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  2. Windscreen wiper problems

    I previously used rain- x a while back (3 months ) and have cleaned the car windows multiple times. I would have thought that would do it? Ill try the white vinegar, thanks. @ThaiFiesta
  3. Windscreen wiper problems

    Have you used any Rain Off type liquid treatment on your screen? This can causing juddering on some brands. If not, clean both the windscreen and wiper blades with white vinegar and see how they work.
  4. Fiesta EMLconfig throttle map

    No, it's not possible to do that. There aren't just two throttle maps, it doesn't really work that way. The throttle is mapped to NOT rev high with the clutch down so you don't wreck the clutch/gearbox or shoot forward when engaging it. It may also be mapped to not allow too many revs while coasting in neutral. The petrol Fiesta ST150s don't like coasting in neutral and bounce the revs around. If it's still slow to pick up under normal driving (ie not coasting or trying to rev in neutral) then I would suggest there is another fault there.
  5. Radio not turning off?

    Afternoon all Strange one, if I shut n lock the car it seems the radio doesn't completely power down, approximately every 10 seconds you can hear the CD player spin briefly and I think I can hear the speakers turn on/hiss Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas? 2014 Fiesta Titanium with stock Sony headunit
  6. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Thanks but its not that one, I'm after the leaky one pictured above, between the two bottles. I think it's the one just cut off the bottom of that pic, 17B610A?
  7. DPF replacement, argh!

    Top tip for the fan cowling, cut part of the tab off the top corner that gets stuck with a Dremel or similar. The cowling rattles anyway but you'll never get it back in otherwise! As for the DPF, sounds like the wrong one. Extra holes are in the coated DPF (mid 09 onwards) which is much better than the old style one but not interchangeable.
  8. Hi all. Has anyone seen the rear bumper reflector leds replacements. I see a focus today with them looked pretty good. I have had a look online and can only find a few from China. Has anyone seen these for sale in the uk and has any fitted them there self? Thanks Aaron
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  10. Windscreen wiper problems

    Hi all, MK7.5 Fiesta, and I'm having some serious trouble with my wipers. I've replaced them twice since March, both times with Bosch Aerotwin top spec ones. They work fine for a while, then they start juddering really badly, I've put a video on here (hopefully it's worked) and its in slow motion to show just how bad the wipers are. Is there something I can tighten, twist or adjust to fix this? Thanks
  11. Hi all I'm new to this forum, just bought a Fiesta Econetic 1.6 Lovely car but there's a strange ticking noise coming from the engine when cold. Its a rhythmic tick tick tick tick sound, about 3 or 4 per second, and goes away when cold. Any ideas?
  12. DPF replacement, argh!

    After spending most of the morning wrestling with the removal of the damn cooling fan, I've gotten my DPF out to replace it with a refurbed part. So far so good, until I notice a slight variation in the models :( The DPF that came out is moden 8M51-SH270-AA, the one I have been sent is 9M51-5H270-DA They appear identical with the exception of 2 extra ports in the top of the one I've been sent presumably for some sort of sensors. Have I been sent the wrong part? Can I fit the new one and block the holes with appropriate size bolts?
  13. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Finis code 1116776 £2.63 approx. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-screenwash-pump-seal-filter-1-116-776/112640414012?epid=1909754848&hash=item1a39e4513c:g:Ry8AAOSwTdpZbx-A Same filter is used in- S-Max - 2006 - Mondeo - 2000 - 2007 Kuga - 2008 - Focus (inc CC Model) - 2004 - C-Max - 2003 - 2011
  14. Fiesta EMLconfig throttle map

    ELMconfig - apologies for the spelling error! Does anyone have advice? Should I have posted on a different part of the forum, or can anyone suggest someone I could contact for advice? Googling has found a guy called James Simpson: https://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/getting-started-elmconfig/ but I'd rather not bother the guy if the question I'm asking is common knowledge... Cheers, Neil
  15. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Admiral take the mick with their renewals now... Mine shot up this year and so did my parents multicar policy. Unfortunately I'm in an odd situation which means there are very few companies that will insure me so I had no choice but to stick with them. I hope to have changed car for something totally standard by next renewal (March) as the remap is part of the problem. I did get to the point of deciding to just not declare it, the car is standard otherwise, and I'm sure they'll find something to get out of paying if I tried to claim for my own car anyway (they cant avoid 3rd party claims) so it seems pointless letting it cause so much extra hassle and cost, but I just know I'd be constantly worried about it so did keep it declared this year.
  16. Fuel Gauge

    if both the temp and fuel gauge show they same symptons at identical times - dropping and going back up, then I don't see it being a sensor problem, more a problem with the speedo console unit inside
  17. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Just got my Admiral renewal by email. No changes to my car / address /claims etc in last 12 months but it has gone up by 26%. Everyone says- well of course insurance premium tax has increased this year, I agree, but it went from 10% to 12% which creates 1.8% more, not 26%. Obviously I will see what price I can get elsewhere. Insurance companies, when inviting renewal, now have to tell you what you paid last year. They must hate that as it makes the increase obvious and can't exploit people who did not remember what they paid last year. (I am aware that there is a change to the Ogden tables by the Govt which means that injury claims involved long term care for injured people costs insurance companies more now) Anyway, time for a rant. The whole principle of insurance premium tax goes against the principles of the Govt wanting people to act responsibly and have insurance instead of relying on the state if they lose their house and contents in a fire etc. Up to 01 Oct 1994 there was no insurance premium tax. On that date it started at 2.5%, then 4, then 5. then 6, then 9.5, then 10, now 12%. I reckon they won't stop until it reaches the VAT rate. (insurance premium tax on travel insurance has been the same rate as VAT for 20 years now). Most EU countries have insurance premium tax, but not all, Poland and Sweden for example do not.
  18. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Thanks for posting this update, Keith - very interesting!
  19. and don't forget lower profile tyres means more chance of scraping your rim along a curb, and more chance of bending wheel on a pothole as less rubber there to act as buffer.
  20. MK6 lx no selecting 4th gear

