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  2. 2011. Mondeo headlight

    Hi all I’ve got a 2011 mondeo titanium x estate and the dipped beam and cornering bulbs on the N/S is working yet the main beam and indicator is any ideas?
  3. MK8 125bhp remap

    Well where I come from we don't get the 140PS variant so this was the most powerful one I could get without getting the Fiesta ST.
  4. ABS pump replacement

    Ford UK were able to provide a catalogue number from the VIN and so I am waiting for the correct part to arrive in the next day or so. I am unsure whether to try to do the swap myself or whether to leave it for the local garage. I am more than capable of removing the old unit and mounting the new one, but two things are nagging at me. 1. I have read that the ABS units are under pressure and care must be taken in disconnecting the hydraulic pipes. 2. Apparently, after mounting the replacement units, bleeding the system can be tricky. Has anyone done this job themselves and, if so, is there any advice to pass on. Many thanks
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  6. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    It really depends on your priorities. If running costs, depreciation etc is the priority then I'd probably avoid the 1.5. If you only care about how it drives, try both and go with what you like best. As a "rough" guide check out real world MPG https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/ford/focus-2014/15t-ecoboost-150. We had a petrol and mpg was way lower than Fords figures. Looks like the "real world" average on a 1.5 150 is around 35mpg , yet Ford claims 50.4 mpg combined and 39 mpg urban. I have a 2017 1.5 diesel and average real world of about 55 mpg, mainly A roads, some motorway and a bit of urban. Also, I'm not heavy footed.
  7. Awf21 gearbox oil service?

    Thank you for your prompt reply btw[emoji869] Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  8. Awf21 gearbox oil service?

    Aaaah, do you know much about it? Is there a sequence when you change the fluid. I've heard of boxes that need flushed, fed through the gears, hard acceleration and braking etc etc to change it properly. Temperature can also be an issue. I had an insignia automatic which I believe is the same box and it started dropping gears under hard acceleration. When the fluid was changed it was very very dark apparently. Hence I'm keen to change the fluid before any issues occur. Why would Ford say it's non serviceable? Very strange Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  9. I am attempting to change one of the reversing light bulbs on my 2011 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. On following the instructions in the Haynes Manual I got as far as attempting to unscrew the inner plastic Wing Nut in order to remove the light fitting and I just can't get my hand in the gap sufficiently enough to undo it. It seems a ridiculous system to me, but has anyone found a way of getting a good grip on this nut to remove it and also get it back tightly?
  10. Awf21 gearbox oil service?

    there isnt a transmission fluid change interval. 7 litres is the capacity and there is a drain/level plug. and filler plug on top of box.
  11. Strange Ticking Noise When Cold

    My 2016 Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi have some unusual noise (tick tick ....) form engine bay. Anybody have idea? Ford doesn't know what it's was after two time check. Thanks
  12. I have a 2.2 Ford Mondeo titanium x sport with an automatic gearbox. There's 62k on it with a full Ford service history except one. On enquiring with Ford I'm finding it hard to confirm when the transmission fluid is due to changed. One garage said it's a non serviceable item with no drain plug or filter and another said it is and that it's £280 to change the fluid.... Both have told me it's an Awf21 gearbox and the Google machine says it can be serviced.. Anyone help me shed some light on this?? Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  13. To add to this , not sure if its relevent. Lately ive been hearing a noise simular to a dump valve , very faintly though. I think it happenes when i change gear , normally hear it the most in third .
  14. Getting under the fiesta!

