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  2. Ford Sync question

    Ford briefly made this available on their website for the UK. Being a 66 plate I'm not sure if there's any more updates for yiu to do anyway. Certainly none that add any new features I don't think. If it's not broken don't fix it I'd say here. I've heard of these updates breaking a few things until the next one comes out.
  3. Electrical Problems

    Haha that's brilliant (well not really for you). It's a bit like the old top gear road trips. Me and a mate did this to another mate once on a camping trip lol. It sounds like you might have a wire shorting out somewhere. I'd guess at your foot has pulled a wire out or the door loom has some insulation that's rubbed and eventually stripped. Time to crack the multimeter out and test the continuity on everything you've said is faulty. It's pretty hard to diagnose on the internet. I'd check anywhere that the horn wires cross with the brake light wire first. Or test the horn wire to the brake light wire. If you have resistance then the short is on those two wires. If something has stopped working then check the fuses. If they keep blowing then you'll have to find the short.
  4. Mods

    Let me guess. You're 17/18, just passed your test and want to "customise" your car and impress your mates. We've all been there though lol. I guess that's what fast and furious has done to the car scene. Everyone wanted to have a clapped out civic with black windows, HID's, a big spoiler and massive exhaust or just a back box haha. The older version of me says buy an ST/ zetec-s. Making yours look like one isn't really customizing your car. Personally I think it looks a bit daft people making their cars all pimped up and making them look like the next spec up when they're not. Like I said, bodykits/making your car look fast feels a bit last decade to me. The cost of getting new bumpers and spoilers is about as much as the price difference between yours and the next trim level. Not to mention painting, you have to assume the colours won't match when buying from a breakers. Quite often they're covered in scratches and allsorts. Then you have to ***** about changing them all over and getting the panel gaps right. You can then devalue the car because people won't have the same taste as you and don't like buying modified cars like this. The zetec-s mk6 are dirt cheap these days, even for a decent one.
  5. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like how a range rover overtook me on a blind hill well in excess of 40 MPH, when I was already doing 30 in a 30 zone. He overtook a few more cars in front of me too, and then soon left his hazards flashing while driving the rest of the way, again driving too fast (above the speed limit). While driving past me, I tried to take a close look, and saw a passenger pointing at the road, presumably giving directions. I flashed him, but it made me wonder whether there was some kind of medical emergency going on or something. Still, I did worry that he was going to recklessly cause an accident! Dashcam video available if anyone wants.
  6. Keyless entry retrofit?

    Does anyone knows if it's possible to retrofit the keyless entry to a Mk3.5 with push start button? If possible, does anyone knows which parts are needed and the cost of them? Would it require some configuration, with ForScan Maybe?
  7. Wow, wow, wow (no I'm not a dog) fair play to you buddy, keep up the posts, awesome 👍🤞
  8. Lots of grinding when pulling away

    I'm no macanic, but if the wheels are spinning with no drive and no noise I would say it's gearbox.
  9. Engine service diy 😬

    I used to nab wurth products from the workshop in work, i think the MD realized how much it was costing him, we now have "inferior" alternatives in the stores.
  10. Engine service diy 😬

    The only thing with driving economically with that engine is you can trigger the engine light to come on... which Happened to me last week(not for the first time) bought an obd reader and plugged it in... fault code was p0400 which I have had before... its an egr malfunction Caused by a clog up of carbon in the valve a simple cure is to get the car up to temperature let idle for a few minutes and then give it a couple of high revs to the red bars and until the arrrow light comes on, it will kick a load of cr*p out of the exhaust. Then erase the engine code and it’s as good as new.. I know this from taking it to a mate of mine who’s big into his cars and runs a garage he did the exact same thing for me in April last year and it didn’t come on again until now.. which I’m happy about Hope this helps someone out if they ever have this problem
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  12. Dash cam advice!

