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  2. Hi all after some wisdom... My 08 focus 1.8tdci failed to start this morning. Battery voltage is 11.8v so enough to get it going. However it's like the starter won't fire and it just goes womp womp womp dead. Checked the cluster got DTC D900 and from what I read it's a comms issue. So I need to get an obd on it. However, a garage fudge up earlier in the year led to them putting a used engine in the car. Never been right since but it was liveable. Could they have bodged some wiring when putting ye new engine in? It was the correct KKDA engine that was put in. Any thoughts before I end up with a £500 1.2 corsa?
  3. If you could have any car

    Focus MK3.5 ST3 petrol, that's all I want
  4. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    I've had an S7 for nearly 2 years and it's served me flawlessly. I used to keep it in protective cases (Otterbox and Griffin) but found them a swine to find pouches for. I just use a silicone case now, easier to fit in pouches and protects the phone just fine. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. What do you clean your car with?

    And this is how the car comes out with these cleaning products.
  6. What do you clean your car with?

    Here's most of the products I have
  7. Today
  8. If you could have any car

    Thought I might throw in a car I'm interested in getting next in a few years. I'm starting to like the mk5 golf 2.0 TDI GT sport. The front looks similar to a GTI plus the 2.0 litre Diesel engine is powerful with 138hp. 0-60 in 9.3 seconds and claimed 60 mpg. There are some with 168hp which reduces the 0-60 to 8.2 seconds and 58mpg which isn't that much of a loss. To compare this with my mk6.5 zetec s diesel fiesta (£30 road tax, claimed 72mpg and 0-60 in 11.2 secs) the 168hp golf is 3 seconds quicker however the mpg is lower plus it's £190 road tax (138hp is £150). Only thing I have to see if these new diesel rules don't affect me in a few years.
  9. If you could have any car

    I've seen some replicas. They do look nice. There's a car dealer not far from me which has a orange one which you can see just behind the first row of cars in front. It's been there for nearly a year now plus recently they have another replica for sale.
  10. Potential battery issues

    I wouldn't worry about it. You certainly did a good job on those terminals.
  11. *** Fiesta 3 years warranty query

    Closing this thread as the answer has already been explained multiple times.
  12. *** Fiesta 3 years warranty query

    The mandatory warranty that a manufacturer has to provide is, I believe, just 6 months. After that, you're technically into things like the car being not 'fit for purpose'. However, warranties are an area that most, if not all, car makers are competing on. So the likes of Kia are offering 7 years, their sister company Hyundai are offering 5 years, and so on. Essentially a warranty stretching into years is a legal agreement. Part of the agreement is that if you want the warranty repairs to continue, you agree to meet certain conditions. The only time in recent years (that I can think of at least) that manufacturers have come unstuck, is when they were saying they'd only honour the warranty of a vehicle that was serviced by them. But this wasn't because of regulation in the 'warranty industry', it was because a court said this was an unfair clause in contract law. It's the case that the servicing requirements could reasonably be fulfilled by any garage. Unfortunately, many less reputable/pirate companies (Ford included as I found out) will still regularly try to wriggle out of warranty agreements and legal obligations as a matter of standard practice. So unless the OP can prove that having to pay to service his cars during the warranty period is an unfair practice, he'll just have to lump it. One observation though. If the servicing costs of brand new vehicles annoys him, why not negotiate a servicing package as part of his purchase deals?
  13. Interior Rear Light - Help please

    copper one's i've seen people say
  14. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    My dad has had this issue with his mk3 focus we tried everything finally resorting to duck tape which did the trick however it looks terrible. In the end dad took it to a ford specialist who said there was a TSB for this problem so we had it sorted and touch wood the rubber strip has stayed attached to the car.
  15. Heated Screen Problems

    I had one replaced on my previous Fiesta (due to large crack) and after a few months the left side was taking a lot longer to clear than the right and then the left stopped working altogther. I ought to have got the windscreen company (can't remember which one ) to have a look but never got round to it before selling car. The left and right are separate circuits in case anyone wondered. I checked the voltage and there was voltage there. As the left side failed gradually it makes me think there was some problem whereby the volts could get through but when there was a huge power demand there may have been a lot of resistance on a bad connection? The screen connector has spade connector fixed to the copper strip in a lump of plastic, I do not know how it is fixed on, but I would have thought if that connection was poor then it would get hot and melt the plastic. But if there is a poorly soldered connection in the main fuse/relay box perhaps something like that could cause it? I recall Mk5 Escorts had a common problem with the fuse/relay boxes having poor soldering in them.(I had one where this affected the ignition circuit, heater fan and dip headlights and another where it affected the ignition circuit and heater fan - on both, the solution was to rewire those circuits bypassing the faulty bit, relatively easy on cars of that age - not so easy now) Anyway, I am not sure checking the voltage at the connector is good enough as a voltmeter tests it with no load whereas the heated screen uses loads of power (the only thing that uses more is the starter motor). I also have a friend with a 2005 fiesta where the screen does not work. I have checked the voltage is there on both sides(it is) but screen does not work, There is continuity between the positive and negative on each side of the screen. So again I can only think it is an electrical problem where it can't get the adequate amps through.
  16. Focus 2005 1.8i Duratec swirl flaps

    Think this problem was resolved by 2005 think it was the early mondeo's with this engine that suffered. The common symptom is a loud ticking/knocking noise when revving the engine. This can sound like terminal engine damage (Big end noise) but is usually the swirl flaps.
  17. Potential battery issues

    Yeah lol - was worried the terminals had started to corrode but turns out it was just old grease and dirt but it came off quite easily. I read in the Haynes Manual about letting the car sit at idle and wait for it to reach operating temperature so that it can relearn; I let the car sit for 5-10 minutes and it reached about a quarter of the operating temperature before I took it for a drive. Did I leave the car idle for long enough or would it be worth disconnecting the battery, reconnect it and let the car sit for longer?
  18. Any guess on what these wires are?

    [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  19. MK8 125bhp remap

    Only the performance upgrades (MPxxx) and certain parts are approved. Racing upgrades (MRxxx) are not approved.
  20. Any guess on what these wires are?

    Well that was unexpected, glad you figured it out and got rid of them.
  21. maybe give it a post in the fiesta sub forum, someone should know.
  22. MK8 125bhp remap

    Mountune is Ford approved, so the warranty stays in tact I believe.
  23. Depends on country. My car has halogen lights and headlight washers so I suspect it has the additional fluid reservoir.
  24. MK8 125bhp remap

    I also got wind deflectors. They look fantastic in Black. The number plate bulbs are Led indeed. As an addition i 'd suggest a metal footrest to match the pedals.
  25. Focus ST Line X 140

    Joe, looks good in black, looking forward to seeing more pictures. Do like those wheels.
  26. MK4 Titanium X Estate

    Thanks for that. I did subsequently notice that the sport model had the jets in the bumper so figured that was probably the case. Shame the sport model mainly comes with the 2.2l which is renowned for being thirsty. For me, if it's gonna be a diesel, it's got to be economical.
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