    @Luke4efc its just the itg induction kit for the 1.0 ecoboost, but its a little tricky coz the filter itselfs fits right under the headlamp so you need to unmount this, remove the old airbox filter, etc. And there is this small little black box thats right next to the washer deposit. Its in the middle of the induction kit setting so you just have to relocate it. No pics right not mate, sorry. @zain611 no mate. My friends are not into cars, and the one guy i know is an oldie toyota, that doesnt like modern cars, neither “helps” a lot lol, its sad... @auldreekie hmmm i could try this. I already tried on a curb. The thing is that the front of the fiesta is so low... that there is hardly any place to be able to work. Thanks to all for your answers! ive spoken to a mechanic friend too, that has elevator, if i cant do anything about it ill have to go to him... :( at least the job will be done proper and securely
  15. Hi All, Drove to work this morning and heard the car ding , looked at the display and it read "engine malfunction" , so i pulled over and restarted and all seemed fine , until i put my foot down in second for some speed and noticed the turbo didn't come in , had another 20 ish minutes on my drive in s o i tried it a few more times and as far as i can tell its not kicking in . No ive got on of those code reader units and according to that ive got no codes or no stored codes .Which i found weird as surely the engine malfunction would of stored a code...wouldn't it ?? Its parked up in the multistory now , i cant really try anything till tomorrow , till its light a sim here til 8pm :( .Anyone have any ideas ?. Im wondering if its related to the DPF as i dont really take it on many long journeys , i do normally treat the fuel with one of those wynns things , but havent in the last 3 months , but again if it was blocked wouldnt i have some sort of code or warning light ?? Thanks in advance
  16. Getting under the fiesta!

    Spends £250 on an induction kit...won't spend a tenner on axle stands... Not really sure how far under you've gotta go? Probably get away with jacking it up and placing a wheel under the sill just in case the jack fails.
  17. Getting under the fiesta!

    I've ran a front or backwheel up onto a spare wheel in the past to get a height though I'm not sure i'd want to use a good alloy . getting up is tricky but can be done.
  18. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    behind the glovebox
  19. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    Whereabouts is the fuse?
  20. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    The reinforcement wire is vulcanised inside the rubber material (in the length of the weatherstrips). The composite wire should reduce stretching and also reinforce the rubber. However because of a flaw in the production process the wire inside the rubber shrinks and simply pulls the weaterstrip loose at one or both ends or in corners. Cutting the wire inside the rubber material solves this problem. The rubber of the weatherstrip can be folded open to cut the wire. If I still heve the TSB I will post some instruction pictures of this procedure later.
  21. DPF Filter

    You may need to reset the DPF parameters. Can be done with FORScan but not a standard code reader.
  22. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Basically due to the sort of driving I do, I need to change to a petrol in something Focus sized BUT with diesel running costs...and with a fairly low purchase budget... Impossible right? I've been trying to do this for over a year now, but the newer cars just aren't depreciating quickly enough lol. Mk7 TSI Golfs are still well out of budget. 1.0 Focus' Titaniums still cost more than I can afford at a reasonable mileage but that's what I've been keeping an eye on, could just about get a 100ps Zetec with 60k, but have seen a couple of 1.6 ecoboosts that I could afford to buy in Titanium spec with around 45k... However, being realistic, I couldn't afford the extra running costs so decided against that eventually. I'm still stuck with the diesel at the moment...it's all well and good the gov't trying to force people out of diesels, potentially increase tax in the upcoming budget and 'improve' MOT checks, but for those of us without the funds for a new car (even with a scrappage scheme) there just isn't an alternative currently.
  23. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    " The TSB describes the procedure to cut the reinforcement wires at a few particualr locations to eliminate the tension on the wire. " Where are these reinforcements located ? Thanks !
  24. How low can you go?

    My car has been standing for three days so I decided to check the battery voltage.I was surprised it started at 11.93v no problem 😯.Is this as low as the voltage will go before not starting?
  25. DPF Filter

    Hi. Ive just had to change the dreaded DPF filter on my focus 1.6 tdci as it had split. The car is in limp mode with error code P242F which is if im correct DPF filter blocked. AA mechanic tried to clear code but it will not clear. Any one else had any issues with this code. Thanks in advance.
  26. Does Colour Matter?

    What do you all think of black, dark grey and midnight blue colours in cars? Do they show the dirt, chips and scratches up well? Liam.
  27. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Whichever engine configuration I choose in the end, several things that I have made a decision on is, going for a Titanium or Titanium X spec model for all the extras and one with 17inch alloys. Colours I have decided on too: silver, white. Would consider a midnight blue or dark grey but they do show the chips and scratches well. I’ll probably steer clear of red and black unless the perfect one comes along! Liam.
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