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  2. Focus ST Line X 140

    I read this but have yet to check mine to see if they fit correct. Also hope they get sorted [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. Dealver vs Private

    Personally, I'd rather stick to private sales...only ever had trouble from dealer cars, they don't know what they've got, just either traded in or bought from auction...buy privately and you get a seller that at least knows the car. Paid an extra ~£500 for my Focus back in 2014 (6 years old, 47k) from a dealer rather than private for the warranty... Within the first month it needed a DPF, reverse light switch, wheel alignment and a pair of tyres (inner edges worn to threads), of course none of that was covered by the warranty as it's wear and tear. So I'd have been better off buying privately and keeping that £500 for the repairs! In a separate incident, I bought a car online to be delivered (was ill at the time and in an awkward situation) - the dealer lied about the car having full history, about the mileage, about the interior of the car (should've had leathers and was pictured as so online, but not when it arrived!) and about a 'tiny scratch you'll never notice' which was 4 inches long and through to the primer. I should mention, this car was only a year old and had less than 10k on it! Turned out they'd been using it as a courtesy car while it was for sale. The delivery driver was also very unprofessional as he left in a brand new car (probably another for sale!) spinning up the tyres in a residential street... I mean, there's a time and a place for stuff like that! I returned the car for a full refund and will avoid this large dealer chain in future. Also just remembered the 2nd car I ever bought, very naive and didn't know much about cars at the time, it was 9 years old and about 65k... There was a dodgy MOT put on it by the seller (still took over a week to get the dodgy MOT put on), it needed various suspension parts as they were knocking and squeaking when I finally did get it, various interior parts were broken (parcel shelf etc) but the worst thing was it was sold with a blown headgasket. Left me stranded a week later when the pressure built up so much it burst a radiator hose. Dealer wasnt interested when I told him and stopped answering my calls after just one! I'm not one for violence but it turned out this dealer had been selling lemons to the wrong people...couple of months later, someone broke into his (very large and remote) house and beat the crap out of him...oh well... Bought a car from a lady that had only done 4 miles a day in it for about 4 years...no service history at all, very cheap car though and only bought as a stop gap...most reliable car I ever owned still to this day... Of course, I have bought lemons privately as well lol, but none quite as bad as the dealer cars so far. Dealer cars aren't any better than private ones in my experience of buying over 30 cars. Yes if the engine drops out within 3 months they should pay for it, but frankly, most things aren't covered by warranty so you're essentially just paying for a better valet and the ability to pay by card instead of cash. Whatever car you buy, it's best to do all the checks you can (this is where I fail as I suck at social situations, panic and forget literally everything about cars) then negotiate money off the price OR have the things fixed before you collect. And make sure you leave some money in the budget to fix any unexpected breakages, don't go right to the budget just because it's from a dealer and appears to have some sort of warranty.
  4. Hi everyone, I just become owner of S-max 2,2 tdci Titanium, automatic gearbox, 4 months ago. All my previous cars were VW group. From this point of view I can confirm much better driving experience with my S-MAX. Feeling is great inside, and acceleration is awesome. Bu the way I'm from Republic of Macedonia.
  5. To many spares

    Hi guys iv a mk2 1.6zero power focus lx y clutch is just about had it but i cant seem to find a replacement. Ford tells me part x may fit. But im paying a mechanic to fit it. No time for might. Also iv a like hot water smell from front end after driving a while. No loss of coolant thou and i stil get hot air from blowers temp gauge sits just under 90. Thank you for any help reg is sc55odk for ref to clutch if any help. Kris
  6. In the exceptional cases where any goodwill can be extracted from Ford as something major bag gone wrong shortly after the warranty expires, a full Ford service history is very beneficial. It's one of the questions they ask.
  7. Windscreen wiper problems

    +1 for cerium oxide. Great stuff. You need to be quite vigorous when polishing, or extremely careful with a mechanical polisher. But it's worth it. I have a small bottle in my boot. Easy to get from Amazon.
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    Hi Welcome
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  10. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    These are good points. I have always been on the side of going to a Ford dealer for this service. @Titanium How can I find that direct debit (monthly) service deal? I can only seem to pay as a sum...?
  11. If its under warranty Ford dealer - it will be you last chance to get anything fixed free - have you checked your turbo pipes for corrosion etc... After its out of warranty then its up to you, a dealer stamp will help maintain its resale value.
  12. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    I would have thought that if you are thinking of changing your car at a mains Ford dealer in future it would be beneficial to have it serviced at a Ford garage for £12 a month direct debit for a yearly service plus breakdown cover free with Ford is not a bad deal.
  13. Hi Luke if its just the head unit then £35 all the lot £60 thanks.
  14. Diesel Stalls At Junctions After Long Journeys.

