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  2. My ST came with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics and they are really good tyres especially in the wet. Replaced with the same when they wore down. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. Focus Reverse Parallel Parking Help.

    Thanks for all your replies peeps, as for the quote I've quoted, I cant either, my Picanto was so easy judging distances as a flat backed rear car, also like I said previously, it was a narrow car and therefore judgement was made even easier because where the rear wheels were (right at the end, it was flat backed) meant bam, how close. Was really easy. I am glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem in regards to the Focus though. I've consined the fact that the rear windscreen halfway up their front windscreen is close enough, even if there is a gap, wont risk it any closer and if my car could of fitted in that gap, I wouldnt bother.
  4. Car Door Checks

    I think they should be lightly greased - they are a moving part (in terms of having sliding mating faces) afterall. I would not expect the 'holding' power to reduce as this is achieved primarily through a spring clamp and cam profile, not friction.
  5. Couple of questions

    If it's your door card that vibrate then there's a torch bolt behind a small panel on the end of the door that might need tightening. It was doing my tree in until I around that this bolt had worked loose. Also I managed to change my fogs fairly easily through the bottoms of the wheel arches. Turn to full lock and undo 3 for bolts either side. Bit tight to reach through so helps if you have thinner arms. There's a few pics on my build thread for how to change them. Click on my signature on PC or search for Phil's Build Thread.
  6. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Possibly your front suspension bushes are worn. That'll give a tremor rather than a wobble and usually felt at all speeds, almost like you're driving over a roughly surface tarmacked road
  7. I replaced my Focus ST tyres with a make Ford don't use, although the size and speed ratings were the same. It's not always possible to replace with exactly the same tyre and the ones I used as a replacement were considerably cheaper, but when you get a puncture, waiting 10 days for the exact replacement to be delivered to Shetland wasn't an option. So yes go for a better value tyre if you wish, but don't play around with the ratings for safety reasons
  8. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Had this on a mk2 mondeo but never resolved before someone sent it to the scrapyard in the sky... Not mechanically minded enough to say for certain, but I would think maybe track rods, bad tracking (not balancing) or warped brake discs? Is there any play in the front wheels when jacked up?
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  10. Fiesta Roof Paint Damage HELP!!

    Agree with Phil. Sounds like the metal wasn't primed properly. Another possibility is that the surface was wet when originally painted; that would show up as loads of tiny blisters rather than larger areas
  11. Reverse Camera Mk5 Mondeo

    If it applies to the mk3 focus (ie if that Russian module thingy is the same) then it's the next mod I wanna do! I think @Victory has done it to their focus...
  12. 2.0 diesel starting prblems

    What exactly happens in the ignition process? If it's like my focus, a press without your foot on the clutch turns the ignition on, primes the fuel pump etc, then you press the clutch and button to start the car? Are you getting all the usual dash lights on during ignition? Is there an immobiliser light flashing a code? Any sounds when you press the button to start the car?
  13. Fiesta Roof Paint Damage HELP!!

    Of course they'll say it's not their fault! Someone will need to confirm, but a paintwork issue like this is grounds for warranty work or a foot stamping under the sale of goods act. There has obviously been poor workmanship there if the paint is coming off so soon. Also if a painty person can confirm: surely bubbling and blistering paint means that there is a problem UNDER it? Bad primer coat or something? Obviously can't be caused by an external source but more likely bad prep work? Anyway be sure to fight this one cos I'm sure they're in the wrong.
  14. coolant leaking, smoke coming from under the bonnet???

