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  2. No worries mate, personally I'd say go for the wired version as it virtually guarantees a stable connection, bluetooth is fine whilst it's working but if it has one of those days where it won't connect or stay connected, it's not what you need if you have a problem you're trying to urgently diagnose.
  3. Martin222

    Hi Welcome
  4. Martin222

    Just purchased a Focus Titanium X with all of the add-on's, really pleased with it. I had Fords for years but in May decided to buy a Jaguar XE, what a mistake, apart from fantastic suspension, steering and ride, the car was very poorly put together, and despite spending £34k I got what was a basic vehicle, not even folding mirrors, so really glad to get back to a Ford.
  5. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    What engine? My 1.5 ecoboost had clutch whoop when hot and I only had it for the first 12 months of it's life. My mum's 1.0 used to do it when hot too. Usually worse after pulling away just after a long period of driving. My 1.5 did it on the way up to Ford Fair, when I stopped at some lights half way there.
  6. Thanks for the advice Damian. Get a whopping 85p discount as well today as it's black Friday! Just noticed there is a wifi version as well, reckon it's worth getting to be able to use with my phone?
  7. Glovebox socket

    OTOH... I like the chilled glovebox, particularly in summer if you want a cool drink... Had one in both an Octavia and Exeo... As for "most people don't go around with the AC on"... also disagree, the aircon dries the air and prevents interior fogging dramatically. I just dial up the temp I want!
  8. Nice! I did wonder! I am thinking of wiring it to my drl and not side lights as well as indicators... I'd like them on all the time as opposed to just side ights... do you recon that' possible? At least we can figure this out together when they arive !
  9. Haunted Car

    It seems unlike that the 2 so close together could be coincidence, for example if you do have some sort of electrical fault that was/is causing certain electrical system to stay powered up even when the car is "off" it could be enough to discharge the battery (depending on what the system are are that are staying on, condition of the battery and charge state of the battery).
  10. Things I Don't Like

    Yeh, noticed that last night .
  11. Today
  12. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like getting to Tesco to find they've run out of Momentum resulting in me having to fill the ST with Esso Supreme instead.
  13. Thanks.. thought i did it right it was more so the tensioner. As on the vid they only hand tightened it fitted belt pull pin to tensioned it then torqued tensioner fully. Surley it sits in a location point on the engine so doesnt move anyway. The aux belt was a pain more didnt have that stretch tool 😂
  14. Glovebox socket

    My MK2 Ghia has/had the air conditioned glovebox, IMHO it's a stupid idea and disconnecting the pipe to remove the glovebox is just another fun step when trying the change the pollen filter! 1st time I did the pollen filter the pipe got removed and where it connects to (not the glove box end) plugged. I always wondered what Ford thought people would actually use it for as most people don't drive around with the AC on all the time?
  15. Most of us on here have bought from Tunnelrat Electronics, it has the correct "chip" in it and should work as intended, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from forum posts that a lot of the ebay versions are either "clones" or just plan crap i.e. keeps dropping connection or just super slow. Neither of which you want if you're trying to write a change to the car!
  16. Focus 2015, no clutch.

    Nope, just for playing dumb on anything that might cost THEM more than 50p to fix!
  17. Headlights. Traffic L/R setting plz help

    I don't think it is in the owners manual, hence peoples confusion. Just checked the latest Ford "online" version and couldn't find any mention of it. FORD UK =
  18. Sudden Drop in MPG

    As long as you don't use Morrisons diesel regularly you should be fine mate. Morrisons use the full 7% legal allowance of bio-diesel in their fuel which means more soot, more carbon build up, less bang for yer buck and more chance of yer fuel filter clogging in really cold weather. (It annoys me that they don't price any cheaper than the other supermarkets despite their diesel being inferior to all the others).
  19. Yeah that's right. When I was asking about the suitable size they said for my mk6 fiesta it's 60mm and mk7 is 70mm. The ring fits inside the fog light lens against the surround. I kept thinking it fits on the surround until they told me.
  20. Hi, i'm doing the timing belt on my Focus (1.6 100hp) - Haynes and ETIS mentions nothing about it, but do you folk apply loctite ( i have the blue one) on crankshaft, waterpump, waterpump pulley and tensioner bolts? If so, how much? The torque for crankshaft bolt is 40Nm (29,5 lb ft) + 90° ... seems a little low for a keyless design? I really wouldn't want it to come loose....:) Thanks a bunch!
  21. Mark 1.5 petrol questions

    It's not very scientific as we don't know how much you paid per litre/gallon, and it can not be accurately ascertained that there was the exact same amount in there before you put 20 quid in and after 130 miles. But based on a very rough calc it looks believable. I know what you mean about not being fast. I have owned one, they feel very weak, particularly when you come to a long hill on a motorway/dual carriageway, it gets slower and slower. A diesel just keeps going and even have extra to overtake someone without changing down. The torque figure for the diesel engine is what counts even thought the bhp may be less.
  22. Only comparable with the 1.6 Petrol ST.
  23. Number Plates Years

    From the DVLA website: Must be because of fraud issues like Clive said.
  24. Wouldn't mind that however don't know if it will fit in my 1.6 diesel zetec s
  25. Ford fiesta mpg

    Good for you, i am getting around 41 Mpg.
  26. I am looking for a decent lift kit for my ford f150, can anyone suggest me any good site for the same?
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