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  3. The Number Game...

    volvo 144
  4. Ford Focus 2010 1.6 (100PS) Timing Belt

    I have done loads of timing belts over the years but only where the crankshaft pulley is keyed to the shaft. These engines are well scary when you think of bending 16 valves - you would feel suicidal if you get it wrong.
  5. These Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  6. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Due to funds i have been using asda diesel eeeep but as usual with millers diesel additive If my wallet allows its bp ultimate or shell v power Jamie
  7. Similar topic with earlier o-ring tip. Interesting video with lesson learned:
  8. New owner zetec s have question

    I like the way the radio stays on until I open the door, obviously more complication to potentially go wrong though
  9. One thing to note about the Ambient ring guide, they tell you to wire it straight to the battery but I dont know if it includes an inline fuse and also wiring it straight to the battery sounds like a good way to drain your battery, id rather wire it to an ignition live fuse.
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  11. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    does sound to me like stop/start could be involved here, you at least need to rule it out. Have you tried it with stop start disabled (disable it a few mins before you are going to park). I would always leave the car in gear when parked. In theory the handbrake should do the job, but why risk it. I do actually know two people whose cars rolled away when left parked because they had not put the handbrake on quite hard enough it would appear. It would not have happened if left in gear.
  12. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Just registered and all works as expected now.
  13. How do I tell if the car had been remapped

    So did the previous owner forge the "Mountune remap with 'certificate and rolling road print out' "?
  14. Autobeam is doing some black Friday deals at the moment. They reduce the halo indicators kit. Don't know if I should get it
  15. New to the Ford World

    Thanks :)
  16. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    Do you hear he engine and does the tacho show revs when you do this? If not it's just the engine and gear box moving until the play in the system is taken up and the car reaches a rest position. That is; engine reached full compression without rotating further and play in gear box, drive shafts etc at the end of rotation. If you release the clutch with your foot on the brake or the hand brake engaged then it won't occur.
  17. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    I wonder if the hill start assist is engaging as you stop with the clutch down, then it releases when the clutch is disengaged so the car rolls a bit?
  18. Ford Focus n/s water leak?

    If it's only happening after it's been parked, it's just water that's collected in the scuttle etc draining away when you start moving. As long as there's no water inside, I don't really see the problem.
  19. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Yep. To be fair, it may just be because of where the abs pump is attached to the car, meaning it is very audible. The works vehicles just sound like a little purr when the abs/traction goes off.
  20. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    About 3 seconds or so - RPM has dropped to zero and the engine is off as its making no noise. Then once the clutch is raised and car jerks. I don't think so as the stop/start only engages when you go into neutral not when you press the clutch down. Plus a light comes on the dash when stop/start is in action - which it doesn't when I'm parking.
  21. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    That's true :) From what I recall there was £2000 off list as a dealer promotion, a extra £500 Ford promotion off on EcoBoost engines and then I got my employee discount on top of that, then £2000 for my FIAT Panda 100HP as tradein. I do love my TitX, it's like driving around in a mini-fully loaded Mercedes S-Class. Jonathan
  22. Ford Focus n/s water leak?

    Nobody any idea on this?
  23. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    It does sound like what everyone else is saying, its strange its not talked about that often as its quite noticeable, its like the same noise as the ABS TEST noise when you first start the car and you hear that clunk
  24. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    No one pays list price for a Ford.
  25. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    I would get the EcoBoost, I have owned cars with both engines and the EcoBoost is far better. Don't expect to get anywhere near the advertised 65MPG though. Jonathan
  26. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    This is the problem with Ford at the moment, the cars are not cheap anymore. If it wasn't for my discount I probably would consider another brand. List price for my Titanium X was £18000, it was worth £8000 exactly two years later. £10000 depreciation over two years on a Fiesta is scary. Jonathan
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