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  2. Sync 1

    My APIM is from a 2014 PFL. What year would I need to source one from? I don't even get it when playing cd's. Would a new APIM be plug n play?
  3. Injector sound

    Hello zain661, Thank you for the reply. The car starts fine, drives well, but it does have a pretty loud idle noise. I don't have the proper tools to check the injectors to see their condition. But that ticking sound was not there before I added the Liqui Moly Diesel Purge. I don't think it's a bad injectors but there is something not right there. I also read that the injector seals can cause this. Thanks again!
  4. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    works ok with me just now
  5. Retrofitting A Sat Nav To A 2014/2015 (Facelift) Focus

    Hi All Just picked up my Ford Focus 2015 Zetec. Looking to install Sat Nav on Sync, its the touchscreen version and can see the North East South West in top right hand box. Would someone be able to PM me some instructions as to how to go about this, have a rough idea from reading this thread but if someone could put it into an easy to follow format that would be great! Thanks in advance folks :) Winchester
  6. Sync 1

    SYNC 1.0 does not support track info when using the Bluetooth Audio functionality. A software update of the APIM (SYNC) module does not change this. Bluetooth Audio track info support was added on SYNC 1.1. If you want the track info to be displayed when using the Bluetooth Audio function you have to change the APIM module for a newer SYNC 1.1 version.
  7. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Right I'll scrap the idea of buying that 1 and stick to finding one from a 2013 focus in my local scrap yard. Hope they have plenty lol going Saturday to see if I can pick a cluster up, parking module and camera module along with a 5" nav screen. Out of curiosity where would you find the software files. Are they on focccus ? Thanks for the the detailed explanation by the way. Much appreciated
  8. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I visited my dealer this morning for them to take a look. They hadn't seen this issue before and weren't aware of the Ford Denmark announcement. They did however agree that it really ought not to happen at such an early age/mileage and managed to find a TSB (16-2088 I think if anyone has access to them?) which references the problem and, in cases where the corrosion is only slightly as in mine, the fix involving the application of a water-based epoxy primer and paint. They took some photos and sent them off to CRC with a report and a request for warranty cover. CRC have just called to say that the warranty department have not honoured the request (with it being out of warranty and not a recall issue) but that they (CRC) will send me an £80 voucher to cover the cost of the repairs (£71?). I'm obviously disappointed that the pipes rusted in the first place but accepting that they did I'm quite happy with the resolution.
  9. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Part number F1ET-10849-BKK is a MK3.5 instrument cluster. A MK3.5 instrument cluster is not fully compatible with the MK3. When installing a MK3.5 instrument cluster into a MK3 the PDC and Active Park Assist functions will no longer work correctly. Next to this the interior/instrument backlight dimming function will no longer work. Another point of concern is the color scheme. A MK3.5 instrument cluster has the newer dark color scheme which does not match with the color scheme of the FCDIM. A MK3.5 instrument cluster is technically identical to the MK3 instrument cluster. The only differences are the hardware and software version numbers. When installing a MK3.5 instrument cluster into a Focus MK3 the software needs to be changed. However because of the different hardware version number A MK3.5 instrument cluster is not recognised as a suitible part for a Focus MK3. Because of this it is not possible to update the software using the Ford IDS/FRDS system. The only way to load the correct (MK3) software onto a MK3.5 instrument cluster is by selecting the proper software files manually. However there are very few diagnosic systems that are able to do this. The FoCCCus software for example has this functionality. However most MK3.5 instrument cluster hardware versions are not supported by the FoCCCus software. You should also be aware that updating the software of a Level 3 (full color) instrument cluster using the FoCCCus software and a high quality ELM327 interface takes a long time. At the maximum supported Baudrate of 500.000 Kbps the update procedure takes approximately 24 Hours.
  10. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Boils down to money. If a tech isn't earning bonus on a job then it's "nff" (no fault found)
  11. Upgrades

    I'd agree with Luke, keep away from these cheap eBay performance chips. I remember watching a video from mighty car mods where they bought a cheap eBay performance chip, installed it in their car and dynod it. It did not increase the horsepower.
  12. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Alot of techs and garages don't care less nowadays.
  13. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    just to add paintmods do a st style but its gloss black with the white part added looks smarter than the standard plastic one.
  14. Injector sound

    In my opinion if it affects the driving or starting of the car then you might want to change or recondition the injector. This is just my opinion, may be best to look into tapping injectors and see if this doesn't lead to any serious problems. In my fiesta I have a suspicion one of my injectors may be leaking as starting after it's been left for several hours it smokes for a few seconds with a strong diesel smell plus it idles rough. It drives nicely and the rough idling stops after it's been driven down the road. If you do think of taking action on the injector(s) there's companies on eBay which can recondition them. My dad found one company which recondition them for £60 each and they send their own replacement injectors to you whilst they recondition your ones. I wouldn't use any diesel cleaner if the injector is faulty as your not letting it do its full job.
  15. Servicing.