    Hi, Thanks for this. Had a fortnight calling out the RAC 3 times to recover me after 1+ hours driving on the motorway at a steady 70mph and then having the car stall on the exit slip roads. The car starts first time in the morning and gets me the 10 miles each way journey to work. Before seeing your post, the garage I use had spent several hours trying to repeat the failure (no flags on the EMU) and eventually got a couple of seconds of 'glitch' on the telemetry. They replaced the oil pressure regulator (Ford wanted £1200 for the part, but the garage sourced and fitted one for £200). I took the car for a test run on the M4 this weekend and it stalled as I left junction 32! Then I found your post and suggested to the garage they check the seal on the fuel filter that had been fitted in a major service 3 weeks ago. Sure enough, the O ring was damaged and not sealing the filter. Had it replaced yesterday (assured now that it is a tight fit), so 'looking forward' to a test drive this weekend. The owner of the garage did, at my suggestion, take the car out yesterday for a good run up and down the M50 and did not encounter any problems. The garage is excellent - we have been using them for years - and their efforts to resolve the problem have so far been excellent.
  15. Hi all, My Fiesta is due its next service soon (first one by me), and I was wondering what your opinions on whether I should stick to a main dealer or go to my local garage? The car is less than 6 months from the end of the 3 year warranty, and has only previously been serviced by main dealers (Trust Ford). My closest main dealer is a Bristol Street Motors. TIA, Dan
  16. Windscreen wiper problems

    I have bosch areo wipers fitted on my mk6.5 fiesta and I have no problem with. Only thing I might say is the springs on the wipers aren't properly pushing the wipers onto the glass as there's very slight smearing. Are you sure these glass sealants aren't affecting the smoothness of the glass? Could recommend clay baring it to remove any fallout.
  17. Focus ST Line X 140

    Good luck and hope its all sorted for you, let me know the outcome as I hope to get mine in the next few weeks so it will be something for me to check. I am assuming these are the mats that come standard with the ST Line X?
  18. Engine humming

    Hi guys Hope all well. I was wondering if you can help me with an engine issue I have with my 2005 Mondeo ST220. When I drive it when the engine is hot or cold it sounds fine but if I hit the throttle for full power from gear 1 to 4 as soon as I back off the throttle I get a humming/rumbling noice coming from the engine. This noice only goes away when the clutch pedal is pressed fully down and the engine goes to idle then when the clutch is re-engaged the engine is fine no noice at all. But if I hit the throttle at full power again it happens again with the humming/rumbling. I have had a new clutch kit and flywheel put on my car but I've been having this problem before and after the work was done. Can you help me. Thanks Ray (FordRacer)
  19. New Member .

    Just got a 2016 Kuga Titanium 180 AWD . It's missing a few items . Forward sensors and rear camera . I do have Nav . So looking advice on fitting a parking camera and using Sync 2 as screen . Can this be done by novice . Many Thanks Eugene .
  20. DE1B5F6F-3A4B-43F4-BAE3-19034CF409EE.jpeg

    Fitting mountune airbox
  21. Fiesta Mk6 blowing hot air only

    Many thanks for the replies. Looks like a job on my next visit.
  22. Help

    In theory, all car electronic systems are specified to withstand reverse voltage and over-voltage. But in practice, with all the interconnections in a car, things often do get damaged. I assume you have checked the fuses in the engine bay fuse box as well as the passenger fusebox under the glove box. You will need to run diagnostics on it, probably not just a standard OBD2 tester, as this may only read codes from the ECU. Systems like the Ford IDS, or the readily available Forscan will try to make contact with all the modules in the car. Some bits must be working, just to get the systems fault light or message up. But it could be quite a hard job locating a fault. It may need a specialist.
  23. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    All I can say is have ago with VW R turbo I have 340 bhp not a hope in hell in catching that from a standing start due to its very aggressive launch control. But if I was to catch him at a higher speed I would give him a good run for his money. Main thing is doesn't really matter how fast your car goes in real terms it, Its really how much you enjoy it I just love that 5 pot grumble that my Mk2 does.The question is are modern cars really that fast and the answer is yes if you had a1ltr car say in 1980ish you would probably be quicker walking you wouldn't get 140 bhp or more from a 1ltr 3 pot engine probably a 3 pot engine would only be on a motor bike. A 2 ltr engine then would typically be about 110-120 bhp if you where lucky
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  25. If you could have any car

  26. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    This is exactly the message the dealer showed me when I ordered a couple weeks ago - they advised me it would probably be February/ March for mine to arrive but I’m not feeling to confident that will be the case if people who have ordered in June are expecting February too! Im in a bit of a strange situation with my car, am currently in negative equity on my current car which is on options, they did me a deal I was happy with but come the delivery of my new car that deal may not be so great any more seeing as id have made at least 3 more payments on the current car - Cant see it’s value falling as much as the 3 payments are!
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