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  2. 2011fiesta's

  3. 1.0 ecoboost ac cluch not engaging

    developed in 1985, fitted to the golf from 2003
  4. Tyre Management System

    Since factory installation of TPMS became mandatory in November 2014 for all new passenger vehicles in the EU, various iTPMS have been type-approved according to UN Regulation R64. Examples for this are most of the VW group iTPMS ( indirect tpms ) no sensor in wheel.
  5. Show Us Your Rear...

    My American-esque rear end
  6. Your Fiesta

    Returned to the forum after a number of years to reply to a topic I randomly received a notification about, and noticed there wasn't many pictures around - hence pulling this thread out of the archives.
  7. Check your fuses. Most modern era Fords have separate fuses for the main beam on each side.
  8. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    It snowed again today!
  9. Tyre Management System

    reading another post above..... TPMS adapts the reading based on tyre temperature to give a more stable readout. That's why they ALWAYS send out data on both pressure and temperature. On my BMW bikes I have tweaked the dash display so I can see the second readout. I get RDC (T) in degrees C and RCD (P) in bar TPMS is always a better readout then garage displays... Another top tip, on the old fashioned air lines... after you put in air, ALWAYS release some air and you get the tyre pressure not the air line pressure. that often gives a 2 PSI difference
  10. Fiesta Mk7.5 USB

    Is there not a 12V you can use? Surely that would make the most sense as it would prefer USB issues? Ignore me if you don’t have a 12V socket.
  11. Tyre Management System

    For Ford cars, ETIS should confirm if it uses TPMS sensors i.e. "Tyre Pressure Sensors - 433 MHZ" This is what they look like. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/4x-Tyre-Pressure-Sensor-for-Ford-Focus-Fiesta-C-max-TPMS-433mhz-1862980-2036832/814337702
  12. Dash Cam Installation

    I was thinking about doing that myself as well. Best thing to do is to see what kind of view you get from the camera. Download the thinkware app and do a live view to determine if you get a descent enough view. The 3m sticky pad is pretty good so I expect it would stick fine. Just clean the plastic first for a clean install. You won’t regret getting the camera. Finally got the rear installed today, didn’t take too long to nearly hide the long cable etc. Video footage is great and the super night vision 2.0 is great. Just got home and managed to catch the silly woman behind me at the lights in a merc using her phone whilst driving lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Water leak

    To luke4efc. Thanks Luke. no It does not lose water overnight, it loses it during a 60 miles or so drive and does not lose any more after parking up overnight. The cooling system is still retaining pressure the next day?? I dont think the cooling system can have a leak or the pressure would not hold in the system. No there's no milky stuff on the oil filler cap and the oil looks fine. Cheers.
  14. Dash Cam Installation

    Just pulled the trigger on a f800 pro 1ch Has anyone tried sticking it to the plastic trim behind the mirror that houses the rain sensor? Thinking that would give a real stealthy installation as there is nothing stuck to the windscreen.
  15. Tyre Management System

    @ ub7rm, have you taken off the tyres and looked. My mate with the Mondeo was telling me he had TPMS and I said he was an idiot.... based on how the valve stems looked and the useless display in the car. He had posted a photo of the diagnostic readout showing the data for each wheel after he had issues with a puncture.... but I thought he had told me it was from a similar Mondeo not his. And I was saying just do the calibration set up for the ABS and it will be OK. it was kwik fit who twice trashed BT sensors and never said anything, that caused all the issues!!! it was only after Ford handed him a sensor in two parts attached by dangling wires and said they won't be doing it under warranty, that I realised his did have real TPMS On my car and bikes I have the big aluminium valve stems and separate readings for each wheel...
  16. Water leak

    Thanks for all for the replies. I may not have been clear in my explanation. It only loses about a pint of water after a long drive (60 miles). The next day with the engine stone cold, when I remove the coolant filler cap the cooling system is still pressurized. As I remove the cap the pressure escapes and the water level which is now at or near the bottom of the bottle rises back up about 25mm (1") due to the pressure being released. SOoo, with the cooling system still being pressurized 10 hours later and the engine fully cold. I don't see how there can be a leak in the cooling system, if there was a leak the pressure would escape overnight i'm thinking. So how is the cooling system getting pressurized and still present next day? I'm suspecting a slight cylinder head leak across into the water jacket that maybe seals itself as the engine cools thereby retaining the pressure in the cooling system. I have looked into the water bottle with the cap off engine running looking for escaping gas bubbles in the water but see nothing so I'm not sure about the head leak? What else could cause the cooling system to retain pressure overnight? thanks guys
  17. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    do you ever have time to do anything else in life?
  18. Today
  19. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    you know, its funny how many folk get in touch when they know what kit you have! Saving up for a new diagnostic kit and scope next. I will be sleeping with it under my pillow!!
  20. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Update - towed the car back from the garage on Friday. They confirmed they hadn't looked at the Oil Pressure Control Solenoid - they didn't even know it had one. On test, the car was slowly building oil pressure to ~14psi on idle; as soon as the car is revved the oil pressure collapses. I've ordered a new solenoid from the local dealer (about £30) and got a helpful diagram showing location so I'll have a look at changing this and see if that helps. Apparently the dealer has never known this solenoid to fail, but they have had to change a couple of oil pumps on Ecoboosts in the last couple of months - apparently without needing other major surgery on the engine. So if the solenoid doesn't cure it, then I have one last port of call before looking for a new engine.
  21. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    sounds like youve got more equipment than we have at work!! we have got a nice balancer with lcd screen readouts though. how long that screen lasts when wheel weights getting thrown around is any guess. hofmann series something. lol
  22. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    New member to you quick note on my order ordered 28 august at line X white black roof rear camera adaptive cruise spare wheel door edge protectors no build date yet excepting call from dealer tomorrow not showing anything on last check hope good news tomorrow!!!
  23. All best done when it's warm
  24. My MK7 Fiesta

    looking good fella
  25. Ford Focus mk2 - Croatia

    liking the focus and the wheels suite it well
  26. liking the vent surrounds nice little touch
  27. 1.5 Ecoboost modifications

    Yes , the 4-cilinder 1.5 ECOboost has a watercooled intercooler. The 4-cilinder 1.5 ECOboost engine is expected to retire soon. On the new Focus MK4 (which will be released within a few months) this engine will be replaced by an all new 3-cilinder 1.5 ECOboost. Knowing this very few manufacturers of aftermarket parts develop parts for this engine.
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