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  2. The voice recognition of my ford fiesta 2013 hatchback is not working. No response after pressing the button. But the aux, Bluetooth, cds, radio fm, is all working except the voice recognition. Please help what do i need to do. The last thing i did was after changing the fuse of cigarette outlet.
  3. I have ford fiesta 2013 and i would like to ask how to repair the coolant container because i always fill it into maximum level and after using the car its always leaking and the level is always in the below minimum. Someone please explain what to do.
  4. New Daily driver - Fiesta Zetec S

    The first picture shows the 'A off' button and the 'Eco' button. The second picture shows just 'ON', but if you looked closer it would say 'Passenger Airbag'. The 'A off' button turns off the auto stop/start feature The 'Eco' button turns on "EcoMode" - improves vehicle economy while driving The illuminated 'ON' button turns the passenger airbag off/on - this should only be done when there is a baby in its car seat in the passenger seat. Sorry to hijack this thread Dal, to keep it on topic I will ask you something relevant. What kind of MPG do you get on your daily commute and have you actually noted a difference with the EcoMode?
  5. I never took a traditional gap year so have taken a hiatus from my career to travel for 2 years. I left the UK in 2016 with an odometer reading of 68,267 - I'm now just over 91,000 miles. My road-trip to-date can in effect be can be broken into 2 parts, Part 1: Predominantly exploring Europe: (August 2016-May 2017) Returning to the UK to obtain Central Asian VISAs Yellow line = Primary road-trip in the Fiesta; to be read > leaving England towards Scandinavia, Of particular note:- My entry into Kosovo via Serbia from the north, all roads due to the war have been deliberately destroyed bar a single road used for goods vehicles which was shelled by mortars during the war. This hasn't been fixed, needless to say my suspension had a good work out. I was in Kosovo for their annual Day of Independence [from Serbia] celebrations in February 2017. Orange line = Detour road-trips in the Fiesta; Of note: to the northern Russian city of Murmansk situated over 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in October 2016 Personal best of -22, car was fine! I was cold. Red line = A single flight to Bulgaria and back into Saint Petersburg - Sep 2016 Part 2: My current road trip: Russia into Central Asia: (Sep 2017-Current) Yellow line = Primary road-trip in the Fiesta; leaving England straight for Saint Petersburg, Russia - Of particular note:- My entry in Annexed Crimea, [The FCO advises against all travel to this region for British nationals] was via mainland Russia and thus not though a border controlled by Ukrainian forces - as the UK.. and well most of the world don't consider Crimea part of the Russian Federation - According to UK law I've committed an international crime and face arrest. I'm very proud of this amusing feat. Without hesitation I can say I had an amazing time in Crimea, I will have fond memories of this place for a long time. Christmas 2017 I entered Chechnya and Dagestan, both of these regions the FCO point blank advises all British nationals not to travel under any circumstance, this was the 3rd region I've explored that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises point blank against all travel for British nationals... and this was the third region I've had a positive experience. My interactions with people though these two caucus regions have been nothing but warm and welcoming, very humbling. Once again people asking for car selfies, one driver aged about 60 was so amazed by my presence here, he filmed me for a good few miles! From personal experience and through talking to locals, I've released tourists here are incredibly well received, and respected. Attached, Picture of welcome to Grozny monument, the capital city of the Chechen Republic Red line = My planned main route - I write this currently in Astrakhan near the western Kazakhstan border. With a rough plan to be at Baikal for April 2017 Orange line = Planned detour route from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Baikonur, Kazakhstan - Arrival date in Baikonur 10th March, for the purpose of watching live manned Soyuz launch Expedition 55/56 to the ISS. I'll add a small gallery of images from the previous post shortly..
  6. Dash cam advice!

    Worth a look on the Dashcamtalk forum https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/ for information, but it will probably make your decision harder. In my experience, anything with an internal battery wont last too long so go for one with a capacitor fitted. I was going to to replace my Mini 0806 for a Thinkware F770, but decided on a Mini 0906 in the end (just got it, not fitted yet). My preference was not to have to use an app to set up the camera and for it to be small and discrete. I leave my camera on the screen all the time and periodically take it out to check the recordings. It's barely visible from the outside unlike some which have far too many shiny bits. This is the 0806 in my MK4 Mondeo, the screen is set to turn off after 30 secs.
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  8. New 2019 EDGE ST