    I haven't hardwired it in yet although I will be doing this very soon. I've positioned the cam to the left of the rear view mirror, tucked right in behind it so it's not visible at all from the driver side. When I get my car back I'll post a few pics. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  13. Engine service diy 😬

    I've never seen that tin before Ian lol. I've got one sitting that must be 10 years old now but its just the bog standard purple tin. I see you are also a Wurth fan too haha.
  14. Dash cam advice!

    Hmm, if that 3 was a T it would sum up the driving of this idiot!
  15. Exhaust specifications needed.

    Unless someone knows an engineer who works for the company that supplies the exhausts for Ford, I'm sure it'll be easy. No in all seriousness they are normally fabricated as one piece from the catalytic converter back, that's why when you go to replace a worn out part of an original exhaust some places shake their heads and make that "tut tut" sound. I've had a stainless steel twin exit system custom built for my car, it's got a lifetime warranty, so I don't have to worry about my exhaust again.
  16. Water leak

    +1 for the radweld plus, I've used on a previous Mondeo with a small leak and it done the trick for me.
  17. Engine service diy 😬

    ive googled it for images and none show the same design, must be an old tin. lol
  18. Engine service diy 😬

    Teraclean is next on my wish list, I'm starting to get really OCD about my mpg at the moment, I'm constantly thinking what I can do to improve it, Hego lambda sensor, Teraclean, iridium plugs, I even panic when I do the weekly shopping run 😱
  19. Exhaust specifications needed.

    Haha I know right 😂 probably just going to spend the extra and get a shop to do it for me.
  20. Engine service diy 😬

    Keep it for David Dickinson's real deal, you'll get £40 at least at auction 😂😂😂😂
  21. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    I know everyone's opinions are different, but I've just put a set of 4 ROADSTONE EUROVIS Sport04 on my car 3 week's ago, initial views on these tyres are excellent, really quite and the ride quality excellent (compared to my last budget tyres) grip in wet, dry, light snow, absolutely fine. Payed £165 for the 4 tyres plus £40 for fitting including balancing. Happy chappy 😀
  22. Engine service diy 😬

    found an old tin of it in my garage , figured out its been kicking about in my garage for around 15 yrs. lol
  23. Engine service diy 😬

    2010 mk2.5 titanium, not seen another 2.0 petrol titanium either, just see lots of 1.6 and tdci ones. Round town its shocking. Mid 20s but get it onto a motorway for a gd run and I'm into mid 40s so can't complain. Mines done 57k and had a terraclean at 49k which helped mpg and performance. Part from iridium spark plugs it's stock. Just gd fuel, cleaned the throttle body and did my gearbox oil few mth back as it was bit reluctant to go into gear when cold. Fixed it nicely.
  24. Your Insurance Annual?

    HOW are some of you getting such cheap insurance?? Ford Fiesta ZS Red Edition Age:20 insurance quote as my renewal is coming up end of February at about £1200 WITH a black box thats with 2 years NCB and license for 2 years 😭😭
  25. They're silver too [emoji5] I got a Parrot Kit some months back. Allows me to connect my device via Bluetooth, USB or AUX to play music and make/receive phone calls all while keeping the factory stereo [emoji1419] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  26. Engine service diy 😬

    I done an oil flush on mine back last September on my annual oil change, I done it to try and cure or lessen the oil loss problem ( sticky oil control rings) on my 1.8 Duratec, I used Forté engine flush. Couldn't confirm or trust the stamps I had in my service book, as when I bought it I phoned one of the dealer's that had a stamp in it, and they said they've never had that car in their workshop. I done a full service when I got the car on 82000 in September 2015, and a full service 1 year later on 92000 and then the engine flush with oil change last September on 102550. I can't say 100% if it's done any good or any harm to be honest, I'm just trying to get the engine as clean and un- gummed up as possible, as I'm planning on keeping the car for another 7 years or 70000 miles if possible. That's what I do with cars, I like to keep them on the road for as long as possible, that way whatever I spend on it, I will get the benefit.
  27. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Thanks Thanks Peter. Are those pins for a focus though? Seemed to remember the Fiesta mk6 diagrams were hard to come by!!!
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