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  2. New member.

    Can't find how to edit post. My yellow 76 was a mk2. Just to add some fun trivia, the 68 car I sold to a friend for 92 quid because I owed him 8 quid from a week before. If only I'd have kept it, worth a small fortune today, it was solid as a rock, totally rust free.
  3. Focus Bulb Lists

    Is a non functioning reversing light an MOT failure? I need to buy a new bulb and hope that's all it is.
  4. Just on my way home and engine management fault message. limp mode. Only 1 pending code turbo charger underboost usualy get that code at max revs. On live data whenever its idling at 1500 hunting the throttle possition shows 86.3% if i add 1 mm of throttle it drops to 20 odd percent idle drops to normal then picks up a lil. Also i can slowly press throttle and stays at 23 % even tho the revs are picking up then revs shoot up reading flys up to 86 % seems odd but its a cheap scan tool. I know its not the air doser as that comes up as relative throttle position. Have i self diognosed a throttle pedle sensor???? Anyone had same issue because i hate geussing at parts see video attached passenger takeing the video julting is foot completly off the throttle.
  5. its sorted the smoke long term seems like my throttle posistion sensor acting up now last modern car i buy bring back the good old tweek the distributor carb and indirect tractor dervs...
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  7. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    First thing I thought was to just swap the hoses over.
  8. New Fiesta with Sync 3 query

    Good god cars are getting so complicated. What's wrong witg good the old 30 minute traffic update on the local radio station. Failing that google maps loaded on your phone in a cradle. You can't even change a bulb without having to take the whole unit off the car it seems nowadays. Why can't people be more like the cubans, they literally had to build their own spare parts at home, or find something at a scrapyard. None of this go to buy an alternator from ebay stuff.
  9. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    According to the article he was fined because "Your vehicle was not parked completely within a marked bay." so technically they were right, morally.........?
  10. Hi ford oc members Have a anoying issue to pick your knowlageable brains. 2011 fiesta 1.6tdci zetec just clocked 70000 miles. Today i drove car about 30 miles high speed limit. When getting into the 30mph i lugged engine 1500rpm normaly pulls fine but as i let off the throttle i got a constant vilant julting kangerooing. diped clutch pulled over tickover stuck at 1500 rpm no smoke. pull away all seems fine until loaded only ever seems to happen as i let off the throttle. No smoke anywhere no dpf to worry about coded out. Anyone had exsperience with this. Iv had it happen under high load since owning vehicle just got a little shudder when let off throttle then its fine. Had a maf sensor last month fuel filter cambelt ect trying to clean this issue up and it was due. Should have kept my old audi 😠
  11. I did the same upgrade going to the 17 inch zetec s alloys. Found a set on ebay for £300, came with 4 continental tyres from when original car was new. 2 running at legal limit, other two at 5mm. Spent £160 getting them powder coating them black (would totally reccomend, it's harder than paint so doesn't chip off, very hard to scratch too). Then spent £140 on two new tyres. Total cost = £600. I would try to avoid damaged rims, if they're buckled they're as good as scrap. It's ok saying you can fill the curb marks, but it just doesn't last. One tap on a curb and you're back to square 1. Not to mention you'll end up spending more than me on refurb and paint. I guess making sure the tyres are all decent is your best bet too. I wouldn't really want to spend much more than £600 on something like this. I decided not to fit the rack limiters, I guess they're fitted for higher loads when the car sits lower so can rub on the wheel arches. No suspension changes necessary. If you get any standard mk7 fiesta alloy then they all bolt on with no issues regarding circumference changes/speedo calibration etc.
  12. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    I’ve not seen that article before @Turvey I wonder how he got on, did he win? I can see no real way that he has broken regs, he is within his boundaries/white lines on either edge of his vehicle. I agree that it is selfish but it’s not illegal, it didn’t annoy me when I saw it in fact it made me chuckle. The car park wasn’t rammed though so maybe that helped. If councils made the bays larger then this wouldn’t happen. It’s pretty tight getting the Mk5 Mondeo in a bay without overhanging at the front or back. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Has anyone fitted a rear fog light to the nearside of a 2015 (and on) UK S-Max ? There is a single light on the driver's side - conforms to UK legal requirement. I drive in Europe and would prefer to have a light on the nearside as well. My 2011 S-Max Titanium X had a light each side. My model is a Vignale so I am disappointed that this top of the range model does not have a similar arrangement. If anyone has done this please could they give details of the parts and practicalities involved. European models will have the light on their driver's side. Perhaps one market requires a pair - maybe Germany ? The parts must exist but my dealer goes by VIN for specification therefore no part shows up for my model.
  14. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    i want one!!!!!
  15. Heeeeey!

