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    As an Officer myself I can't comment on their procedures as they do vary by force however the speed cameras in the cars can pick you out from over half a mile away (can't divulge the actual technical specs). Traffic cops are known for being 'keen' though and you'll never win an argument with them as they know traffic laws inside out. The law is changing this month whereby the 10% leeway is being dismissed so be aware. Also please don't tar all of us with the same brush, I'm not looking for a knighthood, just a honest days wage like everyone else. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I don't like that as I'm finishing walking the dogs prior to going to work that a car crashes into 4 cars directly in front of me then leaves the scene. I like even less that the dog I was walking at the time was my collie and not the mali who could have been handy in the situation. I like even less that the perpetrators car was a Fiesta and the main cars hit were another Fiesta and a Ka. What can be classed as something I do like is that I had my radio with me and could call it in immediately, then when speaking with my attending colleagues that the driver and passenger came walking around the corner and straight into my hands. The offending car didn't get very far as the NSF tyre was hanging off the rim. They're currently being breathalysed and processed by my colleagues.
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    It was very close @jmurray I was a bit shaken for a while. The white Dacia was overtaking the Scania on the A96. He yanked the wheel hard to get back into his own lane and I had to cross the white line on my near side. The police have the footage now and they are going to be going to the registered keepers address and charging the driver with dangerous driving. People always say that personal dashcams are inadmissible but this proves they are not right Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Don't bother with either. The blufin commonly has running issues and causes limp mode, which will lead to them sending you multiple replacement maps and still not sorting it The Mountune map isn't a massive improvement power wise and is extremely overpriced. Stay well away from AETmotorsport as their customer service is ridiculously bad, their stage 1 caused me running issues and their stage 2 map melted piston one on my car. They buy their maps in too Revo have brilliant customer service, offer a switchable map with the SPS module and have some good smooth curves. They spent over 11months and 30k miles testing and developing on the 1.0. Puma speed have good smooth curves and have hit over 220bhp from the 1.0. Their customer service is good but slow to respond
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    Lol, its on the general chat part of the forum, just wanted some advice from people, if you dont like it, dont read it.
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    I chickened out! I didn't go to see the car lol i just sat thinking about it and come to the conclusion that if i went to drive it i would return home cursing the car that i have for being so slow lol I also don't want to just 'settle' for any ST. So im going to save a bitta cash and wait for the ST3 Estate. That is a dream car of mine so id be better to wait. Im perfectly contented with the car i have though. It gets heads turning everywhere actually. I had a good laugh today when two fiestas full of lads nearly collided trying to croon their necks for a better look lol Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
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    when i see a customer has marked there filter , i re-mark the new filter with a smiley face with the date on. lol
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    Crikey! I could buy three used cars for that!!
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    Anyone else been doing the ritualistic scrub up with the sun being out? Powerwashed/dried, Autobrite Direct 'Brilliance', Autobrite 'Crystal' glass cleaner, Maguires tyre gel then 2 hours later one coat of 'Carbanuba' .. shiny shiny but not for long looking at the weather report :(
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    Im Sure no ones interested but i have now fitted my usb port, new shiny knobs and the entire head unit with car launcher running im new to modding my car and i like it. not sure wether using the darker carbon fibre look from the ST would look nicer... ive seen someone do on here
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    which also lights up some neon tubes under the car, kicks the amp to position 11 and turns on a small jet engine attached to the exhaust :D
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    Sorry for delayed response on this subject; I've been busy at work all week, and i wanted to provide a thougher response as im quite proud of my home installation setup. I purchased 50 metres of webro WF100 twin shotgun coaxial cable from ebay If purchasing a roll like this👇 I recommend using a broom handle and two chairs to take it off the coil because this method stops it twisting👌 The normal stuff sky installers use is WF65 or WF80; there good enough quality for short distances but there not as well shielded against 5G Wi-Fi signal compared to WF100 and the reception is generally better quality because the connection between the box and the dish is stronger. Also I was upgrading the home entertainment network and I wanted to use the best of everything in terms of cables because I was putting them in the walls forever. i also purchased an Octo LNB which is essentially the same as the standard skyHD LNB with the only difference being it has more ports to feed more satellite box's link: I may soon be changing that LNB to the newer SkyQ LNB which is specificly required for the newer skyQ box's but is also bakwards compatible with Sky+HD and all other FreeSat box's So if your purchasing in the future; i recommend this one link: The only downsides to fitting a SkyQ LNB rather than the older type are; 1. At present the most available ports on the skyQ compatible LNB is 6 meaning you can only supply three rooms with pause & record 2. SkyQ LNB won't work with what are most commonly known as "dream box's" or "dodgy box's" terms used to describe the decoders which have been tweaked to provide all sky has to offer for free after the