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  2. Clunk clunk clunk

    Only happens once per drive cycle unless you actually do slip the wheels (easier to do trying to turn hard and accelerate hard). Noises themselves I believe won't cause an MOT fail, only if there is excessive movement or failure of the joint/boot (allowing ingress of stuff). If you watch this video (and watch him take it apart and analyse) you'll see that even with an intact boot, there can still be a failed/faulty CV joint. Eric's got a good load of videos.
  3. Tom1994 ST

    Latest in my automotive photography journey for my portfolio T18 Photography
  4. Afternoon all, It's been a while since I last posted on here... I'm in the market for a MK3 Focus estate diesel. I currently have a 1.5 ST-Line as a rental and like it so much, I'm looking to buy one. I have decided on the Titanium as I would prefer the electric rear windows, cruise, softer suspension setup etc. I'm impressed by the 1.5 diesel engine. My wife has a 1.6 Diesel C-Max which is a bit quirky at low speeds... (seems to hold the revs, causing it to jerk about a bit) which really annoys me. However, before I got the estate, I tried the 2.0 163BHP Diesel hatch, which I was really impressed with... Which then brings me onto the question or manual or auto box. I have never owned an auto, and quite like the idea of not having to keep my foot on the clutch when creeping around in motorway traffic. Has anyone got one of these and does it hamper the performance. I'm not planning to tow anything, choosing the 2.0 would be purely for the occasional enjoyment of the acceleration more than anything else. My budget is about 10k - I'm not a fan of loosing lots of cash by leasing or buying new on PCP. Would prefer to PCP or loan finance a used car and save some of the initial depreciation. Any suggestions on the best model to go for from current owners of the above specs? Many thanks in advance, Mark
  5. Cam belt

    Bought all the tools from Amazon of all places - Laser timing tool set 4347 (Pins and bar - you only need one timing pin), Sprocket wrench 2869 (I used some layers of duct tape on the outside of mine in lieu of the rubber sleeves mentioned in the Ford procedure), and Laser 4275 flywheel locking tool (recommended by Stef, and also used in the latest Ford procedure for this engine, the M14 bolt takes a lot of heft to get it tight!)
  6. Hi everyone! im a little confused with the sound of my 1.0 ecoboost fiesta. Its mounted with an ITG air intake, and turbosmart dual port valve. The sound at full gas its a nice phhsss, but free revving it or at low-medium gas it makes this weird sound that im not sure if its compression surge. Little worried actually. Ive been adjusting the valve too but not much difference, it seems to be the same, maybe now it phhsss more easily lol. Can anyone help me out ? thanks!
  7. Clunk clunk clunk

    https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/?_ga=1.219117456.865417927.1477904396 type in the reg of your car, then select MOT history. I find out the results of my MOT before they even call me, its also really useful for checking the history of a car before buying it
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  9. Clunk clunk clunk

    Ok, that does sound more like a CV joint issue. Regarding the control arm, you'll thank your self if you replace the whole arm, that will also cover the ball joint so it makes sense to do the lot. Mind there are two versions of the ball joint, a 19mm and a 21. You can tell the difference by a small coloured clip just below the ball joint, I think blue is 21 but I can't be sure , if you look at a new control arm picture you will see the coloured ring I'm talking about. You can find out MOT history. I'll post a link to you when I get home, but service history, no chance, unless perhaps the garage they did the MOST at kept records of services as well, in which case you could ask but I wouldn't hold my breath. At 120k timing belt would be top of my to-do list. If that goes then .... Well, game over with a car that old (mines the same age, different engine, changed my belt about 80k)
  10. Hi I've got a 08 Ford ka I'm trying to locate the speed sensor has anyone got a picture off it's location? I know it's on the gearbox but I'm usless
  11. Is it worth parting out a scrapper?

    Many thanks There's no options on it - it won't even have a stereo as that's going into the new one. I did fit a dash dimmer a couple of weeks ago, that owes me a score Spoken to a few local scrappers today and offers range from £85 to £150 but it does need to roll onto the truck, so I either need 3 more spares or sell it with the wheels - the tyres only cost £240 odd in December, and different to those on the new one so I'm probably leaning towards binning the lot as senior management certainly wouldn't tolerate a gradually-decaying car on her drive for very long Might just whip the battery out and be done with it
  12. Dash Cam Installation

    Is your picture good on the 770 and in dark,I'm asking a few stuff on the 2 cameras as my A119 is fine but with a few set backs like reading plates is hit and miss,let me know how you get on with it on the plastic.
  13. Fiesta titanium

    I try my best to do them but when you say in a place where it’s all hills rolling and not stopping something isn’t an option! In in terms of changing gears am around the 2000-2500 rpm don’t see a need it smashing it up the revs
  14. Exhaust specifications needed.

