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  2. Mk3 Dashcam Fitting

    Morning, Can anyone tell me which fuse to hardwire the dashcam into on a Mk3 Titanium? I want it ignition fed rather than permanent - also wondered if some fuses would drop voltage if the stop start operates? Also, can you buy ready cut 3M adhesive pads for the B40c/A118c camera? I'm sure I've seen them before but can only find either circles or squares now. Cheers Tom
  3. Keyless entry sets off alarm

    Interesting one this morning, and probably one my neighbours will not thank me for at 6:45! Pulled on my door handle this morning, doors opened and set the alarm off. Dash board was telling me to put the key in the arm rest where the sensor is. The battery in the key has been changed within the last 6 months. Any ideas as to what happened?
  4. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Sounds correct. I'm half way through the process myself, ie bumper off and vents out (snapped one due to the 'extreme' cold, they're only about £15 to buy new fortunately lol). Going to buy some Wickes gutter and roof sealant (£3.99) and a poundland gun thing so should have it all sorted for a fiver. I'm also going to grease around the rear light seals as was mentioned earlier in this thread. Also tempted to drill a small hole in that grommet underneath - the grommet itself is large enough to let bugs or even mice in so don't want to totally leave it out, but a small hole should let any water out before it gets to the height of the holes into the boot space...anyone know of a reason not to do that?
  5. there are people on ebay selling ECU/GEM/Key sets but we can't be sure that nothing else has been fried by the reverse battery connections. it might be worth replacing those but it could turn out to be a waste of money and you still have a dead car
  6. Possible cluster Problem Focus 07

    i assume you are saying you successfully fixed it?
  7. Brilliant White Headlight Bulbs

    Your car will have halogen bulbs and can only be replaced with the same. However you can replace them to a more whiter appearance but don’t get to het up on the colour as the More white they look the less light they will provide. Take a look on Auto Express website they do regular tests on bulbs. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/76760/best-car-headlight-bulbs-2018-group-test Post some pics of your car up, be nice to see another ST line , great choice by the way . Edit, It’s H7 bulbs you need for headlamps.
  8. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    i thought you were one of the ladies of the night?
  9. Tyre Management System

    even sensors in wheels on fords have to be reset after a warning message/puncture
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  11. Things I Do Like

    Am I alone in that I don't mind making flat packs? In my experience IKEA's ones aren't bad compared to others.
  12. Howdy

    Hi Welcome
  13. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    @Dangas01 read first post of this thread. For UK lang pack 5.
  14. Rubber Mats and Boot Liner Bargain

    I wonder if that’s an error that it goes down to under £70 when you choose it ? My dealer gave me the protection pack FOC when I got my Edge, otherwise I would definitely buy them. The mud flaps don’t fit the Sport, so be careful if you select the plus pack.
  15. Rear seats

    As with Eddiek above, mine occasionally sticks but if I press and hold the button, it goes down fine. Usually works by a simple press though.
  16. Tailgate malfunction

    i had the same problem when not on level ground, dealership could not resolve the problem after many tweeks
  17. Edge bike rack

    i have looked into this problem as im in the same situation , but sorry up to now i can not find a solution without going down the tow bar route.
  18. Possible cluster Problem Focus 07

    i soldered the 32 pins on the back of the board it wasn't that hard tbh theirs plenty of videos on youtube......
  19. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Looking forward to it! I’m living vicariously through this thread... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Howdy

    Hey there. New to the forums. So in past two months we have had to buy two fiestas. We bought the first at the end of November and it was written off last week 😥 On Saturday we bought another Mk6 - 03. Got it to Galway from the Midlands and just as I pulled into the carpark the clutch pedal just went click and then no resistance whatsoever. Thankfully, this was just hours after we bought it and dealership are coming to pick it up. Haven't got a chance to check what's wrong after researching online but I'm hoping it's just a case of the clutch push rod coming loose from where it's supposed to be clipped in place. That's my 2 month introduction to the world of cars and Ford fiestas. 👍
  21. OBD won’t connect

    Have you left something unplugged or snagged a cable somewhere? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  22. There are 2 main geographical landscapes separating the continent of Asia and Europe: the Ural mountains in the north, and the Ural River to the south, both of these geographical features now lie to my west meaning for the first time I have set foot in Asia. In fact the Ural river is frozen this time of year, so my first trip into Asia I actually walked across the frozen ice which in itself is a doubly cool feat from my perspective. Continent number 2 for the Fiesta, very, very proud! Western Kazakhstan is amazing, and I'll try to write in detail about my short time here when I have better battery life in the laptop. I really wish I could have stayed in this region longer. However my goal was to enter Uzbekistan asap, I have a single month, single entry Visa for Uzbekistan which started on the 1st January and expires 31st January 2018. I explored the Greater Caucasus for longer than originally planned which has had a rough knock on effect in my itinerary. Today after a very long drive (due to road surface in the region , approx 100 miles takes about 3 hours) I've crossed from Kazakhstan into Uzbekistan and write this from their city 'Nukus' I've already had a very friendly welcome; from the border guards amazed by my presence - to the friendly drivers giving me a warm thumbs up and toot toot. My car remains dirty which is a good thing; I have written in Russian on my bonnet in big letters 'Hello from an Englishman' this has resulted in an accumulation of various forms of reply; randoms welcoming me to their regions or country. I'll travel to Tashkent over the coming week, but for now I'll rest for a couple of days and explore the region. Attached are a few pictures, including the frozen Ural River. Also, I was able to capture a 'rainbow' which in-fact curved in on itself near the horizon making a 270 degree arc, but as there was no moisture in the sky I assume this was some form of solar/atmospheric effect caused by the sun (it almost looks like camera flare, but I assure you it isn't, I was deliberately trying to photograph this phenomenon.) Its difficult to photograph the true scale of these steppes... perfect flat lands for thousands (literally, as they stretch into Mongolia) of miles. If there's is something on the horizon like a power pylon, its noticeable, and evident I must have a view range of 10 square miles at least.
  23. Black box insurance opinions?

    Black boxes plug into the OBD so they can monitor everything the car does. They also have a GPS antenna for speed and location plus a gprs/3g antenna to transmit telematic data to your insurer. They invariably draw the majority of their power from the OBD with a fusetap for back up so unplugging the OBD alone doesn't deactivate the box but doing so will obviously invalidate your insurance policy. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  24. If very well might be wrong but, i have come to understand that only map difference is that 125 has overboost enabled, so you have same performance except the X seconds that overboost is working.
  25. Dash Cam Installation

    Yes i have my camera on the plastic and works fine,not the f800 just a A119 but you cant see a lot looking in the car at the front.
  26. Brilliant White Headlight Bulbs

    Hi all I have just bought my first ever Ford, a 66 plate Focus 1.5 ST Line. Loving it so far. I have no idea what the headlight bulbs are, figments etc, but I'd like to buy those bulbs that are brilliant white, they look so cool when they are coming towards you with their massive field of vision of the road ahead. I don't know anything about them, wattage, amps etc and what type needed for my car. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Neil.
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