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  2. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    Ign on for 10 secs, press rear foglight switch 5 times, press hazzard switch 3 times, wait 10 secs. Battery light flashes. Ign off
  3. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    YBX7100-Yuasa-EFB-Start-Stop-Car-Battery-P10687.html Fit the battery yourself and reset battery monitoring
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Dropping a special brass bolt down the plughole . After I had said to myself, as I started the job, do not drop anything down that totally inaccessible plughole! It was the bolt for the shower control tap, and the U bend was under the sealed in shower tray, on a solid floor, and the next access point was in the main drain manhole outside. Fortunately, I did try a magnet on a sibling bolt, and to my surprise, a strong neodymium iron magnet did just stick, so it was a stainless steel bolt, not plated brass as I thought. And first fish with the magnet on a suitable probe got it back out again But it still took me a while to recover from the mistake. I had been rather happy with finding that I could still get spares for the ancient Mira 722 control, despite it being in the house when I moved in in 1998, probably installed in the early '90s. £11 for a simple little plastic bush was daylight robbery really, but for the work in changing the shower unit, piped direct into a tiled wall, £11 was cheap. But it all went a bit pear shaped as I put it back together. The bolt dropped as I was putting the cover on, bounced, then hole in one. Straight down the plug. I know the feeling. This time of year, I have a heap of jobs to do on house & car, before Winter. But a load of work rolled in, just when not wanted. I am not a very happy bunny. But nor are my customers, as I am having to give them long delivery dates, well into November. And my prices are pretty well fixed, and limited by what the jobs are worth, plus costs have risen, so it is not like I can make loads of money. In fact, it means I now have to order batches of about 50 pcbs to be built, to make the next 10 or so units, so I will be laying out almost as much cash as I get in. It might be ages, or even never if my customers get too fed up, before I get that money back. Ah, the joys of self employment!
  5. My Mk3 ZS - Battery issues

    OK, so I arrived back from Spain 7pm yesterday (been away for a week). Jumped into my 2011 180bhp Petrol Zetec-S and nipped over to my friends. Was there for half an hour or so, a quick lap of the town and home again. Happy everything was good with the car. This morning i unlocked the car as normal, jumped in and pushed the start button. Click, click, click went (I presume a relay). Yes it unlocked the central locking, but no displays fired up so i pushed the car out of the garage and jumped it from my older 02 Focus. Surprised to find out when I revealed the actual battery that I had no hope of connecting the negative jump lead clamp to the negative terminal as its well under the scuttle panel. Followed the earthing lead to the body earthing point and presumed this would be OK to connect the negative jump lead clamp to. Fired up the old Focus, let it for 10 minutes charging the newer Focus. Had dash display this time but when i tried the start button all I got was still click, click, click. Jumped out into the old Focus and rev'ed to 3k for a few minutes before jumping back into the newer Focus. Held down the OK button on the steering wheel (either one works, just outputting on a different display) and got it into 'TEST' mode. Checked the battery reading which read 13.9v. Retried starting the newer Focus. Still just click, click, click.. Presumed not enough voltage to start her and called my garage friend down the road. He turned up a little while later with one of those computer tablet sized battery jump starters. This smaller jump start until had smaller clamps on it and as such clipped onto the batteries negative terminal directly itself. Engine fired up straight away so I presumed it was maybe a bad connection that i had made on the negative earthing point. He trundled off again and I left the car idling for 10-15 minutes before taking it for a 38 minute drive around our local area. It was a pretty hard drive to be honest as I was miffed loosing my 42.2mpg on the dash readout due to a dead battery. Was something like 32mpg when I got home. Interestingly whilst driving around one corner near where I live (and this only happened once during the whole journey) I dropped from 4th to 3rd gear. Whilst the clutch was depressed I had a flash of the battery light and what may of been the ABS light flashed on for half a second, but the time I realised I had already let the clutch out and presumably bump started the engine again? It all happened very quickly so I cannot be sure. I drove the rest of the way home a little slower just in case. Got home, reversed the car back into its spot, pushed the Start button again to switch off the engine and everything went dead again. No dash display, no central locking, nothing. So I'm after a new battery. My garage friend asked if I had Stop/Start feature and to be honest I didn't think I had. (Never did it for me although I'm aware it can be very problematic) so he asks me do I have a A button with a circle around it next to the rear window heated windscreen. Yes I tell him, apparently confirming that I do have Start/Stop just that I never had it turned on! Learnt something new today! Although seemingly I've an more expensive battery and he was aware that the ECU needed to be told that a new battery was installed else it wouldn't charge it? Or some other reason. So my questions for all of you in the know; (1) What battery do I need to replace my existing battery. I've read that it needs to be the same voltage or ampage or something to allow the Stop/Start to work? Yes I'm being lazy asking rather than going outside in the dark and trying to get a make/model off of the battery under torch light. If I don't get a reply tonight, yes i'll do that tomorrow morning. (2) What kinda price am I looking at for this replacement battery? Obviously more than a usual battery I presume? I'm living in Ireland and will be getting a price from my garage friend, I'm only asking so that then I will have a little knowledge if the price I'm told is a good price or not. If not then i'll source it directly ad he'll just plug in and get the ECU talking to the new battery. (3) Is there anything else I should be aware of? Again, I presume there probably is! Thanks for taking the time to read my essay, and I appreciate any help that I'm given. Thanking you in advance.
  6. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    When I did rear sensors on mine , I used aftermarket xvision sensors and a module that communicated sensors to vehicle display. Unfortunately I think the module is no longer available
  7. Injector sound

