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  2. Focus ST Line X 140

    Hi Mark Yes my car as a space saver the boot liner tray item no 331754218293 on E-Bay I paid £16 which was a lot cheaper than the dealer Chris
  3. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    No a problem @Damiansbut are you sure that you have Sync 2 and not Sync 3 in your 17 Ranger? For sync 3 it is not possible. If you are not sure post a pic of your screen turned on. :)
  4. Number plate lights

    Hi got new led number plate bulbs and after fighting with getting the holder out I found it was the wrong type I should of checked the bulb list on here. I put the holder back in well it's holding there but dodgy and the both lights now don't work. I only took one out do you think I have blown the fuse and if so where is it? :(
  5. Most likely a broken wire to the adjuster. Ideally need to check with a multimeter, but you might be able to see a wire snapped off somewhere.
  6. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    Chris, do you have a 1.5 diesel focus which you have activated cruise on? im wondering if Ford have moved the bytes used in the BCM to indicate if it has cruise or not and because of that, Forscan and Focccus aren’t changing the right bytes? It’s interesting that it works with a different bit of software! where abouts in London are you based?
  7. DPF replacement, argh!

    The sellers won't know what they're selling...plus the late Mk2 facelifts did come with them, crossover was some point in 2009. I'm sure it won't be the first they've had returned though!
  8. Any guess on what these wires are?

    Looks like you’ve got the rear power socket ( cigar lighter ) which doesn’t seem to be fitted to later cars. My Titanium X doesn’t seem to have the connectors for the fuse (29)...💩
  9. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    This sounds like a failure of the boot release button in the tailgate. It might be water ingress into the button, which I think is a known issue in these models, or a fracture in the wiring between tailgate and body. There's obviously nothing wrong with the boot latch or remote since two presses unlock it ok.
  10. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Bannco , could you please pm the details , I have a 2017 ranger and would like to add satnav. thank you very much Damian
  11. Halfords Discount Cards

    I recently bought a £10 non trade item there. They started looking for a calculator to take 15% of 10...
  12. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    You can't go wrong with that price. It'll probably beat newer corsas. Would be fun to get an old volvo estate and fit a big v8 in it as these cars have big bonnets. There was a white fiesta St on ebay which had a turbo installed (£2500) and some other stuff with 33k miles. It was going for around £3500. It was also featured on the fast ford mags
  13. I believe I have seen on here before that it is a common problem, most people suggest getting it fixed on warranty but thats probably not an option for you. Is there any wires you can see at all. Or maybe someway you can see to remove them?
  14. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    You could park in the baby and toddler bit. Those areas leave a good space between bays. I myself when going asda shopping park on the first floor and away from the lifts. A lot of people park near the lifts plus you don't have to insert a pound into the trolleys so you get people just leaving them and they just roll off somewhere and into people's cars. The wandering trolleys I've noticed are mainly near the lifts. Still get worried if some careless person parks next to me. For parking in a busy area I go against. I parked in a side road just off a shopping street and 2 things happened: a lady with a suitcase crossed the road in front of my car and hit the bumper when going up the kurb then a few moments later a lady with her coat loose hit the body with her zip before crossing the road. Honestly best to avoid parking on busy areas.
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  16. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    Hi all , When I unlock my car with the key fob the doors open fine but the boot stays locked , I have to press the boot button twice to unlock it , it used to all open , doors and boot together but started doing this now . anyone had a similar problem ? I've changed the fob battery but still the same . Thanks Frank
  17. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    Best thing to do is switch the car off, pull out the fuse and replace it. This normally fixes the problem.
  18. MK8 125bhp remap

    Seeing as the only warranty friendly remaps for some of the MK7.5 range Fiesta's are only available from Mountune, the warranty will technically be voided if you remap it elsewhere. Mountune don't currently offer any MK8 remaps yet.
  19. MK8 125bhp remap

    Hello. I just got my MK8 ST-Line couple of weeks ago and was thinking about remapping. The company I contacted uses a remap from Viezu and claims it will increase the hp to around 160 and the torque to around 250. My question is this. How long do you think the engine will handle this power increase? Will the transmission be affected? Do you guys have any experience with remaps and warranty? Is it really worth it? Thank you.
  20. Halfords Discount Cards

    The employees at my halfords are easily fooled. Never been refused. I even have to work out the extra 15% discount for them .lol
  21. Terry

    Hi I have a galaxy 2.0 tdi 2009 and have abs/traction control light on, the aa put diagnostic tester on and comes up nsr wheel sensor, changed sensor but light still illuminated, neighbours is car mechanic at Peugeot and reckoned it was the hub assembly, changed that but light still illuminated now when trying to clear codes it won't clear. Before hub was changed light stayed on straight after starting engine but now light goes out but comes back on as soon as the wheel makes the slightest turn. Any advice would be appreciated.
  22. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    Try clearing car out Bluetooth list and rebooting the phone then try to sync phone to your car
  23. DPF replacement, argh!

    Ah, gotcha. I assumed it would have been temperature related and not liking having the additive chucked in it. Put the old one back in for now so I've got a car for the time being. Just got to wait for the ebay seller to make up some excuses as to why he was selling a euro 5 DPF as fit for 2004-2010 Focus's. Shame about not being able to retrofit, I did spent an hour or so googling around with no luck, that might have made the whole thing a bit less painful!
  24. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    I would ask to test drive a both cars if possible before you make your mind up. We had a 1 litre Eco Boost Fiesta 125BHP which was fine and pulled like a train around town. But when we took a 1 litre Eco Boost Focus for a test drive it felt sluggish at the lights possible due to the Focus body weighs more than a Fiesta so we took a Focus 1.5 litre Eco Boost 150 BHP for test drive and we found it a lot better drive than the 1 litre. And we ordered a new 1.5 Eco Boost 150BHP ST Line we find it drive like a dream I am glad we choose the 1.5 litre 150BHP. We are getting around 50 mpg on a run and about 40 mpg urban the road Tax is £140 the same if registered after April 2017. So I would test drive both cars before you buy.
  25. Hi Guys, have had my 2011 Zetec S for a year and it has had the red fiesta logo LED kick plates fitted since i have had it but the lights have never lit up, out of the blue today one side has now half lit up, as i did not fit them i have no idea how to test connection, get in them to check led's etc. Anyone who has any experience of fitting these and how to troubleshoot why they do not light up would be much appreciated Thanks again Chris
  26. power loss 1.6 tdci

    Is the turbo actuator rod moving with engine start yet? If not, there must be a problem with the vacuum system somewhere, or the actuator is jammed. If possible, try direct connection of the vacuum hose (that goes from the vacuum pump or brake servo, to the solenoid) to the turbo actuator. That would test for a broken wire or electrical problem powering the solenoid, If the brakes work properly, the vacuum pump must be ok. If the vacuum hose hisses when pulled off, and does not move the turbo when connected to it, then the actuator must be jammed. Also a log using Forscan while driving might show if the turbo is working partly, or not at all.
  27. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    No worries - it is quite a lengthy thread!!
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