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  2. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    I love my little 1 litre Focus, it's perfect for what I need, and the insurance was good for a first car. If i were to buy a new Focus however I'd probably get the 1.5, not because I find the 1.0 too slow, because generally it's perfectly nippy, but because I might as well have the extra power. Depends on your budget really, I'd test both (plus maybe the 140) and see if you think the 1.5 is worth the extra.
  3. Does Colour Matter?

    Yep, I would only have a Candy Red Focus. Didn't like any of the other colours on offer. I waited for months until the right one came up, plenty of Race Red ones but not many Candy! One of the main reasons I like it, you don't see too many about. I only like cars with colour, I'll never buy a white, grey, silver or black car if I can help it.
  4. power loss 1.6 tdci

    thanks peter.i managed to follow the hoses to the filter and the vacuum pump, its the one to the actuator thats hard to trace - the one i want to check! looks like its a case of removing several parts from off the right side of the engine engine. a bit of a headache unfortunately.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Potential battery issues

    they do like like new. and to think, you were convincing yourself you needed new ones.
  7. MK8 125bhp remap

    The company will unfortunately say what it needs to to get a sale. Does the ST Line come with wind deflectors? If not I’d get a set of them and also change the number plate bulbs for LED ones. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. London roads are notorious for potholes [emoji24][emoji24]. My dad is always laughing at me for my careful driving (if it's safe to do so, I always slow down or drive around potholes and other bumps [emoji85]) BUT I still got an air leak when I was rolling on 15s with plenty of rubber on the tyres! It happens. Also didn't want to spend huge amounts on wheels as I know I'll probably want to change them soon and as [mention=85062]zain611[/mention] said, it's not like it's a necessity if it's not for repairs. I found mine on Gumtree - sometimes people just want to get rid of things and you can get a good deal [emoji5] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  9. *** Fiesta 3 years warranty query

    Really I agree with principle of what biff55 said but I may not have used the exact words but Bheart's style of reply is not exactly commendable.
  10. Any guess on what these wires are?

    Looking up the Metatrak t30, looks like it is possibly a company black box rather than an insurance one - talking about stolen vehicle tracking and vehicle health/etc. Might have been a company lease vehicle?
  11. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    I do like to be thorough [emoji6] Hahaa! I do wonder whether she's already up at that time or wakes up specifically to go and move the car... They do generally put in lots of effort to inconvenience my mum and I out of our parking spaces! Oh, well that's a very civil approach. I was thinking of something more like... buying a Hummer and just booting them out of the way whenever I need to park up [emoji16][emoji56] Having said that, when I had 2 Fiestas (just bought one, waiting for a buyer for the other) we did sometimes have the opportunity to have my mum's car and both of mine in a convoy. And of course one Fiesta didn't move anywhere until it was sold [emoji57] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  12. DPF replacement, argh!

    If it's a business you bought from (as a buy it now) you are covered by the consumer rights act (distance selling regs) and have the right to return it. PayPal currently have an offer on - "return shipping on us" which will refund your shipping costs for sending it back. You need to register for this offer though.
  13. Hi, i have focus 2005 1.8 duratec. i heard that there is problems with swirl flaps on this engine. and swirl flaps can destroy engine. Mine has done 120k miles. how to tell if swirl flaps bad? i do not hear any ticking noise
  14. Instrument Cluster

    Moved Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. If you could have any car

    Very nice car mate but super expensive, and it wouldn't beat the GT-R from a standing start with launch control, always a rolling start.
  16. Weird Situation

    Would the Citizens Advice Bureau be of any use? I’m not familiar with ACAS so don’t know how easy they are to access. Aside from motor vehicle insurance I’m sure the company will have public liability insurance too. I wonder if they are obliged to use one of their policies, and that being the case the excess should be less than the cost of repair. So while they may ask you to come to some sort of arrangement to part cover the excess with them, they cannot expect you to contribute to potential rises in future policies. Hopefully a satisfactory resolution will be found quickly for you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Mondeo

    Nicest Mondeo I've seen!
  18. Number plate lights

    Have you managed to get them working. For LED lights I recommend autobeam. I just ordered some number plate lights for my mk6 fiesta and hopefully can see if they are an improvement.
  19. If you could have any car

    I really do like it. Thing is would you ever see someone with a real AMG black series. People who do the conversion mainly get the SL 500 (5 litre v8) so it has some grunt. There was a company on eBay which do the conversion and cost 15k for it using genuine Mercedes parts and do the wiring for the lights. I'm sure people in the car community may argue about stuff like this for example people might say why make a zetec s fiesta or focus if it looks very much like an ST. It doesn't make the ST look exclusive. Also you get rebadging. I could remove the zetec s and tdci badge on my car and put an ST badge on. Only when people come close to car will they hear it's a diesel
  20. Focus ST Line X 140

    Couple of pics from in the compound before I picked it up. Will upload some more when it's had its first wash and protection added
  21. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    I picked up a 1.5 182 st line x on Friday. previously had the 1.0 140 st line in the fiesta, I am glad I went with the 1.5 in the focus. The fiesta sometimes felt sluggish off the line but good once up in the revs, so personally i think it would feel underpowered in the focus. just my two cents worth, and depends what you are after in the car also :)
  22. Yes matching revs and double clutching works sometimes but not all. Last try will be a fluid change but already looking to find a low mileage box :(
  23. If you could have any car

    I wouldn't say it's a good thing making a regular car look rare. Infact it's quite insulting to the 10 people who have the sl65. The sl65 also has a 250hp increase from the standard SL. Not to mention it has a 6L engine and twice the torque. That's why it costs so much.
  24. Does Colour Matter?

    I'd just go for black. My first and current car are black. I'd say to me black looks really nice when it's clean plus its like a mirror when it's clean. Obviously you may see dirt more easily but things like tar and fallout are invisible. I am starting to like some white cars. White on some cars looks like a premium colour. The mk6 fiesta st and zetec s look nice in white however they are going for a bit more compared to other colours. I wouldn't mind getting a white fiesta St and getting the plastic trims sprayed gloss black. I would get the mirror covers, door handles and door strips colour coded on my mk6.5 fiesta zetec s but not the front grills and fog light surrounds as it would blend in. Black can hide some exterior details.
  25. Tool boxes

    Have a look at Screwfix mate. Just a suggestion.
  26. Any guess on what these wires are?

    So did some digging today and found not 1 but 2 "black boxes" So behind the glovebox it turned out the cable I assumed was coming in from the engine bay/battery to the loom wasn't the cable coming in at all, wires went from that loom up to the black box (insurance company black box by the looks of it) hidden in the top left, that black box was connected to a grounding point behind the glovebox towards the top and also connected to 2 thick wires in the cars loom that's clipped behind the glovebox. Snipped it and removed completely :-D The mysterious power from the battery didn't go into the car in the end but under the plastic below the window in the engine bay and hidden in there I found a Meta t30 a second "black box", also snipped and removed Thanks for the suggestions
  27. If you could have any car

    My dream car is a Mercedes SL65 AMG black series. Comes with a 6 litre twin turbo v12. Only issue is that they only brought about 10 RHD ones in the UK plus they are expensive going for around 220k. One good thing is people get the standard sl class and fit the black series body kit on it to make it look like it. The replica ones are going for 20 - 30k pounds which is a lot cheaper plus the replicas are convertibles whereas the real ones aren't. You can see how nice they look
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