initial purchase. Anyway; With twin coaxial satelite feeds running from the dish to various rooms in the house you can fit a sky box in all rooms but an alternative and legal option is to use somthing like a "Humax HDR1100s" link: They are the closest to sky type of decoder on the market without any bills, they display all the free channels available on satelite aswell as allowing you to pause and record channels aswell as live television. I've got the main sky+HD box in the living room, it is sending a coaxial cable up to a splitter in the attic where it's signal is shared to all televisions along with the terrestrial aerial; This means the sky box in the living room can be viewed on all televisions at the same time watching the same channel, So to recap; The freesat box in the rooms upstairs provides all the freeview and the subscription on sky box in livingroom is shared viewing on all Televisions. I bought all the parts myself and done all the internal routing of the cables by myself at weekends, I put the cables out through the slit vent in the fascia board at the back of the house to be connected to the satellite dish on the chimney. I then contacted a local TV aerial and satellite installer to come to the house, get up on the roof; take away the original sky cable from the front of the house; change the LNB to the octo I had purchased and connect the new cables. Only cost me €60 labour for that as I had done the rest of the installation myself😊 and provided the equipment, even made an a cuppa, but any installer can provide all items. overall I've relocated the telephone socket from the hall to the livingroom cabinet; ive fitted three CAT7 network cables from the internet router to each bedroom aswell as a twin sattelite feed and a terrestrial aerial feed, The main Sky subscription in the living room viewing is shared throughout the home. all cables are run inside the walls and attic space, feeding from the floor in livingroom up the partition in the kitchen in to the airing cupboard and up in to the attic. Took me a few weeks to route but was well worth the effort for years to come and i saved alot by doing most of it myself, I'm now free to change between the Sattelite or Telephone line entertainment provider's without the need for any additional installations.
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    [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41] Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
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    A mere drop in the ocean compared to some of you!!!
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    Went to Lexus to book in my car for a recall and I love when a couple came up to me to talk about the car and asked if they can even seat in it. Because they are looking to purchase the same. I felt like a sales man and I actually enjoyed it. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
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    Wow, that's a very vivid prediction lol I agree though that she may chase you a short while after it's ended, that's when you have to stand strong and stick by your convictions. I'm fortunate enough that once I split with a girl there was no chase, they never wanted me back [emoji22] if she does this then it's more than likely to be an ego thing on her part. Make sure you take time to process what has happened and clear your head, stick with your mates and do what makes you happy for a while. Beware of your own rebound actions, they rarely make you feel better and it wouldn't be fair to the rebound chick, it would be fun though [emoji87] My marriage ended almost a year to the day of anniversary. I was devastated and thought I would never find anyone else, I thought my heart was just in bits. I spent time with my friends and did things I wanted to do. I did end up having a 'friend with benefits' for a few months and that suited us both lol. Then I met my now wife and now I have a wife, baby, dog, new build house, a promotion at work and 2 new(ish) fords. Life couldn't be sweeter! The girl for you is out there, you may already know her or you may not but you will find each other. In the meantime have fun looking!! Plow your time into your car, get it looking good and show it. You may find a petrol head girlfriend! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I never said I didn't like it. Any way never mind. All I can advise you and I've bin around a bit is that no matter how old you are or even if you have been married or bin with your partner a long long time or just starting out you cannot fathom out the workings of a female mind .
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    Can't say I'm speaking from experience, but my advice would be to walk on! If she's like that now, can you imagine what she'd be like if you married her?
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    Sounds like someone who thrives on drama and has to be the centre of attention. She's selfish, walk away and find someone who is less hard work. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    drive slower, slipstream trucks, leave earlier to avoid traffic, avoid braking at all costs, carpool, reduce unnecessary weight in car (spare wheel) apply tape to all body panel shut lines turn off climate control turn off radio tape up 75% of the radiator grill use lower viscosity oil in engine only ever have the fuel tank at 25% max over inflate your tires get larger diameter wheels get thinner width wheels use part worn tires remove all noise insulation from interior panels disconnect power steering pump remove wing mirrors and replace with cameras lower the roof by 3 inches cover rear wheel arches with sheet aluminium mount a rear spoiler upside down to create upforce turn off engine when stopped turn off engine when idling and slowing down to a stop crank starter motor when pulling away from stationary for a kers boost replace all glass with plastic when filling up pick up the premium filler nozzle and tip out the few millilters of fuel into your tank, put it back and fill up with regular fill up at night or mornings replace all exterior lights with LED replace all body panels with composite materials replace steel exhaust with titanium
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    I do like having my medication sorted by the doctors which (touch wood) isn't giving me any side effects whatsoever, and is doing what it is supposed to do.
