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  2. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Looking forward to it! I’m living vicariously through this thread... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Howdy

    Hey there. New to the forums. So in past two months we have had to buy two fiestas. We bought the first at the end of November and it was written off last week 😥 On Saturday we bought another Mk6 - 03. Got it to Galway from the Midlands and just as I pulled into the carpark the clutch pedal just went click and then no resistance whatsoever. Thankfully, this was just hours after we bought it and dealership are coming to pick it up. Haven't got a chance to check what's wrong after researching online but I'm hoping it's just a case of the clutch push rod coming loose from where it's supposed to be clipped in place. That's my 2 month introduction to the world of cars and Ford fiestas. 👍
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  5. OBD won’t connect

    Have you left something unplugged or snagged a cable somewhere? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. There are 2 main geographical landscapes separating the continent of Asia and Europe: the Ural mountains in the north, and the Ural River to the south, both of these geographical features now lie to my west meaning for the first time I have set foot in Asia. In fact the Ural river is frozen this time of year, so my first trip into Asia I actually walked across the frozen ice which in itself is a doubly cool feat from my perspective. Continent number 2 for the Fiesta, very, very proud! Western Kazakhstan is amazing, and I'll try to write in detail about my short time here when I have better battery life in the laptop. I really wish I could have stayed in this region longer. However my goal was to enter Uzbekistan asap, I have a single month, single entry Visa for Uzbekistan which started on the 1st January and expires 31st January 2018. I explored the Greater Caucasus for longer than originally planned which has had a rough knock on effect in my itinerary. Today after a very long drive (due to road surface in the region , approx 100 miles takes about 3 hours) I've crossed from Kazakhstan into Uzbekistan and write this from their city 'Nukus' I've already had a very friendly welcome; from the border guards amazed by my presence - to the friendly drivers giving me a warm thumbs up and toot toot. My car remains dirty which is a good thing; I have written in Russian on my bonnet in big letters 'Hello from an Englishman' this has resulted in an accumulation of various forms of reply; randoms welcoming me to their regions or country. I'll travel to Tashkent over the coming week, but for now I'll rest for a couple of days and explore the region. Attached are a few pictures, including the frozen Ural River. Also, I was able to capture a 'rainbow' which in-fact curved in on itself near the horizon making a 270 degree arc, but as there was no moisture in the sky I assume this was some form of solar/atmospheric effect caused by the sun (it almost looks like camera flare, but I assure you it isn't, I was deliberately trying to photograph this phenomenon.) Its difficult to photograph the true scale of these steppes... perfect flat lands for thousands (literally, as they stretch into Mongolia) of miles. If there's is something on the horizon like a power pylon, its noticeable, and evident I must have a view range of 10 square miles at least.
  7. Black box insurance opinions?

    Black boxes plug into the OBD so they can monitor everything the car does. They also have a GPS antenna for speed and location plus a gprs/3g antenna to transmit telematic data to your insurer. They invariably draw the majority of their power from the OBD with a fusetap for back up so unplugging the OBD alone doesn't deactivate the box but doing so will obviously invalidate your insurance policy. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. If very well might be wrong but, i have come to understand that only map difference is that 125 has overboost enabled, so you have same performance except the X seconds that overboost is working.
  9. Dash Cam Installation

    Yes i have my camera on the plastic and works fine,not the f800 just a A119 but you cant see a lot looking in the car at the front.
  10. Brilliant White Headlight Bulbs

    Hi all I have just bought my first ever Ford, a 66 plate Focus 1.5 ST Line. Loving it so far. I have no idea what the headlight bulbs are, figments etc, but I'd like to buy those bulbs that are brilliant white, they look so cool when they are coming towards you with their massive field of vision of the road ahead. I don't know anything about them, wattage, amps etc and what type needed for my car. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Neil.
  11. Your Fiesta

    Pretty standard Mk7 ZS, with the "Street Pack" (17's and rear privacy glass) & wind deflectors. Was an ex-demo from the dealer.
  12. Things I Do Like

    I like that after a crazy busy period at work Wifey and I will be spending a quiet few days in Bristol this week, some nice restaurants and a decent hotel. BUT--- a horrible visit to IKEA as Wifey want's to remodel the bathroom and has her eye on various bathroom acoutrements (AAAGH!) Cue boot full of flatpack boxes and a rear seat loaded with crap.
  13. Mk6 Arm Rest/Centre Console Info?

