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  2. Focus mk2.5 rear spoiler

    I must admit that was worrying me too
  3. Mods so far

    Oh btw This is my sons mk7 titanium tdci & behind is my focus.. His currently in cumbria & was given company car to use. 4x4 toyota Hi lux Its huge. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  4. Remap thoughts

    They do mention about generic maps and that they aren't really designed specifically for the car plus how expert tuners can't get the best remap and Ecu combination. Here's just a description of the remap 👍
  5. Battery

    Ah, one of fun engineering decisions made on most modern cars to maximise MPG, personally I think I'd rather have a fully charged battery!
  6. Focus mk2.5 rear spoiler

    I predict leaks a plenty! whats wrong with the ZS Spoiler, same as the ST?, its not as overbearing as the RS but I quite like it
  7. Mondeo 2.2 TDCI Titanium X Sport - Minor Mods

    No sure if the MK4 Mondy has the rear plate light(s) on a CANBUS system, I know that on many of Ford's older model such as my MK2 Focus I seem to be able to fit whatever bulbs I want without any flickering as the rear plate lights aren't on a CANBUS. I might end up with a MK4 Mondy one day so I'd also be curious to know which (if any) exterior lights on the MK4 Mondy are on a CANBUS).
  8. Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI Induction kit

    the guy in the white shirt looks like a wingnut lol
  9. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    I feel your pain mate, I had the dash out a few months ago for the same issue (MK2 Focus). I took it out on my own which took a good couple of days to do the job end to end, prior to doing it myself I got prices from a few garages and just the labour was floating around the £500 mark (indy not main dealer), 2 garage declined to quote for the work apparently due to the difficulty and chance of something else getting bust/things not going back together properly. What a pain in the A**E!!! I recall a thread from a while back where someone managed to fit new rubber washers and reattached the black plastic collars that can be seen in your pics but I think that might have been for the MK2 although I think the principle is the same. I tried to fix it in situ but found that I couldn't generate enough pressure due to VERY limited access to push the 2 pipes back together sufficiently to get the collars back on so had to do the dash out solution (didn't fancy 45 minutes on the M1 twice a day commuting to work in December with no heating!) I probably suggest having a look for the other thread as it may be worth trying or getting the garage to try to do it before paying for the dash out. Edit to add the link to the thread mentioned in my initial post - MK2 heat matrix pipe leak fix thread
  10. Cant wait to see the new changes. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  11. Focus mk2.5 rear spoiler

    Hi has anyone fitted a set of rear spoiler raisers to a mk2.5 focus?
  12. Engine repair

    Hi i have just replaced the crankcase breather hose on my fiesta and now it wont idle it just cuts out.it was running fine before but the idle speed was high and it seems to be using a lot more fuel than it should.i took it to my mate who runs a garage and he said the split pipe was the cause.
  13. Remap thoughts

    I had my car remapped today however mine isn't a diesel engine. I paid £400 for the stage 1 Revo remap. It ran on the dyno as 126bhp standard and the remap took it to 156bhp aswell as increasing the torque from 172 N.m to 230 N.m. Certainly felt the difference when it had been done. They also mentioned if I had of been using V-Power instead of normal unleaded, they could have got an extra 10bhp out of the map but I was happy with the increase as it was
  14. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Yes. Started it first time this morning. Having a break tonight (just sat down from 6am!). Next step will be to do what you said and push thin wire into severed wire, then solder, then solder to the ecu connector where there is literally 2mm of copper showing! Then cable tie all the wires together at point where they enter the ecu connector, then connector lid, then put back into original position (on side of battery holder.) Battery back in and check/tidy any loose or mess. 😁
  15. Hi all, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years! Just a quick update, the van is booked in the bodyshop on the 19th Feb, it will be with them for a week to get all the colour coding completed + some extra bits and pieces done whilst it’s in. Updates with plenty of photos when it’s all done 🤗🤗
  16. Remap thoughts

    For £150 it's gonna be a generic map bought in. Don't get a cheap map.i did that with my ecoboost and it died a death. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  17. Modified Car Valuation?

