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  2. Clunk clunk clunk

    Like Dee_82 said, there is no guarantee that it's been done if the aux belts look new, but it is prescribed to change the belt/s when doing the timing belt (as they need to come off, and are the "stretchy" type), so the markings should be present in some shape or form. My old belts (with 84k) were marking less when they came off along with being crazed all over.
  3. Thanks Isetta, I understand rust is corrosion, I meant there are no holes there... Yet! I will look into waxoyl undersealer. When using the wirebrush, is there any certain technique to follow or is it simply scrub off the rust, clean and apply underseal? Thank you for your recommendation!
  4. Rear drum brake stuck

    nothing hard but quite a few steps, you need new hand brake cables, brake hoses, caliper, carrier, splash shields and some bolts, heres a guide made by one of our very own members, Drum brake to Disc brake conversion.pdf hardest part was disconnecting the old drum and getting the parts you need, one word of caution, Mr insurance will want to know and most insurers wont touch brake modifications.
  5. Hi Foz did you manage to sort this problem out in the end? Having the same problem on an s-max 2.2tdci 175bhp thanka
  6. Also, do i need a 'flare spanner'? Never heard of one until i watched a youtube video.....
  7. Today
  8. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    Ordered some interior LEDs from AutoBeam and they arrived today so I decided to fit them. Red footwell LEDs, Ice white courtesy light, reading lights and boot light. Got rid of all the horrible yellow tinted bulbs that come as standard! Apologies for the quality, only had my phone to hand:
  9. Rear drum brake stuck

    How complex is it to do a rear disc conversion?
  10. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4 - Petrol Versions

    Old post I know, just registered to say thanks for the info, I'm looking at a 2012 1.4 5 door Titanium and this has convinced me to go for it!
  11. Cheers Dee. I've just gone for the ECP one, works out at £87 once I've taken back the old one. Any tips for changing the caliper?
  12. Rear drum brake stuck

    one of the reasons I did a rear disc conversion. god awful things are drums.
  13. i found it quite tricky changing the seals on them, when I did my rear disc conversion I recon'd some Volvo calipers, much cheaper than buying new but if your in a hurry, its maybe not the best option.
  14. 17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    😳 That is quite a list of parts that need to be fitted! I am guessing that inside the car there are no visable changes just a warning that would come up on the dash ‘if’ the car’s coolant dropped below the sensor. Has anyone got any pictures of the changes to the engine bay highlighting the various changes? Haven’t got around to phoning my local Ford dealer yet and to be honest I’m not sure that I want my car to be there first to have the work done as I am sure they will find a way to improve the install given a bit of time. Given that I have already replaced a failed ( but caught in time ) degas hose, found micro cracks in the expansion bottle and rad cap does anyone think that I am I entitled to a refund?
  15. That's good enough for me, new caliper it will be, cheers Ian
  16. michaelfastcar

    Hi Welcome
  17. Hi! Ford Focus ST3 2012

    Hi Welcome
  18. Mondeo MK3 Ghia X

    Hi Welcome
  19. SYNC 1.1 APIM module configuration

    Just for your information, i've had successfully swapped a SYNC 1.1 module into my Focus ST and it works like a charm with the as-built data from JW1982. He got the as-built data of a VIN of a friend of mine. Does anybody have a changelog of the Sync v5.10 or v5.11??
  20. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Hopefully sorted my leaks today thanks to this thread...it should probably be stickied? Anyway, both sides were full of water like this when I got the car on Saturday, previous owner hadn't even realised but I knew it was a common issue to check before buying. The black clips snapped off the vent and floated around lol, new vent cost £12 on eBay from Arnold Clark. Sound deadening was left to dry for 2 days. Today popped out the two small vents even though they hadn't leaked, fully dried everything both sides, put a small hole in the bottom grommets just in case water still makes it in, refitted the dry sound deadening and then sealed behind and around all 4 vents with wickes gutter sealant. It's not pretty but should have cured the leaks...will have to wait for some rain now lol.
  21. Rear drum brake stuck

    Good to know its not just my car! I've done some digging online and it seems its quite a common issue with Ford rear drum brakes. Cant find any real solutions to the problem though :/
  22. The following parts are installed/replaced during the recall: New coolant reservoir. New coolant reservoir cap. New thermostat. New coolant bypass valve. New coolant standpipe with coolant level sensor. New wiring harness between the coolant level sensor and the EPAS module. Modification of the battery tray (needed for the new wiring harness). New, modified coolant hoses (the new hoses have a completely different routing and design than the old ones). Mounting hardware (Bolts, screws, clips, etc. ). Reprogramming of the IPC (instrument cluster) with new software. Reprogramming of the PCM with new software (any remap will be lost). Filling and bleeding of the coolant system. The full description of this recall (which is applicable on all Ford models with the 1.6 ECOboost) is 56 pages long.
  23. On my Sync 3 tapping the touch screen number shown in the top right on the nav screen toggles between distance remaining, time remaining or estimated arrival time. On Sync 3 you can pinch to zoom, a bit like using a mobile phone, or adjust the zoom level to show a lesser/greater map area using the on screen control. I think there also a setting that auto increases zoom at junctions to show more detail.
  24. Ford focus st-line x remap?

    Different weight, gearing....simply slappimg in a Fezza remap might not suit the vehicle at all, so they'd be sensible to develop an application specific map.
  25. Climair Wind deflectors

  26. Climair Wind deflectors

    I can’t comment on Climair wind deflector on the Edge however, I’ve had Climair wind deflectors on previous cars and agree that they do produce much more wind noise. With my Edge, I ended up ordering some deflectors from the a Ford Dealer in the US. Rather than sitting in the window channel, they sit on the window frame. I would say that they don’t produce the same amount of wind noise as the Climair style deflectors. They are a slightly different design and don’t come down to the base of the front windows by the wing mirrors. Maybe this is down to the thicker glass and noise reduction on the Edge front windows.
  27. Forum Content Unavailable

    It's not causing a problem as such, just strange to have happened for whatever reason. If it's of any help, I get the same using Firefox Quantum 58.0. Tried clearing cache, cookies etc. and it's not made any difference in either browser.
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