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  2. Heater Control Cable / Valve problem

    OK - Thanks for the feedback. With the help of your description, I found that I could carefully push/pull the cable by hand to control the temp. But it's very stiff - too stiff for the knob to push without bending the cable. At least, I've managed to leave it set on 'warm' for the moment. I was hoping there would be something that I could loosen up with a bit of WD40 or whatever, but it sounds like that's not an option. Thanks again for the info.
  3. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Lol, can you predict this weeks lottery numbers? It did turn out to be more of a pain than I expected...but you don't have to separate those parts if you're just cleaning the filter. Think my issue came from putting it in and out several times because it didn't seem to work first time...or second, so I then pulled the whole lot right out to try and clean. It's probably down to tester discretion as to how little can pass but 'insufficient screenwash' is an MOT fail which is why I wanted it sorted. I've spent a lot on wishbones, tyres etc to get a pass in January, don't want it ruined for the sake of cleaning a filter lol. @Stoney871 Would you be able to find the part number for that grommet if sold separately please? I can't find it on FPUK.
  4. Heeeeey!

    Thank you :)
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  6. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    Read almost the entirety of this thread and now have a large headache and a reduced lack of faith in the fellow humans that I share this planet with! RANT INCOMINGGGGGG... Will have to start putting my neighbour on here I think! They drive a C4 and have a long wheel base van as the guy works for BT. They've always been complete arses when it comes to parking tbh but their recent thing is making sure that the BT van is ALWAYS right in front of their house (legally parked but is an eyesore when looking out the window and causes a huge obstruction when crossing the road to my own car as I've been forced out of the space in front of my own house due to said van). My street is fairly busy (schools, train station and church nearby) so when it comes to spaces, you snooze you lose! However, they manage to get the van in front of their house EVERY SINGLE DAY! Here's how: Husband leaves for work in the morning. Wife rushes out at ridiculous o'clock to get their C4 from the other side of the road and parks right in the middle of the space the van left. Seeing as no one could fit in the gaps she's left either side of the C4, the van-sized space remains for the entirety of the day. Husband returns from work in the evening and waits on the double yellows before all the spaces in the road begin. Wife rushes out (yet again) and moves the C4 out of the way so King BT can return to his original space, blocking up the road, the view and ***** off EVERY neighbour within a mile radius [emoji19] I had a period of leaving home around 5am on weekdays so have actually seen this in action - it's hilarious - and have caught them in the act on several evenings too. True dedication to an irrelevant cause if you ask me! Example: Blue box = Van-sized space Purple box = where they plonked the C4 Gaps in between = one car space that someone could have used IF they simply moved forward or back *eye roll* Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  7. MK6 lx no selecting 4th gear

    Hello Ladies and Gents I have a mk6 ford fiesta lx 2004 pre facelift model the gearbox is operating fine until you get to 4th anyone any ideas on a remedy for this?? was thinking it may be a linkage problem but the rest of the gearing works without issues thanks :)
  8. power loss 1.6 tdci

    i finally got around to replacing the boost solenoid yesterday. also cleaned the map sensor, which was coated in oil. unfortunately it made no difference. still no turbo boost :(
  9. Android 7.0 stopping news feeds.

    Just done it in 2 dam good ways,installed a new launcher Nova launcher and its an amazing thing,gives you the option to remove the bar and customize it in many ways and also the new Firefox Browser (the new private one)Firefox focus which again is quick and a lot of blocking setting etc. So all great,also stopped the Google app and disabled it as Google search goes through Firefox anyway.
  10. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    In my younger days it was all most impossible to buy a newish car as in my case I only earned £5 a week (yes that is correct) I used to ride round on a 125 Lambretta scooter ( yes it had all the mirrors and back rest etc a proper mod machine) ,so the only car we could buy would be a bit of an old bangor and you had to try to do a better and better swaps as you whent along. Repairs no chance of taking it to a garage they wouldn't shake an oily rag at your car. So you fixed it your self you had to. You learn very fast and do silly things and fit like a baffle less back box that actually looses power and not increase but sounds good and because your mate says it real good and absolutely convince your self that the little chrome air filter assembly I fitted on top of the carburettor made a bit more noise was adding mega BHP LOL we have all done something like that. Eventually I mangled to get a Ford Capri 2.8i and now a 345BHP Collins modified MK2 Focus as my mans toy (I do have a more sensible car for day to day family stuff).I used to call my first car a Rolls Canhardly, rolls down the hill and can hardly get up one lol it was certainly that . There was no computers no mobile phone no color TV only black and white so no Utube to help just a Haynes manual if there was one for you car. You know I wouldn't swap all those old memory's for anything even if I am a grumpy old git now a days.Have fun with your modern better cars that's what my generation worked for so you could get the best and not the old rusting and sometimes a bit unsafe stuff we had to put up with.Oh forgot to say the most moded car as I remember was the Old Ford Anglia they did lots to them.
  11. Heeeeey!

    Hi Welcome
  12. Focus ST Line X 140

    Joe, glad you are enjoying your car, looking forward to seeing pictures. Jake, i think your car looks great in that colour with those wheels as well. Do you have a spare wheel/ space saver and a link for your boot liner?
  13. Focus Bulb Lists

    Change it anyway if you think its that, as other drivers don't want to guess what you may or not be doing regardless of if its an MOT failure or not
  14. New member.

