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  2. Right. After being run around by a few garages and getting fed up with Ford in general (who doesn't replace the tensioner when doing the timing belt?), i've decided to investigate a bit futher into doing it myself. I have read the Ford guide (less words than i'd like), and just want to confirm with someone who has done this themselves. The car is a Focus 2010 - "Focus 2008-, 1.6L Duratec 16V PFI (100PS) Sigma". Is the water pump worth doing at the same time, if i'm doing myself? I understand that it is not run by the timing belt, so not a complete removal required if it does need replacing. Extra tools required: Engine locking tools - https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/laser-4347-timing-tool-set-3096-updated-fo/: C - C311 21-259 | 303-748 Crankshaft Timing Tool D - C312 21-162B | 303-376 | 303-376B Camshaft Alignment Plate Pulley holding tool (for tightening the pulley bolts) - i.e. http://www.lasertools.co.uk/product/2869 I have access to a 600mm breaker bar, electric impact, various 3/8 and 1/2" socket sizes up to 24mm. Following the pictures sent by Stef (thanks buddy!) the only things I have questions about are Turning the engine via the crank shaft, does the crank turn clockwise (to the front of the car), or anticlockwise (to the rear)? Do you need to support the crank pulley whilst trying to loosen the crank bolt? Is an impact ok (if I can get it in there!)? How likely is it that the pulley will be seized on the crankshaft (comments previously about needing a puller on it!)? It says the crankshaft sprocket is not keyed to the crankshaft. Does the crankshaft pulley hold the sprocket in time? On fitting the belt (anti-clockwise), will the crankshaft stay in place, or does the belt need to be held in place til tightened + tensioned? I only have a standard torque wrench (minimum 28Nm), for angular torque can I mark the bolt and work the angles out from that? Certainly more willing to have a go, increase my own confidence, and I will hopefully have a mechanically minded buddy with me too. Will know by the end of this month whether I am going to have a go, plenty of video will be taken if so to try and get a video guide done of this exact engine. Timing belt on ECP showing as: https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Focus_1.6_2009/p/car-parts/belts-chains-and-tensioners/engine-parts/timing-belt-kit/?348778516 however looking up the number on the belt in the picture, it appears to be the incorrect Finis equivilent (1675963 instead of 1823388 - which is showing in the Ford Parts catalogue). Does someone have the correct Finis number for the 1.6L 100ps engine?
  3. Am I the only one who is meh about the MK8?

