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  2. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    The reinforcement wire is vulcanised inside the rubber material (in the length of the weatherstrips). The composite wire should reduce stretching and also reinforce the rubber. However because of a flaw in the production process the wire inside the rubber shrinks and simply pulls the weaterstrip loose at one or both ends or in corners. Cutting the wire inside the rubber material solves this problem. The rubber of the weatherstrip can be folded open to cut the wire. If I still heve the TSB I will post some instruction pictures of this procedure later.
  3. DPF Filter

    You may need to reset the DPF parameters. Can be done with FORScan but not a standard code reader.
  4. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Basically due to the sort of driving I do, I need to change to a petrol in something Focus sized BUT with diesel running costs...and with a fairly low purchase budget... Impossible right? I've been trying to do this for over a year now, but the newer cars just aren't depreciating quickly enough lol. Mk7 TSI Golfs are still well out of budget. 1.0 Focus' Titaniums still cost more than I can afford at a reasonable mileage but that's what I've been keeping an eye on, could just about get a 100ps Zetec with 60k, but have seen a couple of 1.6 ecoboosts that I could afford to buy in Titanium spec with around 45k... However, being realistic, I couldn't afford the extra running costs so decided against that eventually. I'm still stuck with the diesel at the moment...it's all well and good the gov't trying to force people out of diesels, potentially increase tax in the upcoming budget and 'improve' MOT checks, but for those of us without the funds for a new car (even with a scrappage scheme) there just isn't an alternative currently.
  5. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    " The TSB describes the procedure to cut the reinforcement wires at a few particualr locations to eliminate the tension on the wire. " Where are these reinforcements located ? Thanks !
  6. How low can you go?

    My car has been standing for three days so I decided to check the battery voltage.I was surprised it started at 11.93v no problem 😯.Is this as low as the voltage will go before not starting?
  7. DPF Filter

    Hi. Ive just had to change the dreaded DPF filter on my focus 1.6 tdci as it had split. The car is in limp mode with error code P242F which is if im correct DPF filter blocked. AA mechanic tried to clear code but it will not clear. Any one else had any issues with this code. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does Colour Matter?

    What do you all think of black, dark grey and midnight blue colours in cars? Do they show the dirt, chips and scratches up well? Liam.
  9. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Whichever engine configuration I choose in the end, several things that I have made a decision on is, going for a Titanium or Titanium X spec model for all the extras and one with 17inch alloys. Colours I have decided on too: silver, white. Would consider a midnight blue or dark grey but they do show the chips and scratches well. I’ll probably steer clear of red and black unless the perfect one comes along! Liam.
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  11. Hey, looking for the previous owner of my car? MATHEW DAY

    The sellers friend who I got my car from had a grey focus st diesel. Was the rear lights tinted or tampered in any way because on the day I went to check the car they smoked it
  12. power loss 1.6 tdci

    thank you once again for your advice peter. i took the hose off the bottom of the actuator and got the girlfriend to start the car. there was no air at all coming through the hose. was able to follow the hose for a short way but then it disappears into the engine. am currently trying to find a diagram of the path the hose takes online.
  13. Getting under the fiesta!

    Don't you know anyone who might have a jack or I've seen these ramps that you can get where you drive the front or back of the car on giving good space to work under the car. You want to make sure everything is secured when working on a car for your safety
  14. Getting under the fiesta!

    Lol wait to you want to do a real car mod. Installing an induction kit is about as easy as it gets. I don't have an ecoboost so don't know what box you are on about, do you have a pic? There's a lot of black plastic enclosures on a modern car...
  15. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    True point Tom! The idea of having a 1.0 EcoBoost 125 engine in a bigger car than a Fiesta intrigues me and would be better for the type of driving I do, plus it would be better fuel economy and probably better on insurance. But, the lure of possibly owning a 1.5 EcoBoost with bigger performance, less on fuel economy and higher on insurance is the same as the idea of owning a 1.0 EcoBoost which intrigues me. Whichever enigine configuration I choose, I’ll keep it for 3 or 4 years. So I’ve got to make sure I make the right decision. What recent dilemma did you have Tom? Liam.
  16. Would agree with isetta, I have 16 inch zetec s alloys and the front wheels are already slightly mishapen. I hate potholes as you don't want to go over some of them quickly and hear a 'bang' sound as you don't know if it buckles in the wheel. I have an air leak in one if my wheels and suspect it's the rim. Was looking at some st wheels on eBay and there going for around 200 pounds. One ad caught my eye where all wheels had been referbished however one of them has some surface scratches. Don't think I'll spend this sort of money on parts sadly unless it's something to fix the car.
  17. Getting under the fiesta!

    Hi everyone! I finally bought an induction kit for my fiesta. I chose the ITG from all, i feel its one of the best options. Ive been trying to install it but it is a real pain in the as*. Where the filter itself sits, there is a damn black box, that has to be relocated, but this ***** box has to mounting screws, one on top, and the other one on the bottom... that means, that you have to unscrew it from under the car and i don't know how to get there... Whats the best idea for this? i got a jack but i don't trust it, plus the jack its for swapping wheels...not going under the car. I was thinking of parking the car on a curb... not sure of what to do. Just need to remove this screw and im done! Thanks!
  18. Radiator fan

    theres a relay stuck. in the enging bay there is a black relay box to the left of the battery. take the cover off . recconect the fan and tap each relay firmly with a handle of a screwdriver or simular. but 1 at a time to see if fan switches off. this will identify which relay is sticking. i think its the grey relay .
  19. Fiesta EMLconfig throttle map