    Saw the link on Google so thought I'd have a nosy as I've just picked up a 2004 1.8 Focus C-Max today. I'm Gem, 33 from Nottingham & had a wide variety of cars over the years. [/img] [/img] Anyhow, I'll shut up now...
  16. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Our Focus was ordered was ordered 3rd May and we was given end of July for delivery and a week later our dealer called us with a update saying it would not be delivered until mid August and they may have to revalue our old car I told them its not my problem the new car is delayed and your not getting a penny more out of me take the issue up with Ford.
  17. Fuel Gauge

    Hi all, ive got a Ford Focus LX 2006 (56) Estate Diesel, 1.6. I purchased the vehicle September, put £40 in the tank and apparently completed 400miles(ish). Since then, I’ve been putting diesel in the car (£40-£50) and the gauge, once I’ve done around 200 miles, goes immediately to empty and the warning light pops on. After a few days, it goes up, but states I need to refill in 80 miles. I’ve also found when sat idle with the engine running, both temperature and fuel gauge will drop to nothing and take a while to kick in again when moving. Just wondering if this is a sensor issue or something more concerning? I’ve also had similar issues with the oil warning light! Many thanks
  18. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    Who's all worthy of one of these then?
  19. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    For me, it was shadowing our mechanic J for as long as possible. My dad always bought 2nd hand cars and J was always rescuing him. J drove a white Vectra B GSI (kitted out with limo tints, sub woofer, neon lights and all sorts - these kind of mods actually impressed me at age 9 [emoji23][emoji24][emoji85]) which I thought was the bees knees, so whenever he came round I'd always run out to ogle at his car and see if he'd made any further mods. Eventually I started going out to our garage to see what he was actually repairing. My naturally curious self would ask him questions as he went along and if I was lucky, he'd even let me unscrew something! I watched him work on my dad's Nissan Primera, Mercedes E200 and then Saab 95 over the years so picked up some basics this way. When I was old enough to start driving myself, J actually kept a Corsa aside for me (I wish he didn't! [emoji23]), rebuilt the engine and would do any maintenance necessary until him and my dad fell out and our families naturally drifted apart [emoji174] I definitely owe it to him as he's the reason I even know my way around an engine bay. 3rd car on and I've only used a garage twice. Whilst I'm pretty self sufficient with my car care, I get my yearly service done at a garage for peace of mind and an 'official' record. Since my mechanic is more or less out of the picture, this is what's helping me out these days: 1. Haynes or driver's manual 2. YouTube 3. Forums [emoji322][emoji323] 4. Harassing fellow Fiesta owners [emoji23] 5. Snooping around breakers' yards Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  20. Heated Screen Problems

    I think Auto Glass must have a faulty batch of windscreens as my neighbour as had his windscreen replaced as his heated windscreen would not work last week. He called Auto Glass and it was replaced under warranty as he only had it fitted June 2017.
  21. Heated Screen Problems

    as i said the relays are non servicable, the relays provide the power to the fuses . so if you have power at fuses then the relays are being powered up via the front control module. that leaves the connnectors to the screen and earth connectors from screen. its a very simple circuit.
  22. Focus ST Line X 140

    I have 2017 ST Line 1.5 BHP with 18 inch rock wheels and a space saver. I got my boot liner for £16 including postage from E-Bay. My wife had a Fiesta 1 litre 125 BHP which a great little car but when test drove the Focus 125 BHP it was sluggish possible to the body weight.
  23. Focus ST Line X 140

    Picked the car up today, first Impressions are great. Interior and doors feel more solid than the fiesta. Sync 3 is a big step up from what I had before aswell enjoying the 182 engine but haven't really opened it up yet! I'm sure the 140 will be good aswell I'll try and upload some pics. You'll like the car when you get it mark!
  24. New Member!

    Liking the red fogs, really suit the car [emoji5] Have a snoop in the Build Threads section. Loads of Mk7 owners have write-ups of what they've done to theirs - you'll get more ideas than you'll have time to do the mods! [emoji12] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  25. Thank you aaaand thank you [emoji5] Still missing quite a bit but liking how it's shaping up, definitely Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  26. Heated Screen Problems

    I assume there was as he tested the connections at the bottom of the screen and I'm sure there as power ... or at least his little test meter beeped which he said if it beeps means its working. I cant find any info about the relay ( if there is one ) at the moment .... i did look on google earlier but I'm afraid vodka has stolen my attention
  27. Hiya guys, Recently bought a MK4 TDCi which has a very peculiar issue and was wondering if anyone on here has come across it, or knows how to solve it. Beautiful drive and all of the time it runs great however occasionally it just will not start... It never dies, once she's running the engine will go forever. I've had it tested and no faults come up however 'engine fault' does come up in the binnacle display. Leave for a few hours or overnight and she'll fire up straight away. Any ideas? I have changed the immobiliser, just in case it was that but no dice. She turns over fine but no fuel is getting to the engine.
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