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  2. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yep, looks like April for me too (if everything goes as planned.....) Really disappointed with this ridiculous situation - at least 7 months to deliver a Ford Fiesta. Even more annoyingly, I'm using the scrappage scheme, so I am now obliged to fork out on servicing, tyres and a battery to keep my 200,000 mile Fiesta going through the winter (and pray that it doesn't break down in an expensive way in the meantime).

    The 50mm drop and Mondeo allows make a BIG difference to the look/stance of the car, very nice.
  4. Floor mats

    I've had plenty of slippery rubber mats, they used to be the OEM ones in late 90s/early 00's Peugeots. Found they wore pretty quickly where heels went and didn't remove any water from soles so shoes slipped on the pedals as well as the mats...the squeak of sole on clutch gets annoying quickly lol! Plus they went grey and looked awful...anything you put on them to bring the colour back makes them even more slippery... The velour ones are stupid expensive for Fords, but don't seem to stain or trap dirt, a quick hoover every 6 months or so and they still look fine after ~10 years. Just wish I had a full set in the Focus...for some reason I have 3 of the thin crap OE carpet ones and one nice black velour one on the drivers front! If they didn't cost more than a tank of fuel for a full new set I'd have them all round personally. Soak up water efficiently but don't stain or wear quickly in my experience.

    Early Mk2 facelift 1.6TDCi, Feb 2008 built. Titanium spec but with most of the extras of a Titanium X - they didn't make a Titanium X spec on the mk2.5 so the options had to be individually selected. On top of the usual Titanium spec (auto wipers, lights and rear view mirror, premium sound system, voice control, ambient lighting, door sill plates, multispoke alloys, etc) I also have xenon headlights, washers and levellers with LED rears, rear privacy glass & front screen heat reflective (IR) coating, powerfold mirrors with puddle lights and full leather heated seats with electronic adjustment on the drivers side. I'd been looking for one specifically with cruise and climate control as optional extras, but couldn't leave this one with the options it had, I knew I could add cruise fairly easily...and would have to live with the lack of climate, 3 years on the manual AC is still one of the worst parts of this car lol, fortunately they fit climate to all Titaniums on mk3 lol! Still basically standard but improvements since the factory are - cruise control, gel badges & plates, clear rear fog, gloss black front fog surrounds, ice white sidelight bulbs, ~140bhp remap, dashcam.
  6. Hello everyone! Recently joined this site and was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem. Basically i have an 03 plate Fiesta 1.4 Zetec that has done just over 155k miles and the problem is that it is using a lot of oil, im filling it up every 300-400 miles and i dont think thats normal? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Martin222

    Thank you.
  8. Floor mats

    I had a set of rubber mats for 3 years and had no issue with my feet slipping on them and tbh I've been considering another set as their a lot easier to keep clean then velour .
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  10. Focus 2009 1.6 timing belt - threadlock bolts?

    Not sure what the torque setting is for the crank bolt but I know there are different length bolts, so you need to make sure you have the correct size bolt. The torque setting you state sounds low I would double check this from another source before proceeding otherwise you will be taking the head off to replace the valves.
  11. Sudden Drop in MPG

    And you've nearly double my mileage... I assume you do a lot more driving than I do lol. Still on the original cDPF out of interest? I'm surprised you've got such a large discrepancy between the trip computer and real life though, mines not far off, on my spreadsheet, 'TC MPG' is trip computer, it's only ever 1 or 2mpg out really, I reset it every fill. That's hardly a major achievement atm... But does give me some reassurance that EcoBoost is the way to go next...
  12. Glovebox socket

    I use it for keeping my handbook cool... But seriously, I do find it useful for a bottle of water in summer lol. The pipe is still in the way of the pollen filter though, even though they moved the vent port on facelift, I don't bother removing it, just bend it out of the way as it's thin and flexible. They don't fit them at all to mk3 as far I've read...apparently there was an issue with condensed water dripping into the GEM or something...
  13. I lost my remote key a few months back and have been ok using the spare. you get a good 20/30 seconds to get the key in before the alarm goes off.
  14. Headlights. Traffic L/R setting plz help

    Have i made a discovery then. can this be stickied Jamie
  15. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    Mine does this and I have a key. Seems the car takes a moment to actually turn off. I've started keeping the clutch in a tad longer than I would with other cars. Or leave it in neutral
  16. No worries mate, personally I'd say go for the wired version as it virtually guarantees a stable connection, bluetooth is fine whilst it's working but if it has one of those days where it won't connect or stay connected, it's not what you need if you have a problem you're trying to urgently diagnose.
  17. Martin222

    Hi Welcome
  18. Martin222

    Just purchased a Focus Titanium X with all of the add-on's, really pleased with it. I had Fords for years but in May decided to buy a Jaguar XE, what a mistake, apart from fantastic suspension, steering and ride, the car was very poorly put together, and despite spending £34k I got what was a basic vehicle, not even folding mirrors, so really glad to get back to a Ford.
  19. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    What engine? My 1.5 ecoboost had clutch whoop when hot and I only had it for the first 12 months of it's life. My mum's 1.0 used to do it when hot too. Usually worse after pulling away just after a long period of driving. My 1.5 did it on the way up to Ford Fair, when I stopped at some lights half way there.
  20. Thanks for the advice Damian. Get a whopping 85p discount as well today as it's black Friday! Just noticed there is a wifi version as well, reckon it's worth getting to be able to use with my phone?
  21. Glovebox socket

    OTOH... I like the chilled glovebox, particularly in summer if you want a cool drink... Had one in both an Octavia and Exeo... As for "most people don't go around with the AC on"... also disagree, the aircon dries the air and prevents interior fogging dramatically. I just dial up the temp I want!
  22. Nice! I did wonder! I am thinking of wiring it to my drl and not side lights as well as indicators... I'd like them on all the time as opposed to just side ights... do you recon that' possible? At least we can figure this out together when they arive !
  23. Haunted Car

    It seems unlike that the 2 so close together could be coincidence, for example if you do have some sort of electrical fault that was/is causing certain electrical system to stay powered up even when the car is "off" it could be enough to discharge the battery (depending on what the system are are that are staying on, condition of the battery and charge state of the battery).
  24. Things I Don't Like

    Yeh, noticed that last night .
  25. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like getting to Tesco to find they've run out of Momentum resulting in me having to fill the ST with Esso Supreme instead.
  26. Thanks.. thought i did it right it was more so the tensioner. As on the vid they only hand tightened it fitted belt pull pin to tensioned it then torqued tensioner fully. Surley it sits in a location point on the engine so doesnt move anyway. The aux belt was a pain more didnt have that stretch tool 😂
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