    that's the engine I had in previous car. all four injectors starting leaking at separate times. All cured by doing retaining nuts up tighter. BUT if you strip thread or snap bolt/stud then you will have a very major problem to sort out so be careful here. On mine it had kind of special nuts which need a hex bit put in the top part of the nut to tighten. I used hex bit in a screwdriver type round handle and could tighten them with my hand on the handle (as opposed to a socket arm) so they were obviously not tight at all. I have no idea what correct torque is and only have a large long torque wrench would would not be right for these nuts. I just did them up tighter than they were (bit vague I know)
  8. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    Haha. No I won't go there mate sounds a nightmare.
  9. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    as opposed to active park assist with front sensors. dont even go there!!
  10. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    you guys are top notch with your information. its greatly appreciated chaps you mention a module only for rear.? As opposed to what other?
  11. Looking for a reversing camera adaptor

    Did you have any luck with this?
  12. Focus MK1 Rear wiper upgrade - MK2 ??

    No MK2 wiper arms will not fit on a MK1, the spindles on the linkage is a different size and pitch. Found out the hard way.
  13. Hi mate i am putting a us grille on my mk1 focus but as indicators , how did u get ur badge to flip and what did u use for fitting the bulbs and bolting top of grille onto slam panel can u e-mail me answers please on many thanks .

  14. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    Have you heard anymore about this?
  15. "usa Style" Side Lights.

    Love it i am doing the same but as indicators , how did u get ur badge to flip ?
  16. Have you have a multimeter over the battery to make sure it is definitely charged enough? Always the first place to start.
  17. Stage 1 Revo for Zetec S ecoboost

    No, your gearbox, clutch or any other part of the engine will be "absolutely safe" with any remap, hence why Ford don't have more power out of the ecoboost from the factory.
  18. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    oh, i let my secret out now. lol
  19. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    F1ET-15K866-AF is a Focus MK3.5 module that is used installed from 06-10-2014 to 17-06-2015. This part number was never used on other Ford models. From experience I know that this part number is not fully compatible with a Focus MK3. BM5T-15K866-AN is used on the Focus MK3 from 03-01-2011 onwards DV4T-15K866-AK is only used on the Focus ST and the Focus Electric. If you want a module that only supports rear parking sensors you need part number BM5T-15K866-A*. The * stands for the revision of the part. N is currently the latest available version of this part.
  20. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    yep, googled and it shows for mk2.5
  21. Phil's Build Thread

    Yet another update with my brake lights. Turns out the problem was gone mid testing last time because the boot was open and the hatch was shielding the antenna... Time to just buy decent bulbs if anyone knows of any which definitely don't cause interference I'd like to know!
  22. Very Poor on Fuel

    If your brakes are even slightly touching the discs or drums this will cause significant differences in mpg.
  23. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    What's to old. That last one?
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