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  2. Things I Don't Like

    Diesel emissions, when I started to like my first diesel car and diesel advantages to driving. Ive heard these emissions laws will only be in central London but now heard it may be within the north circular. I live just outside the north circular so don't know if I'll get affected. Still just hope more and more people protest about it going outside central London. I'm sure one of the politicians years back encouraged people to get diesels
  3. If you could have any car

    Can't see myself ever owning an electric car, I know what you mean though, they are very quick. I like engine noise, exhaust sound.
  4. Just bought a fiesta

    Hi Welcome
  5. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    I have the S7edge, I got it 2 days before general release and it’s done me proud. It’s a decent size and it’s a sleek phone, it’s pretty intuitive and very customisable and of course has expandable memory. The quality of the picture and colours is excellent and I find the camera as good as any small digital camera. The OS is good and I can’t fault its connectivity. It connects well to the Sync and Sync2 for calls and streaming music via BT using the Spotify app. The quadcore processor is quick enough to handle everyday use and out of the box there is no lag. With a big screen comes a big footprint so it does take up a lot of space in your pocket and on your desk, I don’t use the ‘edge’ panels/menus but I like the smooth fluid look of the screen especially when I’m watching a video. Being sleek is not always an advantage, it feels too light in your hand and there is nothing to get a grip of so to me it always felt like a second away from falling out my hand. It has to have a case IMO and being the Edge there are no decent gorilla glass screen covers so I use a wallet type case from Tech21 which has a lifetime guarantee even for general wear and tear (tried and tested by me lol). I don’t like the touchwiz launcher so I use Nova. The battery is just starting to lose its charge quicker than it used to but I haven’t looked at why, it could be an app draining it. My mum and Dad both have the S8+ and say the launcher is much improved, it’s lightening fast, customisable and is unrivalled by the competition. They share my thoughts about feeling like you can drop it easily and they dislike the scanner where it is as your finger doesn’t come to a natural rest on it. My dad also really likes Bixby and says that feature has many possibilities. As a little experiment I decided to test out the claims regarding it being waterproof, I took a video while holding it under running water and then got brave and took a video while holding it under water for 30sec and it worked perfectly, thank goodness! My S7 is up for change soon and would I go for the S8? Yes! I use it for business and pleasure and it mixes the two seamlessly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Just bought a fiesta

    Hi everyone just bought a fiesta. And thought I'd join a owners club.
  7. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    It's petrol I'm afraid! It does look though that there is a difference between the way petrol and diesel Focus' are coded for cruise. I wonder if it's additional hardware or just different coding? Still waiting for my UCDS to arrive, hopefully should arrive this week. I'm in SE London
  8. Mr

    2014 Ford Tourneo Connect security motion sensors inside but not working anybody got any options as to why but cannot find the button for them anywhere nothing in the display and have looked everywhere on Google Ford told me they don't have motion sensors but mine has and also tells me in their manual but don't tell me how to activate or deactivate
  9. Mr

    2014 Ford Tourneo Connect security motion sensors inside but not working anybody got any options as to why but cannot find the button for them anywhere nothing in the display
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  11. Haynes manual fiesta 2013

    No doubt they'd class a head gasket failure or timing belt/chain change as wear and tair anyway.
  12. Newbie

    Hi Welcome
  13. Newbie

    Hi guys, new here looking at getting a Mondeo estate shortly
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Moreover, christmas adverts and christmas songs playing on the radio in November. Middle lane drivers, people who refuse to merge lanes (after a roundabout for example), mobile speed camera vans/ hairdryer speed traps/ average speed cameras, the corrupt group of people who decided to tax cars and fuel so much. The list goes on.
  15. Number plate lights

    OK had a proper look in full daylight and it was the bulbs had popped and I happened to have replacements from when I changed the sidelight bulbs. Anyways for reference this page is very helpful on the fuses for both US and UK. http://fusesdiagram.com/ford/fuses-and-relay-ford-focus-mk2.html
  16. Hi guys, first post here! Looking at getting a facelift MK4 Titanium X 2.0 Tdci, planning on looking at a few in the next week or two. Is there anything I should be looking out for as a starting point as for common, endive to repair faults? How do you find them from a reliability point of view? Anyone know if the Titanium X comes with xenon's as standard? I thought they did but noticed a couple I've been looking at don't have the washers in the bumper. I had a Focus ST back in 2006 and the headlights were awesome, that's the only reason for asking! Cheers for any help Huw.
  17. Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or 8 Plus

    The s8 looks and performs amazingly, just a shame they put the fingerprint sensor on the back. The s7 wasn't that much of an upgrade from the s6 (which is what I've had for the past 3 years). The s6 was actually samsungs biggest jump in a while, but the s4 wasn't much worse than the s5 etc. Thought about the OnePlus 5t? There's a lot of chinese phones flooding the market currently, the Xiaomi Mi Mix2 seems like the next flagship killer.
  18. Tool boxes

    So I've got sick of all my tools being scattered around the garage and I need to get myself a decent tool box. I've looked at the Halfords industrial 3 stack, but it doesn't look big enough for my needs. I think a double stack 42" box should suffice. Been looking at this one from US Pro Tools, but not sure of the quality, and £680 seems a bit steep.
  19. Hi all, I'm looking at upgrading my phone as the existing one is starting to fail on me; the back button "↩" no longer works and the whole thing freezes up at times, but it's six years old now and has served me extremely well. I'm now looking at an upgrade and plan on purchasing either the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S8 Plus and I'm interested to know is there much difference between them and does anybody have either model; what are they like to use; advantages aswell as disadvantages. I'll take all opinions on board aswell as post my own review when I finally decide on which model aswell. I've recently bought my wife a Galaxy J5 and it' pretty good but I don't want to get identical as there likely to get mixed up. Thanks very much 👍
  20. 2011. Mondeo headlight

    Think you've posted this in the wrong place. There's little chance of anybody who knows about mondeos from finding it in the general non-ford related section. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/announcement/54-posting-in-general-chat-thread/
  21. If you could have any car

    Aston Martin DB11 as a happy medium. Rolls Royce Phantom for arriving in comfort and style. McClaren P1 for speed. Have to agree, the GTR is the most affordable, probably the same as the Tesla Model S.
  22. Awf21 gearbox oil service?

    Fair enough.. I'll do some more research on it and see what happens. Ford have been shocking, the right hand actually doesn't know what the lefts doing Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  23. Instrument Cluster

    I was wondering if i could change my current instrument cluster (http://breakers.asm-autos.co.uk/parts-breaking-tyres/part-popup-details/instrument-cluster/32/75891/0/1/3/0/mc65fvm/?ajax=true&width=700&height=560) for one from an ST (http://breakers.asm-autos.co.uk/parts-breaking-tyres/part-popup-details/instrument-cluster/32/91352/0/1/3/0/mc65fvm/?ajax=true&width=700&height=560), i like the red dials way more than blue and im going red and black colour scheme all over, is it just a simple swap?
  24. Haynes manual fiesta 2013

    Warranty lasts 3 years, dealer's don't want you fiddling until that runs out.
  25. Instrument Cluster

    Might be better posting in the Fiesta forum, It won't really get seen in here.
  26. Haynes manual fiesta 2013

    They're a tad late though. We might get the manual for the mk8 in 2021.
  27. DPF replacement, argh!

    It only works with the straight DPFs anyway, the 1.6 dpf has bent ends so you can't get the pressure washer lance in. On the older Peugeot 1.6s you could separate the cat and DPF easily to clean it. I have no idea why they stopped doing it that way, unless they decided it was just too easy to smash out the DPF like that.
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