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  5. low speed grumble

    help guys, i have noticed a low speed grumble, 5 to 10mph when negotiating into & out of parking slots & any low speed turns. occurs during partial lock through to full lock, suspension or steering joints ???
  6. Does an exhaust from a mk7 st180 fit a mk7.5 zetec s?
  7. cambelt change due

    Lol. Sorry mate all done by a mechanic in tavistock for £260 all in. Gates belt kit and water pump
  8. Back on ford owners club after 2 years

    I'm going for black glitter background with teal for the ford bit I can't wait for them to arrive
  9. Ford Anglia E494a (e4930a)

    The old sit up & beg model? You could putting a post up on the retrorides forum.
  10. Overcooling and poor mpg

    Afternoon all. I'm having problems with my focus 2.0tdci. For a while now it's been ***** on fuel (400) full tank with a mixture of driving. Then today drove 30 miles down the a30 at 70 mph and the temp gauge was only at 1/4 Mark. And the fuel was going fast. I used 1/4 tank for 40 miles at 70mph. So not happy . I have changed the stat and sensor and just had the cam belt and water pump done. And just been serviced aswell so should be sweet. Is there a secondary stat on these and where can I buy as ford vospers will only sell me the whole oil cooler.
  11. Ford fiesta Stereo LCD Screen UPGRADE

    On the Focus MK3/MK3.5 it is but not on the Fiesta MK7/MK7.5. On the Fiesta the IPC is the main config and the BCM the backup. For some reason Ford found it a good idea to have it reversed on the Fiest.
  12. Thank you for your reply! This fuse in my car seems to stay on
  13. Focus Mk2.5

    Thanks for the replies all ... its not so much road noise , more of engine noise . I used to own a MK1 Focus saloon 2.0 Ghia petrol , that was so much quieter engine wise at motorway speeds . Begining to regret selling the old one now .
  14. Cigarette lighter power goes off after 15 minutes, this is what I use for mine. (from the fuse box in the passenger footwell)
  15. Ford fiesta Stereo LCD Screen UPGRADE

    I entred bcm and made the same changes i made in ipc, changed the value for touchscreen from mfd2 to mfd5 and changed the radio from low level to high level , the write is successful, still no changes, its driving me nuts, please help
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  17. Focus Door Lock Stuck

    I am having the same problem with my MK1 but I dont see this mechanism, and it has been suggested on other forums to take out fuse 63 in out of fuse box, however my fuse box only goes to 62, any suggstions?
  18. Ford S-Max horn not working

    Hi All I recently bought a s max and the horn isn't working. One scanner shows B1C55 horn relay coil circuit fault. Please see attached picture. I took the horn off and tested them directly with battery. Both work fine. When horn button is pressed there is no clicking sound from the relay. I tried to find a relay but couldn't find one from halfords etc. However in the fuse box there was another relay with same numbers and figures. I swapped it with the horn relay but the horn still not working. Can anyone please suggest what the next step should be please? Thanks
  19. I took the throttle pedal off but unfortunately it does have any screws as mentioned in the link i provided above. It appears to be am electric one with no adjustments. I have ordered a new one now and will see if it resolves the problem. If it doesn't then I will order the throttle position sensor which is attached to throttle body. See the attached graphs showing difference in PIDs.
  20. Hey everyone, 2 week ago, a large 4 X 4 very kindly became one with my 09 fiesta. And wrote it off. Ive just bought a 2015 Zetec S, but while I am waiting for it all to be serviced and registered etc, I've been driving an ST Line Focus, and have very much fallen in love with the Stereo. Does anyone know if it is even possible to retrofit a sync 3 stereo, or a 3rd party apple car play radio in place of the blue lcd unit that is in the new car? I'd really like to not have to use my phone screen as the sat nav etc any more. And the convenience of being able to change music etc without facing the wrath of the law also appeals.
  21. Ford fiesta Stereo LCD Screen UPGRADE

    main config is bcm , not ipc
  22. Injector sound

    Can you please pinpoint exactly which nuts i need to tighten up? Thank you !
  23. Neighbour reversed into my car

    White van man/boy... reversed into the back corner panel just above the bumper, at least he came to the door to say he could just have went into the house and did nothing, he'll pay for the repair.
  24. Ford fiesta Stereo LCD Screen UPGRADE

    My car has central configuration main on ipc and central configuration backup on bcm. I never entrered the backup bcm, only wrote twice so far to main ipc, first time to enable trip computer wich was successful, and this second time to make the car recognize my new display, the write to ecu was succesful but my problem isnt fixed. when i go back to central config i find the value for touchscreen already in color mfd5
  25. Focus Mk2.5

    Most of the noise when your driving comes through the tyres from the road.
  26. Blower motor.

    could still be the resistor. The resistor has different segments to it which come into use with the different switch settings. speed 1 uses the longest part of resistor coil so if it's gone in the last bit then that could be it. BUT normally it's not the resistor coil that goes, it is usually the thermal fuse (but into resistor pack) that goes which means you lose all speeds below 4 like you say. Could be switch fault. could be wire/connector problem between switch and resistor. could be stiff bearings in the fan which means that on speed one it it not getting enough power power to overcome the stiffness (and if so and left on position 1 it will possibly blow the thermal fuse)
  27. Hi everyone. I am having a bit of a nightmare with my dash cam installation in my Ford Mondeo Titanium 2009. I am trying to find a fuse within the central fuse box that powers on with the ignition. When I connect the nextbase hard wire kit fuse adaptor to piggyback on a fuse, the dash cam is always getting power. I have tried fuses such as "audio system", "instrument cluster" and "cigarette lighter". Shouldn't these fuses only be receiving power when the ignition is on? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Carl
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