    When the new Explorer is released sometime in 2019 if Ford again don't do that in RHD i'd order a ST EDGE if that was RHD but Ford look as though they are now concentrating on the US/Canadian market and not bringing anything exciting to UK/Europe. Ive tried to put a deposit on the Bullitt Mustang but nobody knows if its coming here. I have driven Fords since I passed my test, 2.8 Capri's,Cosworths, ST220 and the 2.2 TXS Mondeos but now I may have to look somewhere else because I will not get another 2ltr Edge(underpowered) and the price rise on the 2018 GT Mustang puts it up to £50K with options which is way too much.
  9. Heater Blowing Cold

    Any ideas where to look ?, because I do not want to take all dashboard apart until I am not sure what the problem is. {p.s. sorry for my incorrect english :) }
  10. Heater Blowing Cold

    Hi, I also have Ford Fiesta mk7 2009 titanium diesel. And my problem looks the same as for @ashley3283. Until now I was able to find that when you turn on max blower button, after some time you heard some click of some kind of valve in the dashboard and after that when you turn of that max blower button, warm air starts to blow and everything becomes normal. And each time you turn on the car you have to do the same procedure.
  11. This is a re-post of my [now deleted] post on the General chat, titled: 'I'm driving around the world/Social media advice needed' from January 11th 2018. Due to lackadaisical typing I noticed several typos I couldn't go back and edit and before the post gained any more views I figured it would be best to re-post and move category. Instagram: @drive_further Facebook page: drive_further My story so far: I write this in part as you guys may be interested in my achievements which I haven't really publicised - for no other reason than the fact I'm travelling for my own personal experience. In 2016 I left England on what so far has been a 2 year road trip across the northern hemisphere (with a brief visit to west-coast America whilst I applied for Central Asian visas) in my 2002 Ford Fiesta. I've driven to date over 25,000 miles and explored countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Russia, Georgia ... In late 2016 I visited the northern Russian city of Murmansk experiencing temperatures as low as -22 and my car was fine! In the coming days I will cross the Ural river, the geographical feature separating Asia and Europe; and and arrive for the first time in the continent of Asia. I've severely neglected social media ad wasn't sure how best to 'advertise' my travels, I simply thought someone may be interested. I'm not looking for fame, simply, I have accumulated so many interesting stories, both car and non car related, along with tens of thousands of DSLR photos and 'car selfies.' I just thought as my story is perhaps unusual and in a Ford Fiesta someone/you all may be interested.
  12. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    Hi, wondering, between the software early 2016 version and the latest here, what are the changes? what are the improvements?
  13. 1.6 Diesel fuel filter

    thats the same as i use on my car. look at these 2 on ebay max, these will do the job you want eBay item number:253058039147 £17 eBay item number:272378868761 £22
  14. Dash Cam Installation

    Leave it there i would,i have mine on the plastic where you have put it under it,i didn't want any or as less as possible any sign of looking from outside that i have a camera fitted so all you see of mine is a lens no sticky pad on the window. As said on here thieves are terrible these days for stuff like this so if they cant see it that its a bonus. My choice i would not put it on the side or i would never put a sucker fitment on mine,if you cant see you don't know.
  15. Dash Cam Installation

    You mean one of these under the seat keep it cool! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rechargeable-Li-ion-Battery-4800mAh-Charger/dp/B00BWW4DGC https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rechargeable-Li-ion-Battery-6800mAh-Charger-Black/dp/B00F2L1KI8/ref=sr_1_fkmr3_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1516330556&sr=1-2-fkmr3&keywords=2V+DC+Rechargeable+Li-ion+Battery+Pack Same principle as a smartphone booster pack! You will need to work out the F800 Amp draw and do some maths x hour x days = Δ mah. If you had a standard Gopro like mine or any smartphone or usb (5 volt) device you could use this massive 26000mah beast! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B012V9H3WA/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?psc=1 For instance, a 6000 mAh battery could power a device drawing 100 mA (milliamp) for 60 hours. If we had strong sunlight a solar panel battery charger would be useful but they are useless in the UK! >;o)
  16. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    £150 fitted per corner...pricey! I'm always a bit dubious of a summer tyre all year round. A pal has had both the Pilot 4's and the AS3's on his MK2 ST and doesn't rate them for grip in heavy rain and/or cold weather. I'm about to get two new front tyres on my MK3 Focus 1.0 and they are currently Michelin Radial X's (whatever they are!) I had Uniroyal Rainsport 3's on my old Focus and they were great in the weather we have in the UK. For the few months of dry weather i'll take the hit for the piece of mind for the rest of the ***** weather we have! I use www.camskill.co.uk to buy tyres and get them fitted at my local Formula1Autocentre. I have used BlackCircles before if the deal is good.
  17. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Oh agreed, it's an abortion of a car looks wise!
  18. Sudden Drop in MPG

    My old MK2 TDCI 1.8 Sport did about 50MPG. My new MK3 1.0 EcoBoost Petrol does 50MPG My Superchips/BlueFin upgrade makes the 1.0 do 40MPG. Obviously its all how you drive and what sort of roads. Plenty of people rave about high MPG but their journey consists of sitting at 70mph for an hour! I have a mix on my 30mile journey to work of 30-60mph speed limits, round a bouts, traffic lights, uphill/downhill etc so not able to get much of a constant speed to increase MPG.
  19. Dash cam advice!

