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  2. Connectors off inside of headlight

    id be careful with that advice, not so much from the lamp but the harness. lot of burnt out cars because of doing just that
  3. Connectors off inside of headlight

    Don't need levellers for halogen projectors, and technically, you don't NEED levellers on xenon's either BUT if it was built with levellers then they must be working, (or you live in NI) 25Kv is fine in 12V device assuming there isn't electrical components within it.....like diodes and ICs :) in fairness, as you mentioned the high voltage side comes from the Ballast to the ignitor and directly to the bulb. you shouldn't have high voltage anywhere else. if I was to guess, I suspect the resistor or whatever it was, was as mentioned above, to aid CANBUS issues, its not a problem on the Mk2 focus since its not used for sidelight bulbs anyway so you probably don't need it.
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  5. Removing inner boot lid trim? - MK5 Hatch

    Thanks. I will await your reply.
  6. R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan

    R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan whom was the lead singer of "the cranberries" aged only 47 pronounced dead at a hotel room in London while planning a new recording They had some huge hits in the 90's yet the poor girl suffered from alot growing up may she now be granted eternal peace.
  7. Trip computer settings.

    Hi everyone, i have a mk3 focus. I like my trip computer set to the display that shows the 4 windows. my question is.....can you select what windows you see or are they factory set. i currently have ave speed, ave mpg, instant mpg and dist to empty. I would ideally like to swap the ave speed for the trip odometer.
  8. hi

    Hi everyone in Gray from the wilds of Essex with a Focus Titanium x 62 reg
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if I have seen FRONT camber kit for the Focus Mk2 or Mk2.5, and I would appreciate some inputs or feedback from those who've actually installed one in their cars. If yes, could you possibly link me to a vendor (or vendors) who might be selling the same. Thanks!
  10. Focus Mk2.5 Tdci Sport

    Just wanted to know if you installed a front camber adjustment kit. If you did, can you kindly share where you got it from, and perhaps a price range? Need one soon. Thanks!

    Here goes. It fits, however there really isn't alot of room down there now......shoe-horning springs to mind!! The original turbo was tiny 😆 for reference it's a TD02H2 The oil feed and return pipes are not interchangeable, the Transit connect 1.6tdci also uses this new turbo and the parts are somewhat easier to come by 👍🏻 I'm using an electronic boost controller called a Digibooster S; it takes the factory MAP sensor and limits it's signals to the factory maximum pressure in this case 20psi. For it's own calculations and to control the vanes it uses a separate 3bar map sensor(more than enough😁) a power feed and a vacuum controller, obviously it requires a feed from the vac pump. I decided to just see what the car thought and fired her up, it was obvious fairly quickly that it would grossly overboost it it was allowed to, also due to the nature of the resistance values from the sensor. (They'e almost opposite to each other.....) Standard turbo wastegate position sensor: ##(The sensor on the VNT is virtually opposite on resistance direction I.E starts at the other end of the scale)## With the actuator resting i.e. engine off 4k ohms, after engine start the vehicle pumps down the actuator and 'closes the wastegate' the resistance drops to around 1.9k ohms this returns a voltage of around 4.1v to the ECU for positional info. In the above operation I hoped to find that the system may 'regulate' it' own boost afterall it has a map sensor?? .....it did not however. Also, it could not find it's factory set point 'That magical voltage' it also overboosted because the wastegate acts much faster for a shorter travel and so the resistance values were out of sync; it basically would not respond to that calibration. I know think I can overcome this recognising it's calibration by swapping pins 2 and 3 in the sensor plug, this makes both sensors operate down the same scale with full vacuum as a LOW resistance. However I still think that it will overboost it doesn't have the control aspect in it's maps. For the meantime at least, I have the Digibooster S controlling the VNT I can adjust the turbos spool characteristics from that unit and fine tune max pressures to emulate the previous turbo with NO ERRORS 😁🍻 However, it's a bodge for now as it's my daily and it must run! I took the actuator off the old turbo and rigged it up to the cars vacuum controller and sensor, it actually pulls too far and goes out of sync since it isn't hitting the wastegate and stopping....two copper wasters slid on and keep it upright and she runs..... Chances are I could loose this bodge by getting a vacuum sensor that replicates the resistance values of the original turbo wastegate.....in relation to the vacuum controller. With regard to having this mapped in permanently, I'm in contact to the only other person in Europe at least that has done this and it's positive... he has managed 140bhp and 320mn on the standard injectors, you would need an intercooler for that however as the standard one doesn't do enough. I'l post more details about this as I progress. What I can say is the car pulls really hard, It has 5 psi at 1500rpm, 15psi by 1700rpm 20psi by 2000rpm 24psi by 3500rpm Ps. I measure pressures before the intercooler these are slightly higher At the manifold the maximum pressure observed was 21.5 psi This is with the controller on a med-low setting Pick up/max boost respectively. The absolute biggest difference is the pick up, the motor seems so much less restricted now and is rev happy! The EGT is very slightly lower than before which indicates I am now running lean, I'll need to increase the fuel or drop the boost back to heat the DPF core, otherwise I'll quickly have problems!! Any questions?? 🤓
  12. There are a couple of screws if I remember rightly. You also have to remove the grab handle by prying the top of the handle off with a flat headed screw driver in the join line and then unscrewing the screws beneath. I’d need to check tomorrow to be sure where the other screws are Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Bannko I have a 2016 Kuga Titanium with Sync 2 and would like to add satnav. Could you send me the instructions when you get a chance. Many thanks
  14. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Seriously? They can sell you it but you can’t test drive it, that would put me off right away. Surely that’s *****, do they think you are just in it for the drive of a fast car perhaps? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Hi all! Just to give you feedback! I changed the thermostat and it fix the problem! Thanks to all that help! :)
  16. Pothole Damage

