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  2. Yeah have looked at this still not 100 % confident I would be able to do it... still if I get them I'll post post pics... 😄
  3. Ford Standard Radio

    Hi, I found all the details for my radio by matching it to the picture in the manual, then google searching spec's for stated model. I hope that helps. Martin
  4. Phone Quote Issue

    I have the same sort of issues in chrome on Android. Mostly that the clear editor button refreshes the page and the text is still in the box. I'm guessing it's just the mobile version of the site that has this problem.
  5. Fitting focus SatNav

    Hi there new to this site, just brought 2014 focus style pre facelift and was wondering how easy/hard is it to fit the facelift satnav in. thanks
  6. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    Have you registered as an Independent Operator? Unless you create an IO account (totally free) you won't get any extra info. Works on Firefox (desktop and mobile) just fine. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. Phone Quote Issue

    I have no idea which browser, whatever it came with I guess lol? It's not Firefox though. Might be chrome? There's a Facebook symbol on the home screen so I just use that and open extra tabs...
  8. How Can I Find Out The Part Number?

    I accidentally came across this yesterday when searching for a part... https://7zap.com/en/
  9. How do I tell if the car had been remapped

    I doubt they did the flywheel...they're single mass on the Fiesta... Injector seals - well as long as they're not leaking it doesn't really matter whether they were done or not. Cambelt and pump is the major one though, have you got the receipt for those?
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  11. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    + icons don't expand for me in Chrome or IExplorer. Also don't get any info under the car like you used to a year or so back. On inspecting the source of the webpage, there is no code to expand/collapse anything. @Stoney871, what browser are you using and have you tried it recently ?
  12. Thankfully not really upset about finding out it's not remapped. I'd say I've become comfortable with it and thankfully it drives nicely. Other stuff which was mentioned I cannot tell until looking through the bonnet. He's a picture of what has been done to the car when it was advertised.
  13. Tool boxes

    I have a few makeshift shelves and cabinets lying around, but they just don't feel worthy enough. I can weld, but by the time I've bought all of the square box tubing, sheet metal, paint and ball bearing rails, it would have been just as cheap and a hell of a lot easier to buy the one I pictured above. Needs to be mobile enough to wheel around the garage and have drawer slides capable of holding up 20kg or so of tools without having to drag it out.
  14. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    Good you've finally got your car nico. I'm not at all suprised you're disappointed with the sound. Give it a bit of time so the speakers bed in/ get run in. The sound will get better but I strongly suggest sound deaden the doors. That'll make a vast difference in sound. And as I've suggested before, get that alpine sub. Enjoy your car.
  15. How Can I Find Out The Part Number?

    Thanks yeah good idea I was just wondering if there were any online parts diagrams or catalogues so you could track down part numbers that way?
  16. How Can I Find Out The Part Number?

    If you give your local Ford dealer a call with your Reg number I am sure they would be able to help you out.
  17. Phone Quote Issue

    What browser on android? I do face the same issue with Firefox on android. The forum software is a bit buggy on mobile with this version.
  18. Phone Quote Issue

    Not sure if it's just me, but I can't seem to delete quotes that I've accidentally ticked. Also, if I try to backspace it, I end up stick in the quote with no way to get out of it. If I refresh the page I get the option to 'clear editor', which works but it then refreshes with the quote back there again! I give up trying to post in that thread in the end lol. Only happens on the phone though, it's Android if that makes a difference.
  19. I was thinking I might need the screen too, any maybe the fascia (unless you counted that as the head unit). So depends how much you want posted, paying with PayPal?
  20. Focus 1.0Eco Engine running on

    the modification is a new pump and connector
  21. Hello I need to know the part number of my turbo how can I find this out without actually looking at the turbo itself? Thanks :)
  22. How do I tell if the car had been remapped

    Not really any way to check a clutch properly while it's in the car, as long as it's not slipping or juddering and feels ok, it's probably good!
  23. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I haven't got any (yet) but am going to clean and paint with high temp paint any way. Better to be safe.
  24. Ford Focus n/s water leak?

    Rainy days, cold mornings are here and I can hear water running/dripping N/S I believe its coming from the corner area, I have checked the carpets and footwell and had a good feel around and nothing seems to be wet inside the car on the N/S? Has anyone had this problem and sourced where it was coming from? thanks car is a mk2 60plate.
  25. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    Well... finally got my car yesterday and was kinda disappointed with the sound in general. After one days drive though I think I've got used to it and it's acceptable. The 9th speaker I've heard so bad about doesn't bother me at all, actually I'm pretty happy with it. It might need the sub, some bass punch could do it good, I will listen to it with all kind of music I play and will decide then.
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