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  2. Windscreen wiper problems

    I've heard of various waxes in car wash liquids causing incompatibility between wiper brands before. Are they any different when shifting water? Best thing I can say is give the windscreen a good clean with something that will strip wax. Usually dish soap detergents will do it.
  3. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    They give you that quote because a lot of people don't have time to shop around and get better ones, most automatically renew now as well so by the time you get round to it, it's already done. Plus they prey on the elderly who still think loyalty means something, Saga is awful for that, both for house and car insurance. I wouldn't have told them about the airbag switch tbh. I can understand speed mods make you more likely to crash, and aesthetic mods make it more likely to get nicked... But anything else is just daft, I've seen people have insurance cancelled because they didn't declare stickers even!
  4. Hey, looking for the previous owner of my car? MATHEW DAY

    One of the ST specific forums is probably better unless there's a FOC sticker on the car? Can't be many people that spell Mathew with one T? Should be easy enough to facebook stalk if you've got a location as well... Must admit, I don't think I'd want the new owner of a car coming round and asking questions about it though!
  5. Any guess on what these wires are?

    I've heard of them being tapped into the fuel pump wiring, they tend to have 4 or 5 wires, but only 2 of them (positive and negative) are actually terminated. I'd guess it would have an inline fuse somewhere, so you could split it from there and pull the box out rather than cutting random wires.
  6. Windscreen wiper problems

    Tried the white vinegar this morning both on the wiper blades and windscreen (applied on a cloth in a circular motion) but it hasn’t done the trick unfortunately, the wipers are still playing up. anyone else got any suggestions? thanks
  7. Strange Ticking Noise When Cold

    Had it on a corsa once, rebuilt the head after a head gasket leak and timing chain change. Made sure every component was squeeky clean and had fresh oil on it just for the first startup. Like the job I did was beyond what a garage would do, not a chance would they have taken the hydraulic lifters out and wiped them all down. Gave the sump a good clean out too, so not really any chance there would be any gunk left in, only what was in the block. Anyway I digress, put everything back on, started her up and... tapet tapet tapet tapet. Warmed up and it was fine, purred like a kitten. I guess there's just some problems you can't get rid of so easily. I put it down to the hydraulic lifters. Usually they don't get enough lubrication with the thick oil when the engine is cold and then it gets better lubrication when it warms up and the oil is thinner.
  8. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Some Nissans are built in the UK now (the Note is one of them)... As are some Hondas and Toyotas... While a lot of Fords are built in Germany... However I imagine working for a Ford plant in Germany is the equivalent of working at a poundshop over here...
  9. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    UPDATE ; problem solved it was water in the boot opening switch , it may have been shown before but I'll put a few photos up of how I got to the switch , in case it,'ll help anybody
  10. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    I have just noticed my 16 plate tit focus starting to do the same thing. I will wait until service is due to get it fixed. Not that much of an issue for me at this time.
  11. Hi all, just joined and new to forums. Just have a quick query-I have ordered a transit connect double cab and wanted to know if there were any security issues with it that I need to be aware of/sort out. I have heard a few horror stories about people being able to get in to Ford transits and customs vans (and stealing contents) with lock picks, master/cloned fobs and cutting wire looms etc but are these issues with new connects also? The salesmen were (surprisingly) unaware of any issues?! Maybe worried would effect sale? Cheers Pete
  12. Strange Ticking Noise When Cold

    Duh, yes I do....!
  13. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Lol, just a newer car? Could be flying a helicopter and avoiding all the traffic! Fair enough though, if it does suddenly get to the point of needing sorted, at least you know you won't have the hassle of the leaky grommet that I do, the extra capacity bottle is for headlight washer vehicles only as confirmed by Wilco in the other thread. Yep, that's the one, thanks Clive! At over a tenner I'm considering a tube of poundland sealant instead...
  14. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    I'm wondering the same thing, finally got my forscan and focccus to connect to the car changed the values and nothing 1.5 tdci 2015 model, now looking and finding someone with UCDS as it costs too much for me just to do the CC activation
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  16. Radiator fan

