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  2. Focus Mk2.5

    My old mk 1.5 focus was loads quieter than its replacement a mk 2.5 1.8 petrol. But would say the mk2.5 is better made tho.
  3. cambelt change due

    A former boss at a large public body imbibed half a bottle of vodka every afternoon, and after he left, the Threshers opposite head office closed down...
  4. Airbag Warning Light.

    I don't think it's an MOT failure to have the light on. I know someone who has had the light on for the past 6 years.
  5. Hello all... new to the forum so a very quick introduction. Owner of a Red 99 ST24 which is in need of some TLC after sitting for a year off the road. Decided this year to use it as a project car and give it a different look. Looking to give the car a complete respray and carry out some maintenance work but want to change the colour... Absolutely love the Imperial blue ST200 look but also like the thought of Tangerine Scream yellow/ orange look from the 2013+ Focus ST... which one should I go for? Yellow is winning for me at the moment as I haven't seen many mondeos in that colour for that mk. Pinned up a few pictures from google of the new Focus ST yellow, mk2 Mondeo in yellow &a Imperial Blue and my sorry looking Red mondeo. appreciate your thoughts and input! cheers, Richard
  6. Hard Brake Pedal & Airbag Light

    Thanks for the comments guys. I've since forced the ABS to activate by braking suddenly a few times and it does seem better, after the system has settled over night, the brakes are great, however after a few pumps they get spongy again. I'll try to bleed them conventionally again with a pressure tool and see what that brings. Again thanks.
  7. mk2 clocks change.

    I am 99% certain that both James Simpson & Tunnelrat get their basic ELMs from China, as almost all consumer type electronics seems to be manufactured there. And the ELM chips will not be genuine ones from the Canadian ELM company (, as they sell the chips alone for about $21, so they will be cloned copies, like just about all the ELM327 complete units on sale. But Tunnelrat (& I guess James Simpson) test & guarantee their units to work with Forscan & ELMConfig. Several people on this site have bought the Tunnelrat one, and it has been ok. Not me though, I got a basic (un-modified) ELM327 before I came to this site. Using ELMConfig to alter simple functions in the BCM has fewer dangers than major jobs like re-writing the PCM code. Just make sure your car has the feature you are enabling. There have been a couple of reports of people turning on features that do not exist, getting error codes, and not being able to turn them off again! Leave the cruise control until you have verified the rest work and gained some confidence in using the system, as it may involve a major write to the PCM. Also make sure the car battery in in good condition, & fully charged, or connect a trickle charger to the car while doing any write operation that can take some time. Use a car power point charger for the laptop also. If it died halfway through updating the PCM, it would not be nice!
  8. Service

    Where is the oil filter located?
  9. Service

    That makes more sense. I've had a lot of people tell me that there is no changeable oil filter which sounded strange to me. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Service

    Just to clarify, it's the fuel filter that is not changeable. The oil filter is a normal replaceable spin-on type.
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  12. Focus Mk2.5

    Damian is right, the 1.8HE petrol - which we have - is geared short and sounds very 'buzzy' compared to our previous 1.8TDCi and also to our current 1.0L Ecoboost. It revs about 1000 higher than the 1.8TDCi at 70mph and feels as though it would benefit from an extra gear which might even improve the mpg. That said, the wind and road noise is by far the worst offender in the Mk2.5 and I would imagine that extra sound insulation could help with that.
  13. mk2 clocks change.

    Is the ELM327 from Tunnelrat-electronics a best quality product? Have you used it yourself? I wanted to order one from James Simpson but there is no stock and no response to contacting, so I am looking for a good alternative that will not give me a problem as I have never ventured into programming the options in the GEM module before. I have seen lots of reports of users having problems with alternatives so I am nervous about getting a decent one..... *** Are you confident that the Tunnelrat-electronics modified ELM is a good one? *** I am planning to use elmconfig with it and want to turn off automatic switch-on of heated windows, automatic switch-on of air-conditioning, and enable cruise control. Better still if there's a user who lives near the Hampshire/West Berkshire border who could help me!!! Thanks in anticipation!
  14. Just relooked at your readings. Thought the first 2 were the pedal position. Derr. Pedal knackered then. D and e should be similar.
  15. How did you capture those readings, while driving? Need to capture a rested position then increase pedal smoothly to full. Obviously ign on engine not running.
  16. Focus Mk2.5

    Thank you for the kind words Tom, I fit both categories, tight and old.
  17. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Yeah, came with 6 black circle stickers I believe, mine was from ceuk so I'd contact them mate.
  18. Airbag Warning Light.

    My mk 6 fiesta airbag warning light started to come on about two months ago. I've taken it to three Uk garages, But each failed to find the fault. (The airbag computer wasn't talking to the cars main computer they said.) So with no data, and the MOT coming up, I was worried! And changed the airbag module. Still the light came on! But strangely plugging in a satnav into the cigarette lighter has turned the light off. (At least while it is plugged in) Today it passed the MOT. Why is that?
  19. Service

    Bit confused there as it states Oil Filter.
  20. Ford S-Max horn not working

    Have you checked fuse 31,33
  21. Using piggy back fuse for dash cam

    I remember doing this many moons back on a Skoda Fabia. I took the transformer to bits, purchased a small electrical wiring box (Ebay) stuck the transformer in the box and then wired to an ignition feed. The box was hidden under the dash. It worked a treat.
  22. Ford S-Max horn not working

  23. do it at home, just take your time and be care full of the loaded spring. can get spring clamps to be 100%
  24. Adams focus build thread

    got roads like them near me i had a good bash on them too, like you said easy to get carried away.
  25. H11 bulbs

    Thanks, I didn't notice that
  26. looks nice motor, how deep is the 'scratch' could it be a clear coat scratch, if so go look at chrisfix on youtube he has paint scratch video and a video on clear coat scratches may save you some money.
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