    not too clear what you mean. are you saying the gear lever won't move into 4th, or it will but with a lot of trouble , is 5Th and reverse fine?
  21. Just a quick picture guide for removing the screenwash bottle to clean the filter. Seems to be a common issue where they block up when different screenwashes are mixed. Jack up and support the OSF corner, remove the wheel. Remove the full wheel arch liner. These are T30 TORX screws. Starting at the back, there is one under the mudflap (if fitted), one top corner of mud flap, one either side of the suspension strut, 2 in the bumper, and 3 under the front corner through the undertrays. Then just bend the liner inwards and pull it out. The washer bottle is top left. Mines in 2 pieces - not sure if that's extra size for headlight washers or if they're all the same. Now...the washer pump is directly behind the bottle, between the bottle and the back of the wing - I can't understand why they didn't fit it on the front there!? So, you do need to at least lower the bottle to access it. There are 2 10mm bolts holding the small rear bottle in (one can be seen above). It's a tight fit, but does just pull down after those bolts are removed. If you don't wish to remove the rear bottle, you can just pull that pipe out, it's just held in by a 10 year old rubber grommet! Make sure to place something underneath to catch the screenwash. 2 of the main bottle bolts are easy to access underneath... The third bolt holds the filler neck and is under the plastic trim piece. This trim piece is secured by plastic screw. Basically unscrew it, then pop out the screw surround with a flat screwdriver. At this point I realised this piece of trim goes underneath the scuttle panel...another amazing piece of design there. I wasn't going to the hassle of removing the scuttle so managed to bend the trim just enough to get a small 10mm socket on a UJ in. Once the bolt is removed, the filler neck needs pushing away from the bottle, towards the engine, it has a long hard pipe on it that fits into the bottle so needs moving to get the bottle out. You can't fully remove it with the trim still in place but can get it just out of the way. Now the bottle should be almost free to drop. If you look up behind the bottle you will see a white plastic clip, I think this is used during manufacture to hold the bottle in place while it's bolted in. If you pull hard on the bottle it will come down suddenly...watch your fingers! Second time I did it, I pushed the clip up and out of it's locator in the bodywork which allows the bottle to release a bit more smoothly. Not sure it really needs refitting but I did anyway, I wouldn't worry if it breaks though. If you just want access to the washer pump, the bottle can hang on the pipes and wires without an issue, the pump is at the back corner here. Push it straight back and out of the grommet with the filter, apply steady even pressure, not a sharp shock as you'll snap something. Here you can see how the pump and filter work together. Pop the filter out with a flat screwdriver between it and the bottle...don't go jabbing a screwdriver into the filter itself lol. Just run it under the tap to clean Refit the filter and pump and refitting is a reverse of removal as Haynes would say! I went a bit further though, and fully removed the bottle. Pulled down further, the electrical item near the washer pump is the level sensor. The headlight washer pump is located around the inside of the bottle, and this has no filter on it. I fully removed both bottles to try and clean but the shape of them makes that pretty much impossible. This was the best I could do with a hose and wheel brush. Filling it with some sort of cleaner before removal may help. I also placed the washer pumps in a bucket of clean water before refitting them to the bottle to flush out the pumps and pipes. Just make sure the water level is high enough for the pump to suck in but not high enough to get into the electrical plug. Not sure why but the headlight washers wouldn't work properly while doing this wrong angle maybe. And all refitted...
  22. Hi everyone, this is my first post and it’s because I’m in desperate need of your help, i appologise if it’s in the wrong section, i have a focus 2011 sport 1.6ltr it’s got 100k on the clock, the problem is that on Thursday it started fine but as I pulled off the engine just stopped and would not start again, the engine cranks but I’m not getting the fuel pump priming so i replaced the pump but still no go it’s still not priming with the new one, the relay under the dash is working but i tried it with the horn Relay but still no go, i tried the pump fuse but that’s ok I’m getting 11.7 volts run through it for about 1 second then none, I’ve put a 12v lead directly to the pump and it works the pump and the engine starts but obviously I don’t want to drive with it with a perm live. please can someone give me some ideas as I’m pulling out the last bit of hair i have left trying to sort this, Thanks in advance. Simon
  23. Heater Control Cable / Valve problem

    i had this on my mk2 fl .found out it was a wire catching on a cable after id bought a new cable .just make sure nothing is in th way of it.
  24. Heater Control Cable / Valve problem

    OK - Thanks for the feedback. With the help of your description, I found that I could carefully push/pull the cable by hand to control the temp. But it's very stiff - too stiff for the knob to push without bending the cable. At least, I've managed to leave it set on 'warm' for the moment. I was hoping there would be something that I could loosen up with a bit of WD40 or whatever, but it sounds like that's not an option. Thanks again for the info.
  25. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Lol, can you predict this weeks lottery numbers? It did turn out to be more of a pain than I expected...but you don't have to separate those parts if you're just cleaning the filter. Think my issue came from putting it in and out several times because it didn't seem to work first time...or second, so I then pulled the whole lot right out to try and clean. It's probably down to tester discretion as to how little can pass but 'insufficient screenwash' is an MOT fail which is why I wanted it sorted. I've spent a lot on wishbones, tyres etc to get a pass in January, don't want it ruined for the sake of cleaning a filter lol. @Stoney871 Would you be able to find the part number for that grommet if sold separately please? I can't find it on FPUK.
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