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  2. Security with 'Passive Key Entry'

    Yep, you are absolutely correct! I was getting mixed up with the key transmission signal and the vehicle transmission signal. It is the vehicle signal that transmits LF to detect when the key is in proximity, which then activates the key. (I believe). If you can find how/where the vehicle transmitter is, then I guess you could remove it and the PKE system would be ceased. But you'd be playing with fire (as well as your warranty lol!).
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Drive_Further-1498699446914070/ Now following your facebook.
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I've posted a thread in the relevant place but posting a link here for idle gossip - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/102413/ford-focus-rs-owners-offered-free-repair-for-white-smoke-issue Seems another Ford engine has cooling problems now... A recall that is not really a recall has been issued. Given the rarity of the 2.3 RS/Mustang engine, I suspect Ford are taking it on the chin. As the 1.0 EcoBoost is in almost anything with a blue oval, I suspect that the fighting with many customers with this engine will continue.
  5. Fiesta titanium

    I had a Fiesta Titanium 2009 1.4 before I got my current model. It did a regular 330 miles per fill up in town.
  6. I couldn't see that this had been posted elsewhere but it was topical given the time bomb of the 1.0 EcoBoost and its cooling system - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/102413/ford-focus-rs-owners-offered-free-repair-for-white-smoke-issue Hope this is of use to some people.
  7. Hello

    Hi everyone I’m happy to be here part of the community of Ford. I have Ford Fiesta mk6 1.4 tdci climatic zetec this is my second Ford. my first Ford was Ford Fiesta 2002 1.25 zetec and was the best first car
  8. Axle stands should ideally be placed under the arrowed jacking points on the sill where it is strengthened for exactly that purpose. Obviously it's difficult with the jack there as well though so I tend to look for a solid part of the subframe that won't slip, usually where it is bolted to the chassis. On the subject of jacks though...I've been using an old car jack to save lifting the trolley jack recently (I don't go under without stands though)...but then this happened yesterday lol...they aren't as strong as you'd think!
  9. Dan.. you are a man after my own heart mate. I have driven to Mongolia twice, and recently looped Europe via North cape to italy via Stelvio pass. 6500 miles in 2 weeks. I have plans in a few years to do around the world too. I would like to follow you if you don't mind and also do a club article about your adventures if thats ok?? BTW, i did mongolia in 2009 due to a post on this club about someone doing mongolia in a Fiesta, that got the juices cooking and now I can't wait for my next adventure. Keep driving mate!!!
  10. Fiesta titanium

    I have just read an old topic started on here a few years ago and someone said it was on 2010 and newer so the technicians could be right. As for turning it on/off to be honest i don't know if i did as its been ages ago.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. Wheel off this morning in the pouring rain ! ! Cannot find obvious signs of leak around seal, but the whole thing stinks so am happy it is a seal leaking somewhere. Anyway, off now to pick up the caliper & pads and hopefully rain will stop soon......
  12. I have no grasp of these languages whats so ever. My Russian is very poor but enough to vaguely get by explaining who I am [a British tourist] where I've been, and where I'm going. My experience so far of Kazakhstan is that many have an English vocabulary better than most Europeans, the oil industry has made these regions tri-lingual and very multi-national. English really is a universal language, something we perhaps take for granted, many around these regions I am able to converse through a combination of broken English and broken Russian. Most fuel stations are like in the UK and pretty obvious, but with an emphasis to LPG than Petrol, so in instances I have had to divert to find a fuel pump which I need.
  13. Morning, Does anyone know the number plate prefixes of North London Ford dealers? It'll be somewhere around Stanmore... Trying to do some detective work lol Cheers
  14. Hi from Lancashire!

    Hi Welcome
  15. Fiesta titanium

    God knows it’s never been on and I have had the car a couple of years, if you manage to find it that would be great, but weird that the ford technitions say it doesn’t have it, but I have read and seen it working on other fiestas he same age as mine
  16. Fiesta titanium

    I did turn mine off ages ago but cant remember what to un-tick,strange that is as mines on so could be something wrong. Its got me thinking now,looks like a look in my manual i have with the car.
  17. Heating problems Fiesta titanium

    It has got climate control but this happens when temperatures is set to HI too. You could be right tho mate.
  18. Today
  19. Leaking Caliper - Second opinions and advice....

    I'd also replace the pads, they're not expensive anyway, but the fluid soaks into them rather than laying on the surface so cant really be cleaned off effectively. Disc can be easily cleaned with a bit of brake cleaner though. If you haven't got a flare spanner, mole grips can be used to avoid an open-ender slipping.
  20. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Basically it's exactly as @BrownMotoring has described above. If you select the Auto Park feature you automatically get rear and front sensors plus the rear view camera regardless of if they are standard on the car or not. It's only available on B&O Titanium, normal Titanium and Vignale models.
  21. Security with 'Passive Key Entry'

    Any Ford dealer can turn it off for you.
  22. Hello fellow ford owners, After some searching on google I came across the ford owners club and found you guys giving some great expert advice. I figured I would give it a shot too. I am currently the owner of a Ford Streetka 2003 1.6 model and I am having problems with starting the car. I have brought it twice to the garage but seeing as everytime I bring it, it has to start for me to drive and then just doesn't break down till I have it back in possession, I am unable to get it diagnosed and fixed. When trying to start it just mumbles a little and shuts back down. The engine doesn't or almost doesn't rev. If I hook up another car with jumper cables (done 3 times now) it sometimes while revving the donating car starts(2 out of 3 success rate). Sometimes messing around under the hood will also help start it. As done last night, mainly wiggling cables. A video of it not starting on youtube: Streetka starting problems Some background info: It had a heating problem, so the radiator has been replaced. It had old spark plugs so the spark plugs and cables have been replaced as well. It would mean the world to me to be able to drive it again. Kind regards, Jason
  23. Security with 'Passive Key Entry'

    I think you meant its a low-power radio signal as the frequency used is 433.92MHz which is Ultra High Frequency, However I take your meaning and thanks for the input, it seems the PKE will have to stay.
  24. I think trying to clean the pads is not a good idea. You are likely to end up with an imbalance of the brakes between each side of car which can mean when breaking it pulls the steering one way a bit, which could be quite dangerous in certain circumstances. make sure you clean disc well. Also if there is fluid around the centre part of the disc/hub this needs cleaning too as that can spray out onto disc surface when the disc is spinning at speed
  25. i can't advise you what to do. I can tell you that the real problems people have had with these engines is coolant leaks and the engine being damaged by overheating by the loss of coolant before people are aware of the coolant leak. If oil is not getting around your engine it might be that the engine has already suffered internal damage from it running with no oil pressure even though it was not for long. But you can't really tell unless the oil pressure problem is fixed first and then the car road tested. Cars I have had with oil pressure failure: Granada - caused by the hexagaonal shaft that drove the oil pump rounded off so it no longer gripped in the oil pump TR7 - oil pressure relief spring broke (if oil pressure high the valve would open to allow some of the oil straight back to sump but with broken spring it was mostly going that way and not around the engine) Brother's Audi TT - blocked oil filter - he had not changed oil or filter for 50k miles and car had been left standing for a year I can imagine it's a bit of a nightmare for you
  26. Rear drum brake stuck

    I can't remember who my insurer was at the time but I had it on my policy for no extra cost. I have a stainless exhaust declared on my current policy with Admiral for no extra cost too.
  27. Security with 'Passive Key Entry'

    You might be better installing a tracker, won't stop them kicking it but you can at least trace where its gone....right up until it ends up dismantled and sold for parts at th docks
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