    Ah fair enough then, I'll probably just take it down to the shop that does the custom ones then, they advertise the stainless steel exhausts with lifetime warranty as well so just for ease of knowing that if anything breaks, it's covered, I'll just go to them. Cheers though :)
  15. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Popped in to my local dealer today to have a look at an St Line in the flesh. Must say it was really good looking, and the cabin is so much improved over the last model. No 'x' model on display though. The salesman said if I ordered today don't expect to get it before September due to the back log and ongoing leather issues.
  16. Auto lights always ON, Auto wipers single speed only

    Thanks Tom. Is the same sensor shared between auto wipers and lights then? Is an easy fix or dealer job?
  17. Really hope someone can help me or has experienced this before! All of a sudden whenever I switch the engine off either side of the indicators will come on, I can't switch them off and it also stops me being able to lock the car! When I switch the engine back on it runs fine, the hazards come on immediately which is a bit odd as well as the windscreen wipers. All I've done the day before was swap the front brake discs and pads, but none of the electrics were touched. I've tried leaving the battery off all night, but that's made no difference. 2 garages have provided help either. MK1 Kuga 2.0 2WD 59 Plate. Thanks, Jay
  18. Rust!

    The problem is when people think of galvanizing they think of hot dip galvanising. Now that is very good at stopping rust, 30 to 40 years, and it bleeds over to protect cut surfaces, see these galvanizing experiments. But, as in the linked to test of pre galv v hot dipped pre galv (the sort car manufacturers would use) is some way behind that. Pre galv brackets can start rusting in 5 years or less in some cases, particularly at the stamped out edge. Hot dip galv can`t really be used for body panels, certainly body panels you can see, because I`d have thought the finish (for painting) wouldn`t be that good. Typical thicknesses of zinc based anti corrosion coatings : Zinc plating = 10 microns (that`s why zinc plated fasteners rust surprisingly quickly). Pre Galv = 20 microns (can range between 7 and 40) Hot dip galv = 55 microns plus
  19. Hey all, Does anyone know if a steering angle sensor would cause limp mode if faulty? Car keeps randomly going into limp mode and code for steering angle sensor circuit failure is being shown. Thanks, Andy.
  20. Snow, ice and snow socks

    As expected the supplier "Top Gear car products" has sent me a new pair of Tyre Snow Socks, that`s excellent service, and well warrant a link for their £29.95 snow socks. I`m feeling particularly positive toward them so will put the fact that one of the socks ripped on the suspension down to bad luck (plus don`t "waggle" the steering wheel whilst using snow socks...) and repeat that they did actually get me up a fairly steep snow covered hill which my car would NOT go up without them.
  21. Is it worth parting out a scrapper?

    partly depends on: If you start dismantling it and selling parts do you have space to keep it partly dismantled where the neighbours (and other half) won't complain. When you want to dispose of the remains (possibly not rollable) are you located in a place where you can get a scrap metal merchant to take the remains without charging you for the removal of it. (I am out of touch with scrap metal prices per ton at the moment , they do fluctuate and when high, scrap metal dealers will remove free if they don't have to travel too far)
  22. Dash Cam Installation

    It’s not so bad at the moment. I was looking at getting the F770 set but decided otherwise lol I know they brought some sun glare lenses for the F770 cam. Not sure they will do the same for F800 Pro. I read that they might not due to it might mess with the 2.0 night vision. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  23. I have always used wire brushes and waxoyl undersealer (not the waxoyl fluid , but the blank undersealer). I expect others have their own favourites "However, the underside is rusty - not corroded." rust is corrosion. "now winter is done with. " not sure it is, we are still in January
  24. Hi, I have just purchased a Ford Focus having driven a Vauxhall Astra for the past 6 years. 1) It may be really obvious but on the SatNav (or maybe its on the trip information display somewhere) I cant seem to see anything that tells me how many miles it is to go to the final destination of a set journey. It tells me the time I am due to arrive and also tells me the mileage to the next junction but I cant seem to find "miles to go"? 2) Is there an easy zoom in / out on the SatNav map display? Many thanks, Mark P.
  25. Clunk clunk clunk

    Thanks dee makes perfect sense. I've been out to the car and tested the abs and can confirm when pulling off with lock that there's multiple knocks. If keeping the engine running and trying multiple times u get multiple knocks. Definatly sounds like its from the drivers side outer cv. Almost like a slipping causing a knock. Thanks for the recommendation with Control arm bushes just a quick question regarding. I've notice they sell bushes or whole complete arms. Not alot of cost added for the complete unit What would be your recommendation? Time vs effort are the old bushes a pitta to remove and fit new would i require a press or any other special tool? And another off the topic question Car was bought as is with no documents apart from the new v5c and one old mot slip. I'm un sure of any service history apart from it was owned by days rentals. Is there anyway for me to tell or check if work has been carried out before. Car is currently sat at around 123k miles and I'm thinking about timing belt and other service items prob bit of a long shot but figured I'd ask.
  26. Focus ST Line X 140

    friend worked for a certain British SUV dealership back in the 80s - factory managed to deliver a metallic green vehicle with a grey tailgate fitted, no idea how that got past QC, then again they did also manage to deliver vehicles with no engine ecu fitted so they had to be pushed off the transporter
  27. Is it worth parting out a scrapper?

    Wheels are easy to sell with good tyres as it's cheaper than buying just new tyres, but being budgets and looking a bit scruffy, not worth much. If you do remove the wheels, the scrap yard often charges extra (or pays less) to lift it rather than roll it so you don't gain anything. The cat will be worth some money if it's original (aftermarkets aren't!) but again the yard will pay less for the car with it missing. Any nice options on it such as cruise or sat nav? You'll probably get the most money in the shortest amount of time and least hassle by selling to one of those places that advertises 'scrap cars wanted for cash', they often pay more than scrap yards in my experience.
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