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  2. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    its the epoxy primer and the activator. only 1 coat needed
  3. Problem solved. It ran almost 1 hour at the MOT test, no issues with the water having the new coolant expansion tank fitted. Thanks everyone.
  4. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Bannko, Any chance you can send me a step by step please. Love finding sites like this that help others out. Keep up the good work :) Thanks in advance Craig
  5. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Thanks mate. Sounds like something a novice shouldn't attempt ha.
  6. I have a 2003 2.5TD ranger with the ABS light on. This ABS light is driving me mad as I'm trying to put a new MOT on the truck, I have taken it to a garage but the codes that showed on the reader were CO 1035/6/7? The garage don't seem to know much about these Rangers, I don't know but can you just get the ABS pump or module repaired? There are no other lights illuminated on the dash, just this dam ABS one!!! and the truck drives beautifully.
  7. Following, let us know if you find what you were looking for, I am interested...
  8. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    The official software can be downloaded from the motorcraft website. However to be able to download the software you need to know the exact software numbers of the software you need. The software for the Level 3 instrument cluster for example consists of 3 different software files. A Calibration file, a Strategy file and a Pictures file. These software files need to be loaded into the instrument cluster in the correct sequence.
  9. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I didn't get the opportunity to read the TSB in detail but did my best to glean what I could on a angled screen! But, yes, that is likely essentially it. I'm sure there's some prep work to remove loose rust, masking off, perhaps a couple of coats (it's obviously important to create a non-permeable coating) etc. Thinking about it now I definitely saw two items to order and whilst I've assumed one of them is paint I'm thinking now that it might be tannic acid - the likes of Kurust and similar products, some of which can be quite expensive even in small amounts and so the primer could be left as the outer coating. Do we have any Ford mechanics (or others with access to ETIS) that might be able to dig out the TSB?
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  11. Sync 1

    The SYNC 1.1 system was introduced at approximately 03-2014. The APIM module can be identified by the Part Number. A SYNC 1.0 APIM module has a part number that starts with AM5T or BM5T. A SYNC 1.1 APIM module has a part number that starts with D1BT. In most cases a new APIM module is not plug and play. It needs to be programmed to match the configuration of the car. The configuration of a SYNC 1.1 APIM module is different from a SYNC 1.0 APIM module. The SYNC 1.0 configuration or the AS-BUILT data of a SYNC 1.0 vehicle can not be used to configure the SYNC 1.1 APIM module. A SYNC 1.1 APIM module will only be plug and play if it came from a similar spec. Focus MK3
  12. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    what does the repair consist of? application of a water-based epoxy primer and paint? is that what costs £71?
  13. Servicing.

    I don't think that the £149 service includes breakdown cover any more. I think that they dropped the roadside assistance back in March when they increased the price from £125 to £149 and included the pollen filter or the air filter.
  14. Injector sound

    if it's injector seals it is normally more of a chuffing noise in my experience, and can be accompanied by wet diesel around base of injector where the injector goes into the head. this pool of diesel cooks on the hot cylinder head and you get diesel smell in the car if you put heater on. as it cooks it becomes a black goo. In the past I have stopped the seals leaking by doing the injector retaining bolts up tighter. BUT if you strip thread or snap bolt/stud then you will have a very major problem to sort out so be careful here.
  15. Foo Fighters new album!

    Hey there! Is anyone else loving their new album, Concrete and Gold? It has that unique Foo Fighter´s tone... that light coming out of darkness... it´s SO Epic I can not pick a favorite track :D Any fans here? What´s you favorite track?
  16. Parking Problems

    Maybe that happened because the Audi driver was racing the kid on the bike, who is now saying "u mad bro?"
  17. Ford badge gel domed for fiesta 09 plate

    I've found someone on eBay now she's fantastic the gel resin type and I've got them in black glitter and teal she was they only person on eBay that did teal I want a air bag badge with my initials on xxx
  18. Adams story game

    Of a 7ft 240lb
  19. Hello from Ireland

    Have you had it sprayed that colour

    Got the DPF holed and mapped out. Was advised not to do a regen because of the high miles could do more damage with the high rpm. Great job though no Dpf and the torque in the car has improved. Wait to see if mpg goes up though. No more issues. Unit came today as well so will install software And keep for future use
  21. Mk2.5 ZS Brake Bulbs

    I have swapped all of my rear clusters (alright I've still got the fogs waiting) to fairly cheap LEDs from eBay for £10 a set. Be sure of your bulb type as Ford have some swapped things about on the Mk3s between Z/ZS and Ti/TiX. The only issue I am having is that the brake LEDs (which for me are 382 single filament) are causing interference with my DAB which I have yet to resolve, I may resort to buying better quality ones which should fix this. You can see it all on my build thread (click on my signature if on PC or search for Phil's Build Thread) Otherwise plug and play for brake lights but best to get red lights rather than get white and rely on the cluster lens as they will come through pink.
  22. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    This is why I am really keen on learning as much as possible so I can do as much as possible myself. Nobody will care about your car as much as you do so only you will be able to do the job to your satisfaction. Bit like running a business really...
  23. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    Your one of the few,i wish mine would work.
  24. Sync 1

    My APIM is from a 2014 PFL. What year would I need to source one from? I don't even get it when playing cd's. Would a new APIM be plug n play?
  25. Injector sound

    Hello zain661, Thank you for the reply. The car starts fine, drives well, but it does have a pretty loud idle noise. I don't have the proper tools to check the injectors to see their condition. But that ticking sound was not there before I added the Liqui Moly Diesel Purge. I don't think it's a bad injectors but there is something not right there. I also read that the injector seals can cause this. Thanks again!
  26. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    works ok with me just now
  27. Retrofitting A Sat Nav To A 2014/2015 (Facelift) Focus

    Hi All Just picked up my Ford Focus 2015 Zetec. Looking to install Sat Nav on Sync, its the touchscreen version and can see the North East South West in top right hand box. Would someone be able to PM me some instructions as to how to go about this, have a rough idea from reading this thread but if someone could put it into an easy to follow format that would be great! Thanks in advance folks :) Winchester
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