    Thought it was a lot cheaper. Need to ring the stealers up. Also get free puncture repairs! Wow! Hahaha. Get free breakdown cover from my bank so not worth it. Only going to them to keep up the full dealer history when I sell it on in a few years. The service at Ford Eltham is terrible anyway. Didn't even clean it last time. Take my Sirocco to a local. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  16. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    CCC = Central Car Configuration. The Central Car Configuration system is basically just a configuration file which includes almost all configuration settings of the car. Most (CANbus) modules of the car are automatically configured using the CCC data. The CCC system consists of a main CCC data file and a backup CCC data file. On the Focus MK3/MK3.5 the main CCC data file is stored inside the BCMII (or simply BCM). The backup CCC data file is stored inside the IPC (instrument cluster). The CCC data can be changed with a suitible diagnostic system. The older Bluetooth/Voicecontrol based FCDIM modules are different from the newer SYNC 1.0 / SYNC 1.1 based FCDIM modules. Bluetooth/Voicecontrol and SYNC based FCDIM modules are not interchangeable. When changing the FCDIM the new one must be of the same system as the original one. If the car has the SYNC 1.0 / SYNC 1.1 system the new FCDIM needs to be based on the SYNC system. An older Bluetooth/Voicecontrol based FCDIM will not work correctly.
  17. Fiesta Mk6 stereo

    Ford don't officially use the MK system which is where the confusion often arises. They go by year of introduction only.
  18. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Just looking back at this thread and I've checked the cluster I was going to get and it (description below) will this work with my mk3 is a 2016 focus not mk3.5? What would happen if I put the 3.5 in THIS PART IS FROM A 2016 FORD FOCUS 1.0 ECOBOOST PETROL, 5 DOOR HATCHBACK, 6 SPEED MANUAL GEARBOX. JDS REF - 030 FITS: FOCUS 2011 - 2016 MK3 WITH PETROL ENGINES,MESSAGE CENTRE MPH PART NUMBER F1ET-10849-BKK
  19. Help - Fiesta keyless battery low
  20. Today
  21. New Fiesta External Lights

    That's what it sounded like but thought I best not be so ignorant as to assume. Thank you. I look forward to getting in one, I recently helped my friend order a 140ps st line so we collect it together soon Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Upgrades

    I thought every car had to have a minimum of 8 cylinders in America? Like @Dave-2912 said, I doubt a remap will get you 35hp on a NA engine. Also a lot of these "performance chips" you get for under £50 on ebay are utter crap. All they do is flash different colours, been proved many times not to make any difference at all in power. So make sure what you've got is legit, as most chips aren't.
  23. New Fiesta External Lights

    The dial on newer Fords has been made electronic, with lights. It's not a manually positioned switch any more. So you can't leave it in a position.
  24. New Fiesta External Lights

    As said above the fog lights behave as 'cornering lights' and they illuminate when certain criteria is met. I believe that a directional fog light will illuminate when one or all of the following occur, in these examples assume your dipped beam is illuminated wether by driver action or the auto on function. The car is travelling at under approx 25mph The steering wheels are turned in either direction away from dead on straight A directional indicator is selected either when stationary or under 25mph You may or may not have noticed that BOTH fog lights will come on when your dipped beam are illuminated and you select reverse, this is to illuminate low walls and the like when you 'swing' the front round when reversing. When you say the lights default back to auto after a journey, what do you mean? Is there no dial on the panel above the drivers r knee with the dial on it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. Upgrades

    Love seeing topics like this, it inspires me to do my own. I ordered some LED rear brake / sidelights and reverse lights from autobeam. First time I've ordered from them and hopefully will do a topic in installing them. They also have some LED indicators which don't require resistors which I think will be very helpful as you won't need to do any wiring just plug and play.
  26. Disable Esp On 5Dr Zetec 1.6 Tdci

    Hi Your national Vietnam Ford web site may have a area where you can enter the make model and VIN to get a user manual for your car. I know the Uk and US ones have them so I assume it's all country level Ford sites
  27. New Fiesta External Lights

    But is that because it's getting difficult to know what is automated and what isn't? The same idiot drivers who forget to put their lights on are likely to be the same idiot drivers who assume Auto will have done it for them. Pretty much every heading in my Fiesta manual begins with "this automatic feature doesn't absolve the driver from the responsibility"... So, if the driver has to check anyway, isn't it easier just to let the driver do whatever it is in the first place so the responsibility is solely theirs?
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