    I poorly worded that above, it's more of a torque limit than a rev limit, you will get the revs eventually but the torque is reduced so it takes longer for the revs to build, it's the torque that breaks things. But yes that throttle lag is engineered in and perfectly normal, same on any 'normal' car with fly by wire throttle though, diesels especially, if it's a sporty petrol, that lag is reduced but still not as instant as a cable throttle. It's for a smoother ride, emissions and so that any idiot can drive it smoothly and without damaging anything (within the warranty period at least)...they're not expecting people to heel-toe in a 1.4 diesel Fiesta for example... The only cure is to have a power remap done, where the torque limiters are removed, throttle response increased etc. But there are hundreds of maps that need adjusting on the ECU, it's not as simple as switching one off and another on.
  20. Fiesta edge

    I wouldn't worry. You could try using an OBD2 scanner. They're like £10 off ebay and Amazon and a must have for diagnosing stuff. It will pay for itself after the first use, a garage might charge you £40 just for running a diagnosis. If there was a fault then a code might appear when you run a scan, a quick google should being up some common causes. There's no guarantees you'll get a code now the warning message has gone though.
  21. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    Last week I did some testing and programming on the CANbus controlled coolant level warning system I have developed for my Focus MK3. On my testing setup I use a CANbus simulator (that I made). This CANbus simulator simulates the Focus MK3 CANbus system and puts the Focus MK3 CANbus messages onto the network. The CANbus simulator controls a spare instrument cluster I have. This way I am able to perform all testing and programming on my kitchen table. After the CANbus simulator was fully functional and I reverse engineered all relevant CANbus messages I developed a 12 Volt battery powered CANbus module that is based on an Arduino Nano and two MCP2515 CANbus controllers. My module is integrated into the existing CANbus network. My module is installed between the original CANbus wiring and basically splits the original CANbus network into CAN 0 and CAN 1. . (The word tellerunit in the schematic = Dutch for Instrument Cluster). A contactless coolant level switch is connected to my module. Based on the input signal of the coolant level switch my module controls the instrument cluster: If the coolant level is normal my module is in CANbus repeater/extender mode. In this mode it transfers all CANbus traffic from CAN 0 directly to CAN 1 and vice versa. This way the CANbus system works exactly the same as it was originally. If the coolant level is low after a few second delay my module switches from CANbus repeater/extender mode to CANbus filter mode. In this mode it transfers all CANbus traffic from CAN 0 directly to CAN 1 and vice versa except from the CANbus messages with ID 0x250 and ID 0x2A0. These CANbus messages are replaced by custom messages to activate a warning message and the engine warning light. During testing I decided to use the engine warning light and the warning message. In the future I may change this to a different warning light/message and control the temperature gauge to 120 degrees celsius. However to do this i only have to make some small software changes. After several hours of testing my system has proven to work perfectly. Last week I redesigned the circuit board layout of my module to reduce the size of the circuit board. Now I only need to install the circuit board inside a casing and cast it in resin before it is finished for installation. My module is currently based on the Focus MK3/MK3.5 MS CANbus (125 Kbps) instrument cluster. However after changing the software it can basically be used for every CANbus controlled MS CANbus (125 Kbps) or HS CANbus (500 Kbps) instrument cluster. You only have to reverse engineer the CANbus messages.
  22. Windscreen wiper problems

    I've heard of various waxes in car wash liquids causing incompatibility between wiper brands before. Are they any different when shifting water? Best thing I can say is give the windscreen a good clean with something that will strip wax. Usually dish soap detergents will do it.
  23. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    They give you that quote because a lot of people don't have time to shop around and get better ones, most automatically renew now as well so by the time you get round to it, it's already done. Plus they prey on the elderly who still think loyalty means something, Saga is awful for that, both for house and car insurance. I wouldn't have told them about the airbag switch tbh. I can understand speed mods make you more likely to crash, and aesthetic mods make it more likely to get nicked... But anything else is just daft, I've seen people have insurance cancelled because they didn't declare stickers even!
  24. Hey, looking for the previous owner of my car? MATHEW DAY

    One of the ST specific forums is probably better unless there's a FOC sticker on the car? Can't be many people that spell Mathew with one T? Should be easy enough to facebook stalk if you've got a location as well... Must admit, I don't think I'd want the new owner of a car coming round and asking questions about it though!
  25. Any guess on what these wires are?

    I've heard of them being tapped into the fuel pump wiring, they tend to have 4 or 5 wires, but only 2 of them (positive and negative) are actually terminated. I'd guess it would have an inline fuse somewhere, so you could split it from there and pull the box out rather than cutting random wires.
  26. Windscreen wiper problems

    Tried the white vinegar this morning both on the wiper blades and windscreen (applied on a cloth in a circular motion) but it hasn’t done the trick unfortunately, the wipers are still playing up. anyone else got any suggestions? thanks
  27. Strange Ticking Noise When Cold

    Had it on a corsa once, rebuilt the head after a head gasket leak and timing chain change. Made sure every component was squeeky clean and had fresh oil on it just for the first startup. Like the job I did was beyond what a garage would do, not a chance would they have taken the hydraulic lifters out and wiped them all down. Gave the sump a good clean out too, so not really any chance there would be any gunk left in, only what was in the block. Anyway I digress, put everything back on, started her up and... tapet tapet tapet tapet. Warmed up and it was fine, purred like a kitten. I guess there's just some problems you can't get rid of so easily. I put it down to the hydraulic lifters. Usually they don't get enough lubrication with the thick oil when the engine is cold and then it gets better lubrication when it warms up and the oil is thinner.
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