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  2. I thought i would share this as most cheap stuff are terrible but this kit is A1,if i want monitor on i press the red socket top if not no power at all. Camera only works in Reverse and if not no power in the wires as i wanted it as then it saves battery.
  3. HID Upgrade on my Mk7. Fiesta Titanium

    Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I changed out the whole kit including the ballasts, the bulbs come on and the N/S stays on perfect, but the O/S only stays on for about 20 S seconds then goes off. I have had the old set tested and it works fine as does the replacement kit. The strange thing is that the old kit was working fine for months, so I was wondering if there might be a problem with a relay?? as it starts up ok but then fails, theN/S remains on. I have replaced the fuses so I have run out of ideas.
  4. MK3 Focus - What not to do with FoCCCus...

    I had the same issue myself with a loose usb port on an old laptop lol its very scary Jamie
  5. HID Upgrade on my Mk7. Fiesta Titanium

    Did you change the ballast when the got the new bulbs?
  6. nice snow pic

  7. Today
  8. nice snow pic

    Yesterday while I was out delivering it got pretty bad further on
  9. Hi, First time in this forum So here's the issue: Ever since updating to IOS11 on my iPhone, the bluetooth between the phone and my fiesta's stereo is absolutely horrendous! It pops and crackles like a vinyl record, its like having a ***** bowl of Rice Crispies in the back! Both with music and phonecalls. It's driving me up the wall, so I called Apple (who blame Ford,), called Ford (who blames Apple). It's the same for my friend who owns a similar year Fiesta and a new iPhone. So my advice is do not update your phone, or do not buy a '10 model fiesta.
  10. nice snow pic

    My neighbours have been busy...
  11. Control arm bent, drop link snapped...as Stoney says, needs to get in the air and have a full check over, though with luck nothing else will be mullered.
  12. Keyless start

    Christ, didn't they un-pair the missing key before flashing a new one? That could potentially have left a live and functioning key at large.
  13. Hi Folks, I fitted an upgrade kit and all was great for months then all of a sudden the O/S light went off. I thought it was the bulb but I could not get a replacement locally so I bought another kit. After fitting it the lights started working and I thought great, but half a minute later it went out again????? if I switch the lights off for 5 minutes they start up again but the O/S fails again shortly after.Can anybody give me some ideas as to what’s causing this issue.
  14. SYNC 1.1 APIM module configuration

    At this time I do not have the SYNC 1.1 APIM configuration of the 10 speaker Sony audio system. To retrieve the correct configuration I need a license plate number or VIN number of a Focus MK3 with a SYNC 1.1 based 10 speaker Sony audio system. Unfortunately these are very hard to find.
  15. Dash cam advice!

    Kpg I was looking into one similar to this, goluk t2. I like the look and descretness they provide. I only have two queries that I’m hoping you can answer: 1. Have you managed to put it into your fuse box with a piggyback fuse? 2. I think you have a focus titanium like myself? If so where did you put the camera? There’s a lot of sensors etc on our windscreens and I wanted it as hidden as possible. Ben
  16. Key snapped in ignition

    Yeah, any new key with or without New barrel will need to be programmed; if you getting new barrel, do consider door locks too; if you are able to retrieve broken key save the barrel than it will just the matter of new key which will fit into ignition and doors too.
  17. Engine service diy 😬

    The filter is located on the front right hand side bottom of engine, it's the white one in photo
  18. Ford Focus mk2 1,6tdci - 18" alloys - Eibach springs - Remaped - Custom exhaust Next is Focus CC front bumper.
  19. Guide: Fitting Bonnet Damper Strut Kit Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5

    Im unable to view the pics, im a premium member.
  20. Engine service diy 😬

    yeah, I don't know to be honest, I can find the 1.6 1.8 and 2l TDCIs blindfolded, but petrols....no idea. if your serious about doing work on your car one of the very first things id recommend is a Haynes manual, it will save you a fortune in the long run!
  21. Headlight Pattern

    Welcome! That's what its here for! :) This site is full of very knowledgeable folk. Search and you will probably find the answer, if not then you can always ask!
  22. Keyless start

    Yes i read that as well so i placed a key in the car and used the wifes to lock it in which it did when i reopened it the fob still worked i thn sat in car with my fob and tried locking my self in with fob it wouldnt let me so you can only lock fob in car using another fob when ford returned my car i tried the third fob it works fine just glad the problem is solved and hopefully helps if any one else as similar sittuation
  23. Keyless start

    Result! Those keysless fobs cost hundreds, the previously lost key should have been deactivated once locked in the car though meaning it shouldn’t be able to start the engine not sure why it did.
  24. That wishbone looks like it has taken a hit. I'd check the driveshaft and steering rack too.
  25. Key snapped in ignition

    Hi my key broke inn the ignition it has just snapped I was wondering if I change the barrel with a new key would I need to program it in or something for the immobilizer.
  26. syync upgrade

    hello, I have recently purchased a 2013 fiesta, and it has the sony sound system in it, and was wnddering are you able to upgrade it from that sync version to the newer sync 3. and also are their original ford touch screen units available. as have seen bits online but have been completely unable to find any in uk all where American, was that an option in uk. and if so can you fairly easily get them upgraded. from non touch system to touch screen ?
  27. Headlight Pattern

    So glad I found this thread...... I been searching tinterweb all night as I fitted new Philips bulbs in my focus and having exactly the same "star shaped" poor output as Neali posted... I had also placed the bulbs into the connectors , prior to fitting in the headlight. (Thought they were too tricky to place) I will hopefully correct them tomorrow...... I too will live and learn!! 😂
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