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    Hej, inspired by Mountune Induction Kit for MK7 I decided to make my version. Drilled hole inside of original air box and added flexible aluminium tube to get air from underneath headlight. Added Pipercross panel filter. se pictures
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    Flipping hell! I could buy 7 used cars with that...
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    "That's the WoW factor right there" The designer frame with this coating on the lenses to prevent scratching and another coating to prevent glare at night when driving and this fee for thinning out the lenses so they don't look like milk bottles aswell as VAT @ 20% brings it up because we can ☺
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    Pretty much the lowest octane i've run in mine is 97 ron apart from a couple of months ago when all I could find between Southampton and Poole was 95 ron. I was on 20 miles range so pretty much a full tank of 95 and I definitely felt the difference. I know some people aren't convinced that performance fuels make much difference but I can definitely feel when it's 95 and not 99. Sent from my SM-G930F
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    That certainly sounds like ours, although we are in Surrey, so a fair distance away! But here it is... And today, we went to the Simply Aston Martin show at Beaulieu Motor Museum, a great day out, met a few people from Pistonheads and there were over 300 other Astons there. Beautiful weather too! What more could you want?! People kept getting in my pictures! It attracted lots of attention, as there were only another 5 or so DB11's present. If I'd had the final say on the colour... Still prefer the Rangie though (and of course my beloved Focus, I for one am convinced it would beat the Aston in a drag race ) Lovely to see British engineering at its best!
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    The early Focus MK2 versions (build before approximately 01-2007) did have green illumination. Late Focus MK2 (build after approximately 01-2007 did have the small interior facelift which also included the change to red illumination. The ESP switch you have is for the earlier MK2. You need the type of switch for the late MK2
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    It's good to hear that the police are going to be following up on the matter.
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    Brembos are good, Look on ebay. fil=2%2C3%2C1%2C9%2C8&selvel=Ford~Fiesta%2520V~2008~MK%2520V%2520%255B2001-2010%255D~ST150&MMake=Ford&MModel=Fiesta+V&MYear=2008&vToken1=MK+V&vToken2=ST150&_pgn=2&_skc=50&rt=n The only Brembos in this list are rear discs. EBC are good, Mintex always used to be good.. You should try and see what is wrong, strip the brakes back, remove the caliper, remove the pads and re-assemble . Make sure the pads run smooth on the pins, use copper slip grease.on the pins and back of the pads.
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    Grills fitted today, I was a little apprehensive about the upper with what can happen with the lock but it was simple tbh, the fog surround were an absolute nightmare though as the clips just didn't want to fit in the slots! Also fitted nightbreakers to the fog lights too, which on the focus bulb list were H8 but were actually H11's
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    Her attitude shows a very poor level of respect for you or herself. Some people can't exist without causing drama in everything they do, it gives them a false sense of being in full control of someone elses life and this gives her a buzz knowing that she's making you dance like her puppet. Cut her loose, move on and find someone who offers mutual respect. Apt is the phrase- 'plenty more fish in the sea'. I spend about 70% of my working time dealing with domestic problems, trust me when I say she's damaged goods and you deserve far better. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    From experience including "wasting" around 15 years on a seemingly identical female, a resounding NO.