    Can anybody help please. My radiator fan on my 57 plate fusion does not turn off I have unpluged it now for 3 days and it still starts as soon as you plug it back in. Any idears and answers would of great help.
  17. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    I use an iPhone 5S and, after the last update to IOS 11.1.1 , I had all sorts of problems trying to use it to call someone through the car's system.
  18. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    This is a known problem of the Focus MK3. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) that describes the recommended repair procedure for this problem. The problem is basically caused by a reinforcement wire that is vulcanised inside the rubber material of the weatherstrips. During the manufacturing proces of the weatherstrips this reinforcement wire is stretched. During time the reinforcement wires shrink and puts a significant amount of tension on the weatherstrips. This amount of tension causes the weatherstrips to come loose at the ends or in corners. The TSB describes the procedure to cut the reinforcement wires at a few particualr locations to eliminate the tension on the wire. When cutting the wire you actually hear it snap. After cutting the reinforcement wire the weatherstrips can be glued back into place. Ford prescribes a 2K adhesive for glueing the weatherstrips. I personally prefer Loctite 406 for glueing the weatherstrips. Loctite 406 is an instant adhesive specifically designed for rubber and plastic material. Just glueing the weatherstrips back without cutting the reinforcement wire is usually only a temporary solution. This usually causes the weatherstrip to come loose at a different location (usually in the corners).
  19. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    I've had the same thing on 3 of my doors on my 62 Eco Boost over the past eighteen months or so. It got so bad that the rubber strips were almost dragging on the road or sticking out at right angles to the door! Ford (Keith Motors - Ringwood, Christchurch, Verwood who sold me the car) just weren't interested and said emphatically that it wasn't their responsibility and that it would cost £100 per door to replace the rubbers. They would charge £40 per door to try to reglue them - but they couldn't guarantee success! (NB- Keith Motors will take your money very happily but then you're on your own!) I tried a couple of adhesives which didn't work, but found that by far the best is 'Evo Stick Multi Purpose Impact Instant Contact Adhesive'. A couple of quid from Screwfix, and my god it's powerful stuff! Tip - get a small paint brush as the spreader supplied is worse than useless on a narrow strip. Just quickly clean off the old rubbers and door with spirits, (you don't need to totally removed the old adhesive), paint the strip lightly with adhesive on both surfaces, leave for ten minutes (which feels so wrong, but trust me it works!) and then push together. But make sure you get it right first time as it sticks like ****! So far no problems and its been through 31 degrees in Spain and -2 in the UK, rain and shine. Shame on Ford for ignoring this very common problem. (ps my son's 60 Fiesta is also having the same problem.)
  20. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    Thanks going to look at it this morning
  21. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    No , I have to give two clicks on the fob boot button , it won't open with the boot release
  22. Ford Focus 02 Reg, Lighter Fuse Question

    I would be checking the door sensor switch as it faulty or the wire to the switch is touch the cars body work. Try disconnecting the door switch
  23. His address should be on the documents? Easy and quicker to look up the phone book for his area and see if he’s listed.
  24. Air bag deactivation key/insurance

    Why do they give you a quote like i had first then take a hell of a lot off it,sure they look into it before they send quotes out in the post or email way over and some poor chap just thinks ''oh its gone up a lot ok ill pay'' when you can save a lot by having a moan at them Also the pass airbag switch don't even come into it as its not on most insurances list of mads as 3 places told me this.
  25. Any guess on what these wires are?

    You saying that has just made me realise I have fuses installed for heated seats but it doesn't have them, wonder if they can be retrofitted easily...
  26. Weird Situation

    AFAIK, I didn’t sign any papers dictating that my wages can be cut/withheld in the event of something happening, so there’s that I can use against them, but I will try to resolve the matter internally first. I will also request a copy of everything I signed upon employment. It’s a small company. Two owners who are brothers (let’s call them Bill and Ben), the manager, a couple of office workers and around ten drivers. The manager is pretty much the ‘spokesman’ of Bill who works in the office with him. Anything related to incidents or employees, he tends to not want to get involved and leaves it up to the manager to decide. I assume he also has influence on Bill to make decisions he might not agree on since he’s quite forward and can be manipulating at times. Bill is the one who deals with drivers’ pay and despite the manager’s assumed manipulation, he’s ultimately the one who pressed enter on the keyboard dictating my pay, minus £50. I’d hate to be in the bad books of the company if I do go down the legal route, but I rely heavily on that income and can’t withstand reduced pay like this. If I did keep working for them and had another knock, they could fairly dismiss me depending on the situation. I’m not a glutton for accidents and this is my first fault accident in years… first time at this particular company. I am, however, in a situation where drivers of my caliber, just like my colleagues, are in short supply. Many companies pay more than where I am now but I stick here because of the work environment and friendly close family business atmosphere. It would be no more than water off a duck’s back to me if they decide to lay me off one way or another, but they’re short on drivers too so may not be so keen. Only time will tell. I have also heard from veteran employees here that since the manager started, he made various cuts, especially to driver benefits and more, causing some of them to leave. Again, thanks for the info and the link. I will see what my pay is on Friday and contact the office if the same discrepancies are there.
  27. Ford Focus 02 Reg, Lighter Fuse Question

    So I replaced F47 like previously stated and now my door sensor for an open door is on. I replaced it with a 20A like what was in there and the lighter works now but that light is on. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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