    The thing that's put me off the new fiesta is the huge price increase. It looks ok, though a bit bland IMHO. To move to the St Line 125 from my Red Edition 140, which has higher spec, is nearly £90 more per month. I don't think it's worth it. I've just signed up to lease a new seat Ibiza fr which, again IMHO, is a far better and speced car.
  4. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    How frequently does it happen? For instance, there is a corner by me that also has a (slightly raised) man hole cover. Going round the corner, if you go over the manhole cover at 40mph, it'll do the above. At 30mph, it won't. I cannot say 100% it's the same noise, but it certainly sounds it. There is no flashing ESP light with it, it is just a single clunk. Find an empty car park, room enough to turn the car in one go. Turn the engine off, key out, then key back in and start the ignition (fresh start) - turn steering full lock and you should be able to recreate the noise by turning whilst accelerating over the 10-15mph which the ABS test happens (if I come out of the petrol station near work, which is a tight left hander, whilst accelerating, it'll do the same).
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  6. The MAP should have about 1.6v on its signal line (White wire on my car) with engine stopped (ign on) or low revs. As the turbo comes in, it should rise to over 3.2v, which would be 1 Bar (14.5PSI) of boost, maybe up to 4v at 1.5 Bar (22PSI) of boost. On the 1.8TDCI, as with most diesels, there is no throttle, so there is hardly any suction in the air system. Just the loss over the air filter, which should be quite small. A combination of accelerator position & RPM determines the turbo boost, the MAP then measures this. You will not see much boost when revving the car out of gear, only when working under load. The 2008 injector problem symptoms are typically hesitation under acceleration, followed by the MIL with injector error codes. I assume the fuel filter has been changed. You could try un-plugging the MAF, sometimes no MAF works better than a faulty one. A failed EGR actuator might cause a problem like this, if the EGR was sticking open, but it does not sound like it to me (my EGR actuator has been faulty, and repaired, on & off all over the last 4 years or more!) Blanking the EGR is easy and would eliminate this possibility. If it does seem to be injectors, also be aware of the fact that the lower timing belt needs changing on these cars before 100k or 10 years. This is quite a bit more expensive than the upper belt, and has been known to fail well before 100k miles. (The 1.8TDCI before 2007 had a lower timing chain, which has very rarely been found to fail.)
  7. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    Need to do that on my fiestas wheels. Would use wheel cleaner and fallout remover along with a clay bar. Sealants could use a wheel sealant.
  8. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    The 1.0 isn't that new now. It's been around for over 5 years. They're pretty on top of the reliability. It was mainly just coolant issues on early engines due to the higher operating temps. All engines now have auxillary coolant pumps as standard, they've added extra sensors in new engines and they've fixed the brittle pipe issue on the focus.
  9. No receipt for any of those sadly. When the injectors get sent off to get reconditioned me and dad may check the timing belt. Since the day we bought it we noticed it would be a little lumpy on idling and puff white smoke for a few seconds when started after been sit for several hours. At first thought it was glow plugs but after changing those the symptoms still persist. Injector seals thankfully are doing there job. I did see dried black diesel under the cover which covers the injectors so they were changed at one point. Might also look at the oil feed pipe as dad saying just to make sure the turbo is getting enough oil. Apart from that the car is lovely and drives well. Did a service a few months back and checked the oil not long ago and it hardly used any I'd say the first few months of owning a car is worrying as your not sure how it would be and if the previous owner might of tried to hide anything serious.
  10. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    It depends on your personal circumstance but consider the following to help you decide. For fuel economy, don't expect fuel economy to be much better with the 1.0 than the 1.25 "Fiesta Zetec buyers who pick the 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engine over the cheaper, 1.25-litre petrol engine have to pay a premium of £1000. However, according to theFuel Cost Calculator, the fuel economy savings are slim, meaning it could take up to 52,857 miles to pay that premium off" For reliability, I'd pick the 1.25. The 1.25 engines seem to be pretty tried and tested and seem to be reliable (With no turbo to go wrong too!) The 1.0 obviously a much newer engine. I've seen a few reports of issues cropping up on here, but nothing that would stop me from owning one. It is being used across the whole Ford range so Ford definitely seem confident in them! For drivability, I'm sure you know already but the ecoboost is simply much better. It is much more torquey and doesn't need to be driven as hard. it's a nice quiet engine too when just driving normally, and still sounds pretty good when revving hard. Do remember you'll probably get free tax with the ecoboost as well, whereas the 1.25 costs around £130. I've owned a Fiesta with the 1.25, and one with the 1.0 ecoboost (125). The 1.0 engines are just brilliant! I remember having only slightly better fuel economy with the 1.25, but it's pretty impressive considering how much more power there is.
  11. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    1.0 even in 100 guise is far superior to the 1.25 imo. The turbo gives it good mid range and it makes a great noise.
  12. Strange stalling when parking in gear

    I do not know much about the start stop system here, so could be way off. But could you be confusing the Sart-Stop system? If it is working (rare on a Ford ), and you come to a halt in a forward gear, then drop the clutch, the engine stops automatically. Pressing the button then sends the Start signal, and it tries to fire up just as you release the clutch?
  13. I think it just sticks on don't it. Don't they supply any two sided sticky tapes. From the instructions you switch your sidelights on, use a voltmeter to find the wire which powers the sidelights and most likely splice that wire and solder in the correct wire from the halo lights. Then from there switch the hazard lights on and use the voltmeter again to find the indicator wire and wire the halo wire into that so that it will flash amber when the indicators are switched on. These do look cool but don't know how they would look. Might consider getting them.
  14. Sync3 Firmware and Nav Updates

    The need to register came in a couple of months ago, only Ford knows why. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. How Can I Find Out The Part Number?