    Don't use Fix My Street. It's a horrible site and just sends a link to whichever council it thinks needs to know. Use the County Council's own reporting page: http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/Highways/Roads/Protection.aspx#reportpotholesdamagetoroads I work in highways and for a 6 month period used to carry out safety inspections of the highway (footway, carriageway and verge) and each highway authority will have different intervention criteria for potholes. One highway authority might work to 40mm in the carriageway but another might work to 50mm or 60mm. Footways carry different criteria again but risk assessing the location of potholes may mean raising repairs before things meet the intervention criteria. On the note of potholes not forming overnight, that is absolute rubbish. Unfortunately potholes can form in hours. With the weather as it is in the UK, the road surfaces are constantly under attack and on a heavily travelled carriageway, things can rip out very quickly. If the money was available, all highway authorities would love to fully reconstruct roads rather than have to resort to cheaper methods to surface or patch them. **A quick Google listed this site - https://www.potholes.co.uk/ - I've not used it or even viewed it for more than a few minutes but it might help you.
  17. I'm minded to buy the following parts fairly soon: 1) Power steering pump (Ford part No. 1357617 or equivalent) 2) PAS fluid WSA-M2C195-A (Ford) 3) Ford seal (part No. 3518119). Thanks iantt for your post in this thread; Any advice/thoughts are much appreciated, H..
  18. Connectors off inside of headlight

    what wattage ballast did you use on the HIDs? the lamps are halogen lamps, halogen lamps are not and never will be compatible with HIDs, the reason being the focal point of a halogen bulb is different to the focal point on an HID, if you stick an HID in a halogen projector the pattern can be way off typically curving up at the edges. if you used a 55w ballast then you probably cooked it. typically the standard ballast is 35w, I wouldn't recommend using higher ones, you may end up blinding other road users (you wont have auto levellers) and bringing unwanted attention to your self. I would strongly suggest you ditch the fake xenon's and install some normal bulbs, road legal, without that blue crap on them and being more yellow, you will notice a huge different in visibility. I know a wee bit about this since I built my own proper xenon lamps :D
  19. Projector headlights

    right, so fake xenons. the issue with those bulbs are because the light inside that bulb is actually yellow, the blue filter removes some of the light coming out of them in order to make them appear white ,or near white. unfortunately that is literally blocking the light coming out of the car so even if you did manage to get good pattern, the light will always be dimmer than a yellow halogen. The next problem with white light Is the wave lengths, more specifically the effect different wave lengths have on refraction. basically, its no conincidence that yellow lamps are made, and that the vast majorty of xenons are in the 4300k range. they reflect more light back you with out scattering it so bad. white lights on a black top are really really bad to the point you might not even see they are on. as for you 100w bulbs in you halogen lamps. Id seriously consider not using them, firstly its illegal, and secondly, it really can do damage to your lamps / car. That's the kinda thing that can set fire to a harness. what headlamps do you have, didn't think the focus came with halogen projectors?
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  21. Thanks isetta, That would be a logical approach but the pump spins freely with no noise whilst the car is idling and I can rev the engine with no noise from the pulley(s). The noise only happens when I try to drive forward/backward or when I turn the steering wheel. I still reckon it's the pump but I can't understand why the noise begins when I set off without trying to turn the steering wheel. I must admit, I'm somewhat baffled I may get chance to post a couple of video clips of the symptoms soon. H..
  22. Hi All, sorry if this has been done already, I've searched high and low on youtube and the internet and can't seem to find what I am looking for. I own a 2011 MK3 Focus 1.6 TDCI which I would like to modify. Firstly I am looking to add a boost gauge. Never added one before however so I am a complete novice I am afraid. Has anyone done this already to their car? and can you give me any advice on how to do it? I am aware that Diesels are different to petrols and I need to take mine form the intercooler pipe between the turbo and intercooler (is that right?) Has anyone done any other modifications to their Mk3 diesel? Cheers
  23. To diesel, or not to diesel.....that is the question!

    Thirsty due to being underpowered? If I end up with a turbo petrol, I'd be keen on the 1.6 version.
  24. Those things are awesome. Sadly an extension lead is like gold dust where I work, especially one where it could reach more than 10m to wherever we are outside. It would make too much sense for them to buy a battery version, they'd rather see us struggle than spend £500 (which is nothing compared to the cost of man hours lost wrestling with bolts everyday). This is the plusgas I like. Tried researching about it and they stopped making it in 2002, so yeah I'd have been in primary school lol.
  25. That's a bit disappointing to hear to be honest 😒! Was hoping the Ecoboost would do better on the Motorway than that. Do 70 mile journeys on the Motorway twice a week myself.
  26. 1.8tdci temp prob?

    Mine dose this gets up to temp then I'll speed up or put heater on and temp drops a quarter and aux heater kicks back in Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  27. On my commute which sounds similar to the OP's the 1.0 T Eco boot was getting around 42mpg and the 1.5 TDCI is around 56mpg. My personal experience is the 1.0T is pretty thirsty especially if loaded and on motorway drives. Think Honest John and others publish a real world MPG guides.
  28. clutch slip

    on mine ? i dont think mine has been changed. i did ask ford to do it a couple of years ago when they did a service i know i bloke there and when he brought the car back he said they asked about brake fluid but i told them not to bother idiot.im meaning to do it soon using the gunson easi bleed system anything i should look out for ?
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