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  2. Ford S-Max horn not working

    I see. No I don't have a multimeter but I will be picking up one from halfords on the weekend. I will watch some YouTube videos to see how to test relay etc. Any questions I may bother you here again if you don't mind.
  3. Emissions very high

    As you say iantt it should not be blocked. It may have a problem somewhere ..I would love to bypass / blank off, the thing completely and remap to take out the almost certain dashboard lights. The car goes well so no obvious signs. A bit of annoyance.
  4. Airbag Warning Light.

    I doubt it, I think there's more important regs for the ivory tower to sort out. It's one of them were you're not going to come across a problem with airbags at an MOT, so will get brushed under the mat, with a sort of "it's not broken, don't fix it" attitude.
  5. The TronFez build thread

    Looks good!! I'll be at the next one :)
  6. Today
  7. cambelt change due

    Your Member of Parliament benefits from similar facilities at his place of work, as do members of 'The Other Place'
  8. 2014 Ford Focus Titanium

    This is my new (to me) Ford Focus. My 5th Ford, this Focus is the replacement of my C-Max. Current mods: None
  9. Service

    If it's a 1.6 petrol it's at the front, I'd also use a six sided socket on the 13mm sump plug that Ford seem to be still using.
  10. Thanks Alex, much appreciated! It's not a scratch, I'm pretty much talking about the whole body of the car! After closer inspection, looks to me like the front bumper was replaced or repaired as it's mostly a dull black and you can't see any metallic flecks in the paint (unlike the bonnet, roof, doors etc.) Looks like a similar thing happened to one of the rear wings also. And in general there are light swirls everywhere - not too noticeable in general but with the amount of time I spend looking at my car, it does bother me [emoji20] Just looks patchy overall Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
  11. Airbag Warning Light.

    Incidentally, you might think that a missing/defective SRS light would also be grounds for failure and whilst it used to be (a few years back) this is no longer the case. To use VOSA's own words, 'If no lamp is present or it doesn’t illuminate then it can’t indicate a system fault, so it can’t be failed'. This might sound rather at odds with the purpose of the MOT test however I do recall reading that the removal of rejection due to a missing/defective SRS light was actually down to the requirement to comply with EU harmonisation obligations which don't allow deviation from a standardised test - I think VOSA relectuantly went along with it given they had no choice in the matter. Perhaps once Brexit is done and dusted we'll be getting this rule put back in!
  12. Emissions very high

    egr is at the back on the right as you look at engine. but i doubt it will be blocked.
  13. Things I Don't Like

    My wife tooting the horn outside our house so I will go out and reverse her car into a gap the space shuttle could land on......people who deliberately park there motor over the white line taking up 2 spaces for their 'precious' 😂 In fact wen u get to my age pretty much everything annoys u 😤
  14. Hi All just wondering if there's any info out there on the reverse cams that pop up in the rear view mirror? my daughter had a fiesta with this and I always thought it was pretty neat, would this be a Ford add on or are they freely available/easy to fit or worth the trouble? any advice welcome 👍 Cheers
  15. Ford S-Max horn not working

    33 supplies the relay coil side of relay. have you got a multimeter?
  16. Airbag Warning Light.

    If the SRS lamp was on (as in remained on following the self-testing) then it should've failed. Section 5.4 of the MOT manual covers this part of the test and has been subject to changes over the years and not all testers necessarily keep on top of its evolution.
  17. Things I Don't Like

    There should be a law allowing you to continually honk at people like this until they get out of your way.
  18. Recalls

    Nothing major for me to worry about ! Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  19. Emissions very high

    Confusing indeed. When I looked up the Engine on Ebay, just to see where things like EGR were on the engine I had to put in mk9 to get the correct engine type. see photo 5 showing electronic throttle and air to manifold also the massive EGR with intercooler. This is my engine exactly.
  20. Ford focus mk2 washer stalk issues

    Hello, It appears I have a similar issue to you with the rear washer operating when I press for the front washer on my c-max. I wondered if you got this fixed and also if it is it easy to get the control stalk out if that is the problem? Thanks
  21. Fiesta Metal

    I'm looking for a quieter exhaust for my car, have a sportex exhaust on it's quite loud and now I'm getting a bit sick of it. Could anyone help me out here to help fine a decent standard exhaust for the fiesta metal?
  22. Fiesta not starting after crash

    Diesels indeed do not have inertia switches. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  23. Emissions very high

    The main confusion is caused because Ford don't officially use the mk system (they go by year of introduction). Because of this many don't take facelift versions as such and simply call them a totally new mk. If this was applied generally speaking then the current focus would be classed as a mk6. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  24. Dashcams, again!

    My car went into a Ford dealer a month ago, for some repairs. My dashcam is wired to the ignition. Out of curiosity, I played back all the footage, and noticed nothing interesting or unusual. From the footage I did notice that the guy who washed the car did have a quick fiddle with my custom android headunit though lol.
  25. Hi. Car seems to have alot of fault all which have started together. Not sure whats happened but got into focus and dash said bonnet was open, so when and checked was closed property but still there on dash and upon further inspection noticed Air con not working Back wiper not working (front is working) Water sprayer not working Reverse lights not working Flashing lights when locking not working Now all these started straight after bonnet warning came on dash. Anybody any ideas please
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