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    Go for a drive and listen to some U2 albums 👍 particularly the album "how to dismantle an atomic bomb" "No line on the horizon" And the new album "Songs of innocence" also turn off phone if drinking somthing such as captain Morgan's Spiced rum and coke #Mouldy😩
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    Thanks for all the comments fellas. So yeah, we basically 100% finished lastnight. Been a year with many ups and a few big downs, I am sad its come to an end and I'll probably feel like this for quite a while, but what will be will be. If she realises in the future how good I was to her, I probably will speak to her, ill try work it out, but this time on my terms. If she never comes back to me, well then, that sums it up, she clearly wasn't the one. Nothing more I can do. Thanks for the advice though guys, helps being able to vent to people. Time to go and mend my broken heart. @Lenny @Jonro2009 @Tom-B64
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    Drop it like it's hot, The individual perhaps didn't get enough love from a parent as a child and now having found yourself offering affection they are finding many ways to abuse it and make the most for there financial gain, comfort and pleasure this can also happen if your are from a wealthy family. Be prepared for the possible suicidal threats towards you when you terminate the relationship, Also be prepared for the booty call text within a few months after the break up this will be a honey trap. and if you do follow through with that booty call request; be sure to wear two condoms because a few days after that text she will be telling you that she thinks she has gotten pregnant "from that one time when we weren't In a relationship" which will be a plan that see's you chasing her again as this would be the plan to get more out of you with no truth in the story atall. Then creating the love triangle when she finds another Gom to polish her shoes at which point she may phone you to say how fantastic they are in comparison to yourself. Life is too short mate 👍
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    ''Heel & Toe'' gear changing and of course big balls in this shed which I never crashed too Sold it back in 1993 because of mad car insurances against the RS crowd, went from £50 a year to £700, enough was enough so sold it on Strangely the new owner wrote my love off within a month
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    Dash cams not recording speed is rarely a problem, as most accidents (especially in town) aren't solely due to excessive speed. Yes, speed in many accidents exacerbates the crash that was going to happen anyway, but in town most of the crashes are simply people carrying out dangerous manoeuvres. So that idiot who pulls out on you, or the moron who cuts you up, or the expletive who drives aggressively, or the cyclist who has no lights. They are great for irrefutably recording what actually happened at that point in time. For the sake of £70 or £80 to buy a half decent camera, I think they are well worth it.
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    Aye mate, most of my friends did the same things, bought alfa's and the likes and wrapped them around lampposts and other inanimate objects. I'm 28 so have a more sensible frame of mind and i value my life and car haha. Thanks for the heads up though.
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    Just passed your test and you buy a Zetec S ? Be-careful out there and try not to right the car off or harm yourself I've known loads of people pass their test and brag off about their new car, some buy a low powered cars but many buy sports cars only to crash it a month on. My Sons mate passed his test and he got a 208 GTI and all he did was brag & brag, a week later he wrote it off going around a bend. Sorry for the negativity but everyone prangs their first car, that's why parents tell their kids to buy a cheap car as you'll prang it. Stay safe
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    Mmmmm................haggis..................lovely!!! Wetherspoons do chicken with haggis and whisky sauce............absolutely lovely!
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    Hi, The isofix is the safest method for transport, the air bags in the seats are designed to spread in a horizontal formation for side impact that don't go towards the rear passengers atall, And if you see "Airbag" written above the front seatbelts these are curtain airbags, there more of a cloth venetian blind than an air bag, because there a fabric curtain which drops down the side to prevent glass from coming at both front & rear passengers may be fitted to the fiesta as there in my 2010 focus. Nothing to worry about and congratulations 👶🎉
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    I saw a taxi pull away this morning and it clipped the corner of a parked car! I shouted to the driver that you've hit this car, he replied by giving me the middle finger and carried on.
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    You have just been released a month ago or the 17-plate has 😁
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    I do like a fruitful visit to Tesco reduced isle! Among miscellaneous items I bought a very nice pie for my tea, vastly reduced from the original RRP... It says it serves two, but unless it doubles in size (or my stomach halves) during cooking, it will only do me!!
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    I don't like going out onto our front lawn this morning to see that someone has let their dog s**t on our grass!!! Our garden isn't fenced etc so folk walking by don't seem to appreciate the fact that they are letting their dogs walk all over MY grass!!! All they need to do is ask and I would even give them a poopbag to clean it up.................cos that's what responsible owners do, clean up after their dogs! Rant over.
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    That's why they invented limiters. To stop stupid people excessively speeding. If a person is unable to maintain a constant speed, and keep an eye on their speed while keeping their eyes on the road, personally they need to either retake their test or just stop driving. I can easily maintain 70 on the motorway with the CC turned off and without the need for such features.
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    Your little 125 will burn off most things because they aren't trying to race you, they have the restraint not to put people's lives in danger. If I saw you driving at double the speed limit in a 30 I would be the little spec in your mirror reporting you! I'd like to think you are just trolling, and bigging yourself up like a lot of the keyboard warriors. I'd rather hear a bean can exhaust and loud BOV trundling past than see people like you go past in a blur. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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