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  2. Hi ya everyone in back not been on in ages but have a new fiesta now and I need some badge stickers I got my old ones of here last time for my old car x
  3. Sat nav connections

    I get that the green is for the camera and the blue is for the gps and black is for fm and pink for dab not I'm not sure where this extra fakra cable goes?
  4. Upgrades

    Just installed Flowmaster 309S cat back exhaust system, with Hush technology. Has a rumble like a mustang at idle. Semi quite while tooling around back and forth to work. When you get on it the exhaust comes alive and sounds extremely nice. does not sound like a rice burner. Actually has a rumble of a bigger engine than a 4 cylinder from the sound of it, real head turner with surprised looks. :)
  5. i have avon zv7's very good tyre, i has contis on befor and they needed changing i too did research and avons came out on top from my research and my budget, cant fault them good grip wet and dry and all round cant fault them getting some on the rear soon as they are now near the limit.
  6. Sat nav connections

    The green is for camera input, although some units have this as the beige fakra.
  7. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    thanks for getting back to me - I'll give it a miss as I was already thinking that!
  8. Sat nav connections

    I was told when retrofitting sat nav I had to buy a fakra gps and a fakra cable but I'm not sure where this cable plugs into?
  9. Your insurance company may not cover your for certain accidents if you fit a tyre with less rating than that specified. Check your owners manual for what is required for your model.
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  11. As per title, Fully synth £6/2 litre instead of £12, 5l screen wash £2.49, large WD40 £2.49 and others I can't remember. Looks like they're having a clear out of all sorts of discontinued stuff. Couldn't move for staff and their trollies. I thought they employed night staff to save getting in the way of paying punters! 😡 /rant
  12. Sat nav connections

    All oem Fakra cables have specifically shaped lugs so should only fit one location. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  13. Sat nav connections

    Lovely cheers mate! When doing this retrofit where does the fakra z cable go? Is it the two black plugs?
  14. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Ha ha, your ok, I'm not a stalker. Lol I was infering you may see the lad I work with stline in tiger eye, as on your profile it shows warwickshire. That's all.
  15. Sat nav connections

    Correction- Pink is classed as an IF input. This refers to intermediate frequency which will receive high frequency radio signals like DAB. Therefore pink in this configuration should be the DAB input.
  16. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Think I changed the cluster config to a different spec somehow, any way I didn't like it as it didn't look right compared to the sat Nav screen so changed it back.
  17. Sat nav connections

    Blue is for GPS antenna, Green is for reverse camera input, black is for FM radio, pink should be reversing sensor input.
  18. because tyre fitting places want to get the most money, some say things like we can't fit a lower speed rating tyre unless you show us a letter from your insurance company saying it is OK. Obviously you won't get such a letter, it's a way of forcing you to spend more and blaming someone else (the insurance company). Having said that, for equivalent make you often find V rated is cheaper than H because it's easier to pile high and sell cheap of one speed rating that meets all needs (virtually) rather than stock multiple versions. Based on speed limit we could all argue that we only need S rated tyres, but there is some sense in saying that the speed rating should be at least the max speed the car could drive at, it could be taken on holiday to a German autobahn so i can see a sense in tyre fitters feeling uneasy about fitting tyres with a lower speed rating than the speed the car could be driven at (abroad or by a thief etc) I see black circles are mentioned above. I have also used tyreshopper , even if you don't want to use one of them, it can give you a good guide on price comparison - asda tyres is another
  19. Sat nav connections

    Just wondering what the different coloured plugs are for on a focus mk3 pre face lift? There's blue, black, pink and green. I'm doing the retrofit and was trying to figure it out. cheers
  20. Parking sensor issue on my 63 Fiesta

    Does it do this all the time or sometimes. Have you put the car in reverse and slowly reversed near something to see if it beeps slower. I put parking sensors on my previous car and sometimes it would have a constant beep until I get near a wall in which it would beep normally.
  21. If you can, always use the power leads that actually come with the device. I have just come across this thread and was going to ask what power line you were using. A lot of the dash cam leads have a Ferrite Core Noise Suppressor and that can make all the difference. If you want to use the third party lead then you can buy a separate Suppressor on Amazon/eBay and give that a try. If you want to do this then just route the cable over the back seat to the cam rather than buggering about under trim as it may not work. My dashcam will not connect to my computer without a Suppressor on the line, without one it connects as a dashcam and will not transfer the data. With a Suppressor it recognises the dashcam as an external HDD. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. So i think i have solved the flicker and might of solved the lines as not dark to check which i will in a few days. Changed the complete lead to the one that came with it (u.s.b to mini u.s.b) as the one i had was off ebay and the one they supply with the camera is a u.s.b one anyway so just a direct swap but just about reaches like 2 inch play max,the flicker has gone so i will just wait and see. What i read that using another lead that the camera would work fine but any power surge from anything ( wiper/stop light/lights/anything at all) would knock the power down that very small amount so the screen would flicker slight as it has to be a very good insulated cable so original is the only way to try,so far so good we will see. Loads of forums say this with loads of dash cams and even more if using the full length of the cable also on the night more power needed being trying to make its own light through the lens and also you use more in your car like lights on and stuff,just what i read.
  23. My Ford dealer, who I usually send my vehicle to recommended using Black Circles for tyres as they're cheaper plus I can book the Ford dealer to fit all through their site. I went for Goodyear EfficientGrip 3 and I would recommend them, especially in the UK as we do get more rain than not. I've had them since February and they're still doing well, compared to budget tyres I've had previously. I would buy them again and definitely helps reducing aqua planing. That's my brief review on them. I had 195/50/15, so were cheap and wet grip A. Different tyre sizes may vary in specification and features.
  24. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    iantt, since this thread has been bumped anyway, how did you manage to get the updated colour scheme? I have an original full TFT, upgraded to latest firmware with the odo in the top left, and added sat nav but still got the old colours.
  25. Word Game

    breaker box
  26. I guess thats upto the airbag on/off door that sits below the radio fascia. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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