    I had a look at the site Tom found, and have been looking for something like that since eucatparts.com disappeared last year. Great find. Looks like the 2008 Mk2 Lynx turbo should be 1567329. From: https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/43/6.21834,7.24135/23/1559/15542/67791/#6K682 Not if it is the Mk2A though, but I expect that is there too.
  16. Hi All, Quick question that I've failed to find the information on a search of the forums or on the internet - got an issue with my S-Max's thermostat: What temperature does the official Ford thermostat rated to open on a 2.0l Petrol Duratec HE engine 145ps. Other third-party versions seems to be anything from 80C to 92C - confusing! Part number 1476110 Focus MK2 1.8/2.0 Petrol Thermostat & HousingFits 1.8 Duratec (125PS) Petrol EngineFits 2.0 Duratec (145PS) Petrol EngineFits From: 29-03-2004 To: 15-01-2008 Thanks.
  17. Hope it' as easy as you make it sound! Haha!
  18. Fiesta Red Edition Revo Tuning?

    It does worry me too about over stressing the engine so I think I'll phone them up to find out some more details first! However with this kit it gives 3 modes one to set back to standard and 2 others for performance and they guarantee the safety of the engine and I suppose it'll only overstess it if you constantly give it the beans rather than the odd blip?
  19. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    Hi all, looking to trade in an existing car we have for another fiesta, but a basic and early facelift version. Is the difference in price between the 1.0 100ps and 1.25 worth it for a car that'll only be kept for 3 years max and used as 15 mile round trip taxi? Anything to watch out for on 40k mile versions of either of the above? I've got a 1.0 140ps and had a 1.25 but neither were near 40k miles and the 1.25 was too long ago to remember. Any help appreciated, thanks
  20. Hi my rear vents behind the bumper are letting water in through the boot, im taking it to garage to get it done, anybody else had the same problem? And how much did it cost to have it done
  21. New to the Ford World

    Hi Welcome
  22. Tool boxes

    I went from 2 halfords 'industrial' series ones to a Clarke 56" effort. It stands about 6ft tall with the wheels on lol. Still, I could do with more space tbh lol
  23. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    cheers buddy, its on the list and i never listen to the radio, got a usb plugged in and that stays on all the time and the wheels got a day each (and the wheel wells) they got cleaned, clay'd and sealed id love to find some pictures, but would seem photobucket like to shaft us edit, found some. it hasnt been done since. working too hard. but i think ill whip them off in the new year and give them a good seeing to
  24. Hi All, Quick question that I've failed to find the information on a search of the forums or on the internet: What temperature does the official Ford thermostat rated to open on a 2.0l Petrol Duratec HE engine 145ps. Other third-party versions seems to be anything from 80C to 92C - confusing! Part number 1476110 Focus MK2 1.8/2.0 Petrol Thermostat & HousingFits 1.8 Duratec (125PS) Petrol EngineFits 2.0 Duratec (145PS) Petrol EngineFits From: 29-03-2004 To: 15-01-2008 Thanks.
  25. Things I Don't Like

    When it's raining not quite enough for wipers on the whole time but too much for intermittent 😌
  26. Supraking's Zetec S 125

    Looks great. Love how clean your wheels look, and the debadge looks better to me. My only suggestion would be to change the aerial for one of the low profile ones (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Richbrook-Logo-Profile-Roof-Aerial/dp/B004AVWX46/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1511385213&sr=8-2&keywords=fiesta+aerial), although be aware that some of the reviews claim that the FM reception isn't as good (It's not something I noticed personally, but I rarely listen to the radio)
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