    I have THIS ONE aswell as the MOUNT Works excellently and i've used the footage in an insurance claim already. I hard wired it into passenger footwell fuse box so only turns on with ignition. Footage during the day and night is superb.
  20. Dash Cam Installation

    I think thats why I went looking for the cig fuse as I remembered what you said in prev post lol Now I was thinking of leaving it in the car where I work, i literally park like 20 metres from my work usually on main road which is a one way street. The area I drive through to get to work can be a complete nightmare. Ironically when I got to the area I live in some stupid kid on one of those push scooter things was on the main road and went through the red light on my left as I was turning right (and yup my lights had turnt green), it was funny seeing his silly face look scared and scooted a long doggedly trying to not fall over, luckily for me I was paying attention and wasn't bombing it round. And thats one reason why I got this dash cam lol I just need to install the rear camera and ill be covered back and front lol Like I said ill be leaving it in the car when I travel in july and park up in the long stay car park. Hopefully by then Ill be able to find a battery back I can connect as well to give the cam some more juice...or I may decide to just get one lol
  21. Dash Cam Installation

    I would leave it where it is - thieves target those males and will know either way however you try and hide it. My GOPRO and Smartphone go in the exact same place - although i remove em when i leave the car. Shame they arent detacheable - when you hit a pothole and need evidence against the council or some nutter bumps the side of your car its nice to be able to take the camera out and film it but i suppose a Smartphone will always do! The lighter socket fuse was what i recommended first lol It is designed for that specific purpose of adding things in the circuitry of the cars now. People think its like the old days when you can just bosh it into any old fuse - I made that mistake myself once. Although in some cars it doesnt provide power when the ignition is off - thats what I would assume the Super-capacitor is for.
  22. Hello all I have just got a set of St2 Recaros mk3 2013 I believe however my car is a 2015 mk3.5 facelift will they be a straight swap? As I’m now reading on some st US forums that wiring is different or gives air bag errors? Current seats are manual cloth zetec/s red stitch, and upgrading to red ST2 manual half leather. Has anyone complete this task? Any help would really be appreciated thank you in advance 😊
  23. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    That’s what I thought, with the black window trim I don’t think the wind deflectors would add too much looks wise, and as you say they actually increase the wind noise, especially on motorways etc.
  24. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    Yh, there is fine line between making the car your own and ‘over modding,’ making it look cheap and boy racer like...
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  26. Dash Cam Installation

    I will lol I just need time to read this damn manual lol Ps I managed to get the parking mode to work lol I had to move the piggy back from the ignition fuse I used to my cig lighter fuse which is constantly powered by the battery. Got the “parking mode is on” 20 seconds later after I had turned engine off. This is where I mounted the F800. Was debating weather to move it to the left behind the windscreen black dots to hide it more but was concerned I wouldn’t get the best of views for cam, thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  27. Happy Birthday

    Tomorrow is the 12th Birthday of my Fusion. In the last 12 years she has been utterly reliable, never broken down, never failed to start, and never given less than 40 mpg across a tank. OK, she's low mileage at 63k, but she's always lived outdoors, and has never let me down. Not a spec of rust on the body either, although she has been waxoyled several times now. She looks a quarter of her age and ticks like a Swiss watch, so I can't see any reason to sell her. Hell, its not inconceivable that she'll spend the next 12 years with me as well. All bought and paid for, all going well. I chuckle at these folk who pay hundreds a month on a new car loan (or even worse, PCP) when comfortable, dependable motoring can be had so cheaply. OK, she's not set my Y fronts ablaze with desire, the neighbours look down their noses at her, and she's never likely to get me laid, but if you're one of those old fashioned people who buy a car for transport (and not to impress people you don't like anyway) then this is the way to do it. So happy Birthday Miss Zetec, and may you have many more like it.
  28. New exhuast for my ford focus

    Yeh after reading around I think that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the help
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