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  2. Mk 3 55 plate sat nav disc

    I'd just get a mount for my phone and use google maps
  3. Ah ok I see. The one in the pic on my avatar is the 140, it is a 17 plate, not sure what MK they are to be honest, MK7.5? What MK are the new ones that we are waiting for (the St Line X) are they MK8?
  4. Ford focus tdci 1.6 2005

    hi, you sent me private message, it's probably best if you put it all on here so others can see it. re the fault codes you mentioned, you really need to show all of them here in case someone has had same experience
  5. Replace Washer Motor

    Either way you need to know how to get to it and the first post just shows you a picture of the bottle and pump which to be honest wasnt much help if you dont know how to access it but I will not post any more help on here and will now leave this forum which I only joined the other day with a view of being helpful.
  6. Mk 3 55 plate sat nav disc

    I believe the cards are encrypted so can't just be copied. Most on here will tend to try ebay as a decent starting point.
  7. A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    It looks great, really really nice! I bet you’ve enjoyed the snow... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Today
  9. Wipers not working properly

    Cheers i will try this and post my results. I am hoping it is something simple like a poor connection. Weird how there is some functionality though!
  10. In the mk7.5 the 140 variant came later on as a special model with stronger engine, tighter suspensions etc. But in the Mk8 both 125 and 140 are the same St-line variant. With same suspension and almost everything. Diffent differential ratio and the engine are the only differences i think.
  11. Your Fiesta

    Might as well join in. My mk6.5 fiesta zetec s 1.6 TDCi
  12. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    As promised, here's the "review". Received the N1-H7 bulbs from CN360 yesterday and fitted them right away. The good news is, that they fit very nicely in both stock reflector headlights and also in my aftermarket angel eyes projectors. You can close the lid on the headlights without issues even with the cable coming out of them right from the back, not through the side. So no issues with fitment at all. They use passive heatsink, so no moving parts which is nice and it doesn't get very hot after some time. I wouldn't worry about it in everyday usage. Colour is nice "pure white" without any blue-ish tint or anything, visibility seems to be very good with these. And, as mentioned before, with 25W, they will not be as strong to the opposite drivers. Now onto the main part, the light. In projector it is good. See on the pic attached below, it's only tested at home as I'm currently rebuilding the projectors, but you get the idea. In the stock reflectors the situation is a little bit different. On the picture you can see that the light output and the light line "break" seems to be good, however, in reality it's quite distorted on the top of the light. There is no visible "__/¯¯" pattern when I drive closer to the wall. And here is stock halogen headlight pattern. Maybe also not perfect, I'm not sure if they are not alligned too close to each other in the middle, but the pattern is still the best here when I drive closer to the wall. So far I only tested these and it was really a quick test right after I got them. I'm planning to do some more testing, also with my friend's LEDs that he bought, which are also from the same brand, but a different model. I didn't have time to test those in my headlights yesterday. Also I will make better pics, in complete dark and with a better camera. Hope this helps TL;DR version: CN360 N1-H7 headlights. Good pattern in projectors, worse in reflectors. Good build quality, no extra heat, no blinding opposite traffic. Recommend for projectors.
  13. Fiesta titanium

    I have a January 2011 1.6 petrol titanium I get around 43mpg in the summer and 39.5 in the colder months, which is roughly 350 miles per full tank. I also have the gear shift indicator not sure if earlier models had it or not
  14. Mk3 Dashcam Fitting

    I installed a rear view camera by using 2 cigarette lighter plugs providing separate power sources for front monitor and rear view camera will provide pictures as soon as daylight appears
  15. Mk3 Dashcam Fitting

  16. Currently have a 125 and a 140 and in my opinion the 140 knocks spots off of the 125. In performance, sounds totally different when accelerating, idling sounds, suspension feels a lot tighter and less bouncy (both cars are the same year),haha even the heater and heated screen seem a lot more efficient.
  17. Fiesta titanium

    I have a 2011 Titanium but its the 1.6 and i get very local around 30 to 35 m.p.g depends how i drive and a run a nice bit more,as for a full tank i never let mine go that low so i cant say on that. The green arrow i think your on about on mine i can turn it off and on in the menu on the stick control and have mine on,i think you should have it but not 100%
  18. Dash Cam Installation

    Yes mate top camera,just the old £££ holds me back.
  19. Dash Cam Installation

    The Fiat driver was all over the place before he got along side you in the first place, can’t say I saw him trying to do it at the lights again though Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Forum Content Unavailable

    I’ve not had this personally, what browser you using?
  21. Wipers not working properly

    it could be the switch, bcm(body control module) or wiper motor. or wiring anywhere imbetween if your handy with a multimeter you should check at the wiper motor for feed at pin 2. worth a try to disconnect battery if you want.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Fiesta titanium

    petrol or diesel. if petrol thats not to bad depending on driving style,journey length, speed etc. 275 miles and how many litres to refill. diesel and its not to good.
  24. Wipers not working properly

    Is this possibly an ECU issue and it gas become confused by the auto wipers being turned on? if I disconnect the battery would it effectively reboot the car? Any advice welcome. Thanks Andy
  25. 1.0 ecoboost ac cluch not engaging

    i cant see them being any different. i think its a visteon vs16 variable compressor. used on all the 1.0 ecoboosts . as you can see theres a control soleniod at the right end of compressor. thats what controls the pressure i believe via the pcm
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