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  2. New to the Ford World

    Thanks :)
  3. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    Do you hear he engine and does the tacho show revs when you do this? If not it's just the engine and gear box moving until the play in the system is taken up and the car reaches a rest position. That is; engine reached full compression without rotating further and play in gear box, drive shafts etc at the end of rotation. If you release the clutch with your foot on the brake or the hand brake engaged then it won't occur.
  4. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    I wonder if the hill start assist is engaging as you stop with the clutch down, then it releases when the clutch is disengaged so the car rolls a bit?
  5. Ford Focus n/s water leak?

    If it's only happening after it's been parked, it's just water that's collected in the scuttle etc draining away when you start moving. As long as there's no water inside, I don't really see the problem.
  6. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Yep. To be fair, it may just be because of where the abs pump is attached to the car, meaning it is very audible. The works vehicles just sound like a little purr when the abs/traction goes off.
  7. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    About 3 seconds or so - RPM has dropped to zero and the engine is off as its making no noise. Then once the clutch is raised and car jerks. I don't think so as the stop/start only engages when you go into neutral not when you press the clutch down. Plus a light comes on the dash when stop/start is in action - which it doesn't when I'm parking.
  8. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    That's true :) From what I recall there was £2000 off list as a dealer promotion, a extra £500 Ford promotion off on EcoBoost engines and then I got my employee discount on top of that, then £2000 for my FIAT Panda 100HP as tradein. I do love my TitX, it's like driving around in a mini-fully loaded Mercedes S-Class. Jonathan
  9. Today
  10. Ford Focus n/s water leak?

    Nobody any idea on this?
  11. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    It does sound like what everyone else is saying, its strange its not talked about that often as its quite noticeable, its like the same noise as the ABS TEST noise when you first start the car and you hear that clunk
  12. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    No one pays list price for a Ford.
  13. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    I would get the EcoBoost, I have owned cars with both engines and the EcoBoost is far better. Don't expect to get anywhere near the advertised 65MPG though. Jonathan
  14. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    This is the problem with Ford at the moment, the cars are not cheap anymore. If it wasn't for my discount I probably would consider another brand. List price for my Titanium X was £18000, it was worth £8000 exactly two years later. £10000 depreciation over two years on a Fiesta is scary. Jonathan
  15. The Number Game...

    Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate this Falken liveried Evo X going around Carousel
  16. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    Is this the 3 year service? I'm getting quoted £295 at the moment for that with TrustFord, I'm getting it done for £30 labour (a guy who has looked after my other car for 20 years so I trust him) and me supplying the parts at £100. Prevously I had done at TrustFord for the warranty, but now it's up going to go independent. I always haggled with TrustFord though and got the servicing costs down but at least £50, they have a large profit margin. For example the internal costing for their first service at £195 is £70. Jonathan
  17. Thermostat opening temp duratec petrol engine

    99% sure it should be 89c on 1.8/2.0 petrol.
  18. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I had some black high temp spray paint that I used on my drum brakes. I might brush paint that on. I won't remove the hoses at this stage, but might go back and do the bits under the hose when I do a coolant change. If it's rusting from being dissimilar metals then the paint won't do much anyway.
  19. Weak Windscreen Washers

    As you can see, the new grommet is nice tighter than the old one so I'm not sure these are reusable tbh. Hopefully it's now leak free, I've only put a couple of litres in to make sure there are no more leaks before brimming it again.
  20. Automatic Start/start

    What are you using to check codes? If it's gone in to limp mode it should have logged a DTC. You can't always read them with basic scanners, even Forscan can't read all logs. Ford's own IDS is the best for finding logged faults.
  21. Your Insurance Annual?

    20 2006 Ford fiesta mk6.5 zetec s 1.6 TDCi 2 years no claims £1270 with admiral without a black box. Hope my premiums go down to around £400 like everyone 😭
  22. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Final update to this, the glue obviously didn't work. The seal itself was just too loose and with the pipe being rigid sealant didn't work either. I lost all 5 litres of screenwash over the weekend... That's £3.38 worth. Found the seal available through eBay (Trust Ford) for £11.06 delivered, 4 days expected delivery. Went to local dealer first thing Monday day to check price - £9.91, 1-2 day ETA. Ordered that. Didnt arrive until late yesterday afternoon, so collected this morning and found I'd been told the non-VAT price, so it was actually £11.89. So for an else, it's cheaper, easier and probably quicker to order it online if you need one!
  23. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Tried everything people say in this forum can not get it working
  24. Automatic Start/start

    Hi Ian, I missed your reply to me - apologies for that. I should have included this up-front: the car's a 2013 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi that has almost 60k miles. I've just done a Google search re: "efb" - are you suggesting that a replacement for the battery that's specific to the "Stop-Start" function of the car then? Would this be something I should expect the Ford garage to have checked/detected? I ask because it's been there at least three times. I've taken the car to a number of garages, and none of them was able to find a problem. Also, since my original post in October, the car has twice gone into Limp Mode when doing about 70mph, again with no codes being reported; turning the engine off and on basically "fixed" it (pulled it out of Limp Mode) both times.
  25. Hi mate, just going off the Autodata book - warns multiple times that the crankshaft sprocket is not keyed to the crankshaft... But then doesn't mention holding the crank at all! So although the pin stops the crank in the clockwise direction, when you put the belt on anticlockwise in my mind the crank will be able to move (which I've just answered myself, as it's all loose, once you tighten the cams up they're all locked, and when you tighten the pulley bolt, it'll all be against the pin, so will time it all up). I've heard mention of breaking the pin off if tightening the pulley bolt against it... But can't remember where or who said it! Specifically says to hold camshaft pulleys, does not say hold crank in the Autodata instructions. Only the crank bolt angle tightened. Have you ever had problems getting the crank pulley off one of these engines and needing a puller? ECP seems to have a hard time matching my car with correct parts, although the contitech aux belts come with a fitting tool (and the dayco ones also say "fitting tool" in extra info, might need a trip down to check everything is in order before buying).
  26. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    weve got the 1.0 80bhp non turbo (63 reg) and its basically on a par horsepower wise to the 1.25 but cheaper to run plus the added bonus of free tax. weve had it since new and its now coming onto 30k so they do seem pretty reliable.
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