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  2. How Can I Find Out The Part Number?

    Thanks yeah good idea I was just wondering if there were any online parts diagrams or catalogues so you could track down part numbers that way?
  3. How Can I Find Out The Part Number?

    If you give your local Ford dealer a call with your Reg number I am sure they would be able to help you out.
  4. Phone Quote Issue

    What browser on android? I do face the same issue with Firefox on android. The forum software is a bit buggy on mobile with this version.
  5. Phone Quote Issue

    Not sure if it's just me, but I can't seem to delete quotes that I've accidentally ticked. Also, if I try to backspace it, I end up stick in the quote with no way to get out of it. If I refresh the page I get the option to 'clear editor', which works but it then refreshes with the quote back there again! I give up trying to post in that thread in the end lol. Only happens on the phone though, it's Android if that makes a difference.
  6. I was thinking I might need the screen too, any maybe the fascia (unless you counted that as the head unit). So depends how much you want posted, paying with PayPal?
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  8. Focus 1.0Eco Engine running on

    the modification is a new pump and connector
  9. Hello I need to know the part number of my turbo how can I find this out without actually looking at the turbo itself? Thanks :)
  10. How do I tell if the car had been remapped

    Not really any way to check a clutch properly while it's in the car, as long as it's not slipping or juddering and feels ok, it's probably good!
  11. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I haven't got any (yet) but am going to clean and paint with high temp paint any way. Better to be safe.
  12. Ford Focus n/s water leak?

    Rainy days, cold mornings are here and I can hear water running/dripping N/S I believe its coming from the corner area, I have checked the carpets and footwell and had a good feel around and nothing seems to be wet inside the car on the N/S? Has anyone had this problem and sourced where it was coming from? thanks car is a mk2 60plate.
  13. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    Well... finally got my car yesterday and was kinda disappointed with the sound in general. After one days drive though I think I've got used to it and it's acceptable. The 9th speaker I've heard so bad about doesn't bother me at all, actually I'm pretty happy with it. It might need the sub, some bass punch could do it good, I will listen to it with all kind of music I play and will decide then.
  14. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Are we saying this is normal then? its really annoying to be honest but if nothing can be done, will put it down to one of those things
  15. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    In all fairness you don't need to leave it in gear anyway. As long as you have completely stopped and put the handbrake on, and ensured the engine has stopped running, the car shouldn't move at all. I doubt it jolts when it hasn't been running for a few hours and put it in gear when parked.
  16. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    Unless you get a good price, go to a local garage you know or do the service yourself. The extra money you pay going to a main dealer won't reflect quite the same when you sell the car. If you plan on keeping it for ten years then forget about main dealer, consider doing services yourself. If you're wanting to sell in 2 or 3 years time then look at trying to get a cheap service deal at Ford.
  17. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    Not a fan of the grille, wheels look diabolical on that picture. Rear end is shocking, looks like the edge or whatever it's called, and that's just a cheap A to B car.
  18. Have you checked this guide. Also will really appreciate any pictures when it's up and running. I saws these and really liked them but don't know how they will look on the mk6 fiestas Indicator rings instructions
  19. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Phew, all good here.
  20. Things I Don't Like

    This is it - and one of the reasons why i'm happy paying the extra for the proper Ford service. £60ish is probably the closest to comparable recovery package.
  21. My gear stick won't return to the center position when in neutral. I've taken the gaiter off and can see that the spring isn't attached to anything? It appears it should connect to the white roller but I'm unsure how? Therefore, how does it connect? Or is the spring broken and requires a new one, if so which spring? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Things I Don't Like

    Dealers have always had to pay for the roadside assistance, but previously it was built in to the price. Problem is that the big dealers didn't want to pay the few quid surcharge, so didn't offer it. Only the smaller groups and indy's did. That meant Ford did not pull in enough money to pay the AA for the service. Ford then gave the dealers the option of either scrapping it entirely or putting the price up. Therefore, the increase is now put on the customer, so you are effectively going halfs with your dealer on the cost of it. Still much better value than taking out a comparable cover yourself.
  23. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    If you want bright indicators with built-in resistors try autobeams premium indicators. I have them on my fiesta and they give out a bright intense amber light. Could smarten up your sidelights and number plate lights to some nice white LEDs.
  24. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    cheers buddy, im not too fussed about major spending on it, i like it how it is and have other things to pour my money into. would love to do the indicator bulbs. but yeah subtle little touches here and there, gunna try and get a set of deflectors and would love a set of colour coded eyebrows at some point
  25. So got the guts to message mountune again and ask about if the car has been remapped. Sadly the car hasn't been remapped😭😭. Gets me wondering now if the other stuff mentioned the last owner said he did he actually did. One question I may ask is how do you check the condition of the clutch? It feels similar to my previous car when we changed the clutch. There's no slipping from what I can tell.
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