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  2. Foo Fighters new album!

    Loved the foos when I was younger and still have a few tracks in my 'driving' playlist! Haven't kept up with new music out for many years (too busy writing my own) but will definitely give this a look!
  3. Adams story game

    Real thing by adding
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Can you get to it with normal spanners and lock 2 together to get enough leverage without over length from a breaker bar?
  5. Massive job mate. Not only would you need all the switches, but likely an entire loom, relays for the passengers side and motors, relays and all the other internal parts for the rears. Not to mention new door cards for the rears and a new GEM from a Ghia. Even if you could find all the parts at a scrappy it's still likely be cheaper to buy a Ghia at that age really.
  6. Focus Mk1 Electric Windows

    Sounds like the physical switch on the driver's side is damaged. Either that or the loom to it has been pinched or damaged. If you have one touch up and down windows you could try resetting the window memory but I think it may not work in your case. Wind a window all the way down then press down again and hold for 3 seconds. Then wind up and press up again and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat for each window. Good luck!
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Like last week it was an alternator top mount: I have another tonight but far more inaccessible that one I could at least get at the other end, tonight's rounded off bolt has a welded on nut that more inaccessible than itself The top offside rear shock absorber bolt, who is inconveniently obscured from view by the sub chassis and coil spring mount and at the rear, the spare wheel well blocks direct access to it. All socketry has to go via a UJ, rendering any impact tool more or less ineffective I have broken 2 UJs so far trying to not to let that way, whilst I tried. Admittedly they weren't impact rated UJs just regular ones There too much flexibilty when you add a breaker bar, to the already long multi-extensions (to get around the fuel pipes that also in the way) with the UJ on the end before the socket. My regular wrenches aren't long enough to get the torque. It's now soaking in GT85: PlusGas would be better but I don't know where you can get it from locally (and in the evening too). tomorrow I shall try heating the nut end with Mapp gas torch whilst freezing the bolt with plumbers arctic spray. Yep that's the one
  8. LED build change over.

    I've left my lights in auto since I got my EDGE last December, It does the auto main/high beam switch when it sees tail lights in front, on coming traffic and lit streets. Not had one person flash me yet! (probably 'cos the light from the 1 candela halogens doesn't actually reach them ) and they work all the time for me, they don't seem to be speed dependant, but I'll check that next time I'm out. One of the features I really like.
  9. You really need live telemetry to figure out a problem like this. Could be MAF, fuel pressure, TPS or any number of things really. If you can get a hold of an ELM cable (about £20 I think) and ForScan software (free online) you can hook it up to a laptop and go for a drive. Hopefully if you are recording various sensor states with ForScan and it happens to play up, it might help pinpoint your problem. Edit: actually does forscan do telemetry for mk2?
  10. air direction control

    You are. Dog Cop. Actually that's a really cool title for a crappy American TV show.
  11. If you still have your old phone will it still connect automatically? If not it could point to a problem with the Bluetooth module itself but may be recoverable with a system update if there is one available.
  12. Sync3 and Climate screen

    Neil, do you have a heated steering wheel too ?
  13. air direction control

    I know I should have pushed myself to become a DC [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  14. Zetec S Logo

    If you've already scoured the net I would pop down to your local dealer and take a close up on your phone. That'll be high enough resolution for your needs I would think.
  15. Wireless Dongle For ForScan

    Sorry I can't be much help here but wanted to say that most folk here prefer a cable and laptop. Obviously not ideal for your intended setup but personally I wouldn't want a read or write operation interrupted due to a connection drop. I'm sure someone will be along who can recommend one they've had success with though.
  16. Ford Focus zetec 2007

    I remember reading that heated windscreen problems are due to breaks in the filament that runs through it somewhere near the wipers, assuming you've checked that the fuse is ok? Normal symptom is that one side stops working first though. As to your cluster issue you are obviously aware that cluster faults were common on the mk2 and usually resulted in the car not starting die to immobiliser problems. My guess would have been a bad solder joint to the trace for the LEDs. I would assume that an auto electrician would have had the cluster out and tested the led circuit to make sure the LEDs haven't been damaged, but also that the trace to the correct pin on the connector is also ok. Assuming your indicators otherwise work ok, I would have suggested checking the indicator relay.
  17. air direction control

    Of course Uncle Stoney and Google are also your friends :)
  18. Ford badge gel domed for fiesta 09 plate

    Glad you found what you were looking for... in the place... where I suggested you look in the first place... =]
  19. Thanks for you advise peter, have it booked into a different garage next week. Will quote some of this info....
  20. Things I Do Like

    I do like how easy it was to set up a Twitter account for Pipper. I also like that although they've come from various suppliers by different couriers, all the parts I ordered for the rear axle, all turned up today, between midday and 3pm
  21. Help - Fiesta keyless battery low

    I don't be recall. Would have to take it apart to check
  22. Today
  23. Adams story game

    an improvement on the
  24. It is not at all clear how you set up a Facebook account for something other than an individual. In preparation for a massive fundraising campaign I (along with Pipper) am doing next year for the rescue that Pipper came from and I now volunteer for. We are going to try and raise £100K+ for them over the course of the year, through numerous events. As part of the campaign Pipper will be a sort of brand ambassador and consequently needs a presence on all the main social media platforms along with her own website and blog Setting up Twitter was relatively easy, you can be anything you want on Twitter. Facebook is not! At the bottom of the "Sign Up" page there's a link for "Create a Page for celebrity, band or business" which Facebook's help section tells you to use if you are anything other than an individual. However, once you follow it and select, up pops a log in window "Sign in to your account to proceed" How can you possibly log into an account you haven't created yet!!!? There are clearly "things" on Facebook including animals who are not individuals, so there must be a way to do it?
  25. Thanks for dropping me a line Phil! Can't find any information on them so I'm just going to have to make it work myself, I'm fairly handy at this crack so I'll have a look when I get spare time and I'll write a half detailed tutorial, cheers!
  26. fly by wire / RPM problems

    thats interesting, so it doesn't seem right that mine jumps from idle straight unto 1200 and nothing in-between.
  27. Problems with power to the radio

    The other radio didn't turn on? Then you need to check you have 12V on BOTH red and yellow wires with ignition on - if not, then you have a blown fuse or wiring problem somewhere.
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