    Can't find how to edit post. My yellow 76 was a mk2. Just to add some fun trivia, the 68 car I sold to a friend for 92 quid because I owed him 8 quid from a week before. If only I'd have kept it, worth a small fortune today, it was solid as a rock, totally rust free.
  15. Focus Bulb Lists

    Is a non functioning reversing light an MOT failure? I need to buy a new bulb and hope that's all it is.
  16. Just on my way home and engine management fault message. limp mode. Only 1 pending code turbo charger underboost usualy get that code at max revs. On live data whenever its idling at 1500 hunting the throttle possition shows 86.3% if i add 1 mm of throttle it drops to 20 odd percent idle drops to normal then picks up a lil. Also i can slowly press throttle and stays at 23 % even tho the revs are picking up then revs shoot up reading flys up to 86 % seems odd but its a cheap scan tool. I know its not the air doser as that comes up as relative throttle position. Have i self diognosed a throttle pedle sensor???? Anyone had same issue because i hate geussing at parts see video attached passenger takeing the video julting is foot completly off the throttle.
  17. its sorted the smoke long term seems like my throttle posistion sensor acting up now last modern car i buy bring back the good old tweek the distributor carb and indirect tractor dervs...
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  19. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    First thing I thought was to just swap the hoses over.
  20. New Fiesta with Sync 3 query

    Good god cars are getting so complicated. What's wrong witg good the old 30 minute traffic update on the local radio station. Failing that google maps loaded on your phone in a cradle. You can't even change a bulb without having to take the whole unit off the car it seems nowadays. Why can't people be more like the cubans, they literally had to build their own spare parts at home, or find something at a scrapyard. None of this go to buy an alternator from ebay stuff.
  21. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    According to the article he was fined because "Your vehicle was not parked completely within a marked bay." so technically they were right, morally.........?
  22. Hi ford oc members Have a anoying issue to pick your knowlageable brains. 2011 fiesta 1.6tdci zetec just clocked 70000 miles. Today i drove car about 30 miles high speed limit. When getting into the 30mph i lugged engine 1500rpm normaly pulls fine but as i let off the throttle i got a constant vilant julting kangerooing. diped clutch pulled over tickover stuck at 1500 rpm no smoke. pull away all seems fine until loaded only ever seems to happen as i let off the throttle. No smoke anywhere no dpf to worry about coded out. Anyone had exsperience with this. Iv had it happen under high load since owning vehicle just got a little shudder when let off throttle then its fine. Had a maf sensor last month fuel filter cambelt ect trying to clean this issue up and it was due. Should have kept my old audi 😠
  23. I did the same upgrade going to the 17 inch zetec s alloys. Found a set on ebay for £300, came with 4 continental tyres from when original car was new. 2 running at legal limit, other two at 5mm. Spent £160 getting them powder coating them black (would totally reccomend, it's harder than paint so doesn't chip off, very hard to scratch too). Then spent £140 on two new tyres. Total cost = £600. I would try to avoid damaged rims, if they're buckled they're as good as scrap. It's ok saying you can fill the curb marks, but it just doesn't last. One tap on a curb and you're back to square 1. Not to mention you'll end up spending more than me on refurb and paint. I guess making sure the tyres are all decent is your best bet too. I wouldn't really want to spend much more than £600 on something like this. I decided not to fit the rack limiters, I guess they're fitted for higher loads when the car sits lower so can rub on the wheel arches. No suspension changes necessary. If you get any standard mk7 fiesta alloy then they all bolt on with no issues regarding circumference changes/speedo calibration etc.
  24. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    I’ve not seen that article before @Turvey I wonder how he got on, did he win? I can see no real way that he has broken regs, he is within his boundaries/white lines on either edge of his vehicle. I agree that it is selfish but it’s not illegal, it didn’t annoy me when I saw it in fact it made me chuckle. The car park wasn’t rammed though so maybe that helped. If councils made the bays larger then this wouldn’t happen. It’s pretty tight getting the Mk5 Mondeo in a bay without overhanging at the front or back. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. Has anyone fitted a rear fog light to the nearside of a 2015 (and on) UK S-Max ? There is a single light on the driver's side - conforms to UK legal requirement. I drive in Europe and would prefer to have a light on the nearside as well. My 2011 S-Max Titanium X had a light each side. My model is a Vignale so I am disappointed that this top of the range model does not have a similar arrangement. If anyone has done this please could they give details of the parts and practicalities involved. European models will have the light on their driver's side. Perhaps one market requires a pair - maybe Germany ? The parts must exist but my dealer goes by VIN for specification therefore no part shows up for my model.
  26. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    i want one!!!!!
  27. Heeeeey!

    Saw the link on Google so thought I'd have a nosy as I've just picked up a 2004 1.8 Focus C-Max today. I'm Gem, 33 from Nottingham & had a wide variety of cars over the years. [/img] [/img] Anyhow, I'll shut up now...
  28. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Our Focus was ordered was ordered 3rd May and we was given end of July for delivery and a week later our dealer called us with a update saying it would not be delivered until mid August and they may have to revalue our old car I told them its not my problem the new car is delayed and your not getting a penny more out of me take the issue up with Ford.
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