    To be honest I don't think you will get a decent size armrest with rear cup holders for the Fiesta mk6. Not much space between the seats. You might be able to get a small aftermarket one from ebay but they usually fall to bits after some use. That's why I went for genuine Ford one specially for the Mk6 Fiesta. It's still a bit small but fits perfect and does not have cup holders. It has a sliding leatherette top and can be swiveld upwards out of the way. It's good to lean on at long drives and can take some getting used to. Not much you can fit in it either. I have replied to someone about this on here and uploaded some pics. Il try and find it for you.
  14. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Is 'PVLB' not in in regards to registering the car/VIN with DVLA?
  15. Take it to a proper garage. Kwak Fit couldn't find their own arrisses if you gave them a mirror on a stick.
  16. Tyre Management System

    Hi - no I haven't taken the wheels off but I'm confident its an indirect system because there is the function to reset the system (which you have to do once you have corrected the low pressure warning / put new tyres or wheels on the car as instructed in the manual). This would not be relevant to a direct system. Second, and more telling, when I put my winter wheels on from my old car (the previous generation S4) the system did not not get upset I had installed wheels without sensors in them.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi folks, just picked up a mk 3 mondeo, but it didn't come with the disc for the sat nav. Any leads on where I can get one? Better yet, anyone know where I can download one and stick it on a disc myself? Cheers! Sent from my TA-1033 using Tapatalk
  19. Dash Cam Installation

    Front camera is still good. I only got the 2ch kit as the area I have to drive through has a lot of idiot drivers front and back lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. Mondeo MK3 Ghia X

    Hi folks, I'm new here, just saying hello before I start bugging people with questions! Pictures of the new (to me, anyway) girl attached. Cheers! Sent from my TA-1033 using Tapatalk
  21. Show Us Your Rear...

    Thought might join in. Might remove the TDCI badge and get a new S badge as the one on the car has faded.
  22. Dash Cam Installation

    wow impressed with how you can still read the numberplate of the car behind even with its lights on. I've only gone with the front camera to reduce cost I may get a rear cam at a later date but think the front will be sufficient for now.
  23. Coolant reservoir cap stuck

    I see the spring as pinged away too. I had this one mine, I just took two screwdrivers to it and lifted it out bit by bit, it came out. I bought two replacements after seeing a few caps have done this. Not sure on cracking on mine, just dug the bit out.
  24. Black box insurance opinions?

    Thank god I don't have it in my car. On my previous car I had it installed and it was okay. Lol back then my dad said he could try removing it and putting it on his bike so it would look like I'm doing 20mph and not heavily cornering and braking 😂
  25. Black box insurance opinions?

    Yeah its usually plugged into the obd port in America but some UK insurers are doing it now. OBDII interfaces with the Ecu and I have personally seen the cheap bluetooth ELM327 damage the ecu! If you have ever played about with remapping you will know there is a certain item on ebay that allows you to crack the ecu and allows you to perform changes for all manner of illegal and immoral purposes. From the Watchdogprogram it seems they provide a lot of false info with some people featured in the program losing their insurance through no fault of their own. Who knows but I wouldnt have one fitted - a dashcam though I have no problem with!
  26. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    Afraid not mate. I ain’t a drinker or into football. Sadly I like to pride myself in being able to fix things and enjoy a bit problem solving lol. Im into lady’s of the night aswell lol
  27. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Its 10.30pm on a sunday night I've been trying to work out all day why my boot carpet was soaked and found that the water was coming in on the side of the car where the parking sensor module is mounted, therefore just been outside and pulled the grommet out and watched my car wee all over my drive!! Therefore I need to take the bumper off which looks easy, the vents unclip remove mastic up then install correct? Thank god i found this forum, its a fantastic post! I spent 10 years on Cliosport.net with my 172 and these forums get things done!!
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