    Aye, for insurance purposes its an ageing 1.6lx. The rest of it means not a jot to the night street insurers. The only way around it is a specialist modified car insurer who'll do you a policy to an agreed value, and charge you accordingly.
  18. Remap thoughts

    Hey everyone, As I'm heartbroken from finding the previous owner lied about the car having a mountune remap I came across a company called Hdi tuning. They specialise in the HDI engines. These engines were made by the PSA group and are used in ford, Peugeot, Citroën, volvo, suzuki and mazda. They do a stage 1 remap upping the power to 115hp (standard is 90hp) and torque to 260nm (standard is around 206nm). All this for £150. They specialise in only the HDI engines so makes you know they know their stuff. This remap they claim is safe within stock engines and does not let the turbo over boost. Just wanting to ask how others who remapped their cars noticed any difference. This remap has 2 more hp but 10nm less than the mountune but is a bit of a step in performance compared to stock. http://www.hdi-tuning.co.uk/ecu-remapping/custom-remaps/ford-tuning/fiesta-mk6-1600-TDCI/fiesta-tuning-1-6-90-TDCI.html
  19. 1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    The 1.0 is simply a nicer unit.
  20. Im driving around the world/Social media advice needed

    Self funded, I never took a traditional gap yar so have taken a hiatus from my career to travel for 2 years. In all honesty im really not car savvy! Which in a way to my benefit, theres little to go wrong in the Fiesta theres very few non essential electrics, Ive have it fully serviced annually since I left and carry a full set of tyres on me (2 in the boot 2 on the back seats) In Russia winter spikes are almost manditory due to the weather - this is what I have on no, with traditional summer treads in the boot. The car had 40,000 on the clock with 1 previous owner when my Dad baught it for me as a Birthday gift 5 years ago, the majority of miles gained since is commuting, I left the Uk in 2016 with an odometer reading of 68,267 - Im now just over 91,000miles
  21. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Right, thanks! Guess I'll be taking a look at this myself then. I can only find the torque settings for the Oil Pressure Control Solenoid in the Haynes manual, no mention of removal, refitting or testing anywhere. If I buy a short subscription to Etis, will I find what I need in there do you know? Or does anyone on here know where this solenoid is and how to test it? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  22. Security Glass

    yeah I hate mine also on my Fiesta. I wanted one without the privacy glass but could not find one which met the rest of the spec I wanted 2nd hand
  23. Im driving around the world/Social media advice needed

    Ive reached the western Steppes, uninterrupted grasslands all the way to the horizon in every direction, a remarkable sight, let alone drive through. Im still in Russia but will cross into Kazakhstan in the morning all going well. Also Ive set up a FB page you should be ble to find me: Drive_Further Im in th pocess of finding relevant images to upload and stories to tell, I have a few! Im trying to work out a logical way to keep things chronilogical hilst also referring to past events
  24. Today
  25. Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    I think Ted (Micro) was making a general observation about ECUs and other car electronics, not directly related to your ECU problem. It follows on from my comment about ECUs being quite tough beasts. Car electronics is often regarded as weak and vulnerable, and all the precautions you hear so often repeated, reinforce that. As an electronics engineer, I know that automotive components and sub-systems are required to meet some pretty tough specifications, regarding over-voltage, reverse voltage, spikes, temperature, and general abuse. So it should all be very reliable, almost bomb proof ---- In theory! But as an electronics engineer and a realist, I know that many things can go wrong: There are fault scenarios that can exceed or get around the specifications. There will be stuff made that claims to meet the specifications, but due to cost cutting and non-existent quality control, does not. So the precautions like turning off the power before disconnecting or connecting stuff are wise, but not always essential! Ted is also an electronics engineer, if I recall correctly, and was saying a similar thing in other words. Is your ECU still behaving properly?
  26. Focus Mk2 Live Ignition Fuse ?

    After some testing I found that fuse 68 is acc on (key position 1). Case closed 😊
  27. Dashboard Lighting

    I still have the problem with my Focus C-Max 2007. Odometer is ligthning all the time. Tried to take out the fuse #46, and the dash light went off. But an anoying buzzing sound occured from the dashboard. Didn't like it, so I mounted the fuse again, and the sound disappeared, but the light was back. Both things drains battery anyway. I bought a brand new original battery today, cause I heard it could be the problem - but nothing changed. I still have this annoying light in the middle of the dashboard, that drains my battery. Anyone who have solved this problem propperly? Christian, Denmark
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