    Head gaskets are prone to more failures after they've gone for the first time. As said above could be anything. Is your res empty (or losing coolant)? More likely you had a coolant leak and it's overheated the engine and the coolant has boiled. I'd clean it up and try and find the leak (although that's kinda obvious thinking about it lol). Coolant hoses might've gone brittle with age and developed a crack.
  15. Fiesta Mk6 stereo

    Well you might have done better posting in the fiesta section mate. Maybe we could ask @Stoney871 or @alexp999 very nicely if they could please move it and maybe you'll have better luck. Also @JW1982 is extremely knowledgeable about modules and things for the focus and hopefully he can shed some light on your issue if that knowledge extends to fiestas. Personally, going by what I've read, the stereo systems are usually comprised of separate modules which may or may not exist in your car. For example I believe people who wanted to upgrade the focus stereo not only had to get the unit itself and fascia but also the Bluetooth, GPS and (I think) the Sync modules which were external. I can't be sure that that would be your problem but I would imagine that simply adding in the button would be something Ford would avoid so that an upgrade wouldn't be too easy. Stick with us pal and I'm sure we can get you an answer. EDIT:: in fact rereading your first post suggests more to me that this IS your problem. The reason you can't find the right combination of things could be that those extra connections on a Bluetooth unit that you don't require maybe go to these modules I'm talking about?
  16. air direction control

    Loads of knowledgeable peeps here bit perhaps @JW1982 or @iantt might be the best to ask. That's not to say that someone else won't know though! 😉
  17. What you want is an ELM327 cable. Preferably a 'modified' cable which just means it has a switch on it for accessing two different lots of settings. They are not more than about £20 but be sure to buy a genuine one. Forscan is free. There is an extended licence which is also free which allows more tools in the software but otherwise will tell you about everything that is going on in your car. You can also get FoCCCus for free which is more about enabling features on your car that a dealer would normally do. A garage will charge you at least an hour's labour just to read the code. The code they read will be a general one which can likely point to several different problems and they'll happily charge you for each second they are sleuthing. For £20 you get the kit yourself which you can use in future and can post your codes here and receive free advice! It's not an intelligence test anyone should fail... 😉
  18. Ford badge gel domed for fiesta 09 plate

    Have a look on eBay. There are loads of different gel badge colour combinations available for around £18 per set.
  19. Krisdadude online about 1 hour ago · #1 Steering Wheel Wobble (NOT WHEELS) I have had my 2010 focus 1.8 zetec s 3 door for 4 months. Since Day one the steering wheel has a wobble from 60mph+ most notible from 60-70 and when accelerating. It seems identical to a wheel balance issue but is not. FYI: I have had the tyres balanced 20 times didnt help. New wheels and tyres both balanced numerous times, swapped front to backs vice versa. Still wobbling. New drive shafts left and right. Since the new drive shafts the vibration has increased slightly and i seem to have more vibration on acceleration up to 60mph then steering wheel wobble, it also can be intermittent, not sure whether it is caused by road up or downhill. Dont know but I could be feeling accelerator vibration also but could be just clutching at straws. All but one mechanic I speak to doesnt have any ideas, spoken to approx 12 different mechanics, the one who had ideas just named a big list to go through. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  20. Induction kit

    Noise is good cheers 😊
  21. DIY Tracking (String Method)

    Just to update this, the alignment was done properly this evening on a Hunter machine. Both front toes were out of tolerance. Tracking was last done 2.5 years/20k miles ago so I can't say whether it was just the new arms that put it out or not. I was surprised the rears were still fine though, very slightly off perfect but still well in tolerance, expected worse as I've knocked the NS rear on kerbs of tight town corners a few times lol! Also, don't waste the time and effort on the string method.
  22. Things I Do Like

    lol nice one
  23. Things I Do Like

    Aww. That poor skip.
  24. Sat nav connections

    I have the 9 speaker set up pfl with Sony head unit.
  25. Sat nav connections

    The white Fakra connector on the ACM is used for the 2nd (FM) antenna. The 2nd antenna is integrated in the rear window (hatchback) or left rear side window (estate). The 2nd antenna is an amplified antenna which is only present on Focus MK3/MK3.5 versions that ar equipped with the High Level audio system (and all systems that are based on the High Level audio system). The Low Level audio system only has 1 antenna.
  26. Sat nav connections

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