5dr ST though.
  22. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    I too love the look of the new ST, the RS inspired fog lights are one thing that sticks out to me and I love it.
  23. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    There has been a lot of mixed opinion about the Mk8 recently. Here's my two cents... Negatives: In my opinion the Mk8 is lacking a lot at the low budget end of the new Fiesta range, specifically in terms of exterior appearance. I agree with you that these low end cars almost look 'boring/bland', up to and including the titanium model (which is three grand more than the style!). Furthermore, the 'spectacles' that the new Fiesta has are just ridiculous. Positives: I disagree with you about the ST-line (and future ST model). I think they look fantastic. The new front and rear bumpers to the ST-line model make the difference, along with other subtle changes such as the black window trim. Finally, the new (2018) Fiesta ST look awesome in my eyes. I also believe they have gone back to basics with it, making the ST a small, 3 door, 'training shoe' of a car! I mean, look!
  24. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    Photos of the ST and Vignale have already been released. The Mk8 is based off the same platform off the Mk7 so the side profile can't change much. I think they've made all the improvements they needed to, while keeping the great to drive character. Me personally I think the back end is the biggest improvement, and they've also tweaked the lines and pushed down the front to make it more car than wedge shape (back to more like Mk6). The Focus is going to be no different, same platform, if anything it's growing more than the Fiesta has.
  25. Facebook Group photos

    Check out the photos from the Ford Owners Club Facebook page and group
  26. Touch Up Paint

    So ive bought the Touch up set to sort out a couple of scrapes and im pretty confused. So the instructions say this So first how do I figure out whether mine is a 2 or 3 coat paint? And from what I can gather if its a 3 coat, I need to do 2 base-coats?
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