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  2. Intake whistle when accelerating

    Alright dude, thanks for giving me your opinion and saving me money! I'll deal with it and not drive like that 😉 But thanks again dude!
  3. Might be worth disconnecting and reconnecting the bluetooth module in the passenger footwell. I'd check it over to see if there are any reset buttons on it too (no idea if there is, but worth a look).
  4. Things I Do Like

    I like how silky smooth my cars gear changes are now after getting it in for a service and MOT with gearbox oil n filter change. Had to have new rear trailing arm bushes fitted and new rear discs n pads plus brake fluid renewal. So a happy bunny even after paying just over a grand but my car is worth it coz of what it is.
  5. iPhone x

    Only had 5 mobiles in my life and spent a total of £55. First one was free off my brother (end of contract), 2nd one I really pushed the boat out and spent £40, the third and fourth also were free off my brother at the end of his contracts and then the last one and the one I still have, cost all of £15
  6. childish little bell

    yes i do have a dash cam but it wasn't in the car due to a incident where in was witness to a crash so i was looking to see if i had footage and forgot to put it back, its back in now. i know i will be seeing them again, next time it wont be the police they have to worry about. i do think it will just pop out as its not creased.
  7. childish little bell

    Looks like you can pull the dent out rather easily but regardless of that, what a little b*****d, pretty sure the youth gets worse as generations go by (i sound like my grandad). Get a dashcam ready for the next confrontation as it sounds like you will have another episode to come, but you have evidence to back your claims.
  8. Injector sound

    Hello! On the last service I added some Liqui Moly Diesel Purge in the fuel tank. After a few hundred km of driving I heard a strange ticking noise from the engine. Lifted the bonnet up, and immediately went to check the injectors. I put a screw driver on each of them and listened to the noise is makes. And injector nr 1, (from left to right as you look at the engine) makes this ticking noise. Which sounds like this: Should I do another injector cleaning process, or that one is on his last days of life?! Thank you ! T
  9. Our beloved x reg escort has failed its MOT - nothing major the mechanic says left arm bush and emissions which mechanic thinks can be sorted by an oil change. The car has other minor problems too but overall is a really excellent car - with no rust or major bodywork problems. Clutch will need attention in the future. But I can honestly say this car has started for me every time (apart from when the battery was flat after leaving lights on) for the last 16 years. 93,000 on the clock. Anyone interested in making this their next project? Open to offers before heading to the scrap heap. Please message me based on Essex (of course!)
  10. I put one post on but it seems to have disappeared. Anyhow Hello. I'm new and have a focus titanium 61 plate. The Bluetooth worked great but I've replaced my phone (same make and model) and it seems the Bluetooth is playing up. It tells me there are to many devices paired and to delete some but I can't get into that part as I get a blue circle ? Anyone know how to reset this model radio please or do I need to take it into the dealer ?? Ive tried disconnecting the battery for 5 hours but it remembered the stations and didn't reset Any help please Pics show Sony stereo and the blue circle I get when I try to go into that paired device bit.
  11. childish little bell

    hi all on friday this happend the story is, this little chav (17yr) thinks i tried to run him and two friends over, why i dont know and if you know my car its not exactly a discreet car (if not check the build thread below) so why would i commit a crime such as this,, he first came up to the window and knocked i listend and he wanted a fight, i said no and drove off to the police station to report it, nothing came of it and i carried on with my life, well friday, the little scrounger came up and knocked on the window again, not wanting to even listen to this little , i drove off as i drove off i heard an almighty bang not wanting too release the rage on his face i just drove off, and stopped up the road to see the damage. i went straight to the police and explained this whole story and i have a feeling they will do bugger all as always round my area. they said they will go round to his house (hes known to them, no surprise there) and have chat with him and explain they he will have to pay me £200 for the damage. he wont i know this. and yesterday he and two friends one who can drive, followed me, attempting to find where i live as this all happens around my missus house. he didn't last as he was in a banger of a corsa, so i managed to loose him talking back roads and housing estates. thanks for reading iv got release my anger somewhere.
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  13. D13HPD ST-2

    Fitted the Boomba oil catch can and maxton bonnet extension and changed the splitter rods today needs a clean tho just trying to see what other parts the get this month haha 😂
  14. I'll be doing my final year at Shef Hallam in a few weeks :) 7th year... Roll on April!
  15. Chedz

    Nice x
  16. Hi ya welcome ya not far from me I'm in Sheffield xx
  17. Sat nav connections

    That's perfect mate cheers! Done my sat nav today and everything work (plug and play) didn't have to use focccus but this will be useful for when I do the reverse camera.. would like to thank everyone for their input on this thread and others, helped a lot, cheers.
  18. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    The display will work by just swapping it, but you do need to update the CCC for best effect - navigation echo's onto the dash cluster which looks cool AF :) I believe the Sync version doesn't matter, and actually an early "non-sync" will work with Sync. It's just the later ones don't have BT/VC functionality.
  19. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    yeh thats what I thought but really all of them cant be bad! The guy that has it now is supposedly good and is being done from under warranty from the dealer I bought it from, he drove out with me and saw the problem immediatly. All I want is a car that the steering doesnt shake
  20. Zetec S Rear Bumper & Skirt

  21. That's a thing i will never do is skimp on rubber, i spent a week looking at reviews on the companies website and on independent tyre review i was torn between conties sport 5's and the zv7's i went with the avons due to them being a bit cheaper and having really good reviews. dont do what i did and buy and fit at two different places, the place i bought them from didnt fit and due to my tyres being illigal at the time, i had to get them fitted at £15 a tyre due to all other places being shut at 4:30
  22. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Sounds like your mechanics you've used so far are none to clever.
  23. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    this interests me as mechanic me tioned that when the discs go changed did they clean the hub where the disc presses on it!
  24. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    So have the hubs been checked for run out? That would have been one of the first things to try .
  25. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    As original post. To try and fix the issue I bought new wheels and new tyres to try and sort this issue and had these balanced also. Mechanic has it now so just waiting...... what the hell is iit? stress!!!! haha
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