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    Advise needed! ABS, GPS...

    On the Focus MK3/MK3.5 the speed is calculated by the ABS module based on the ABS sensors and programmed tire size. The calculated speed is transmitted over the CANbus system to every CANbus module that requires the speed signal. If one of the ABS sensors does not output a correct signal the ABS module can not calculate the correct speed. This can cause problems with all functionality that requires the speed signal. Next to the GPS antenna the SatNav system also uses the speed signal to calculate the position of the vehicle. A missing or incorrect speed signal can cause GPS problems.
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    I'd say 100% battery problem. Some batteries will draw down to the point where charging won't help. A new battery and a check for parasitic power drains are most likely the answers. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Things I Do Like

    On the way to Shrewsbury I went thru a village called Cockshutt. There's a pub there called the leaky tap. Made me chuckle.
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    Forum Absence

    I'm sure my temporary absence from the airwaves has been much loved by many on here, but I have a good excuse! Baby James, born by section on the 16th November 2017 at 13:22, weighed 8lb 6oz! ...and me dressed as a long burgundy tit.
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    Here is mine. Mk2.5 Titanium - S Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    I have a pair of these in my Focus for over 2 years now. i bought them on Ebay. The ones I have are good quality and are a perfect fit. The lenses are identical to the original reflectors. These reflectors have a low intensity function for sidelights (as shown on the picture above) and a high intensity function for brake lights. I do not use the brake light function because were I live additional brake lights are not allowed.
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    Focus ST Line X 140

    I have 2017 ST Line 1.5 BHP with 18 inch rock wheels and a space saver. I got my boot liner for £16 including postage from E-Bay. My wife had a Fiesta 1 litre 125 BHP which a great little car but when test drove the Focus 125 BHP it was sluggish possible to the body weight.
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    Things I Don't Like

    People who drive at 40 everywhere. In 30, 50, and national speed limit roads, I've been behind many of these over the years.
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    Things I Don't Like

    A spudger is one of those tools, once you've got, you've no idea how you managed without it before! I bought my Elu ST84EK jigsaw as bucket of disassembled parts for £5 off ebay. It had only been used once, the seller had broken the casing when it fell down 5 flights of stairs on to a concrete floor. He'd dismantled it to replace the casing but then decided to buy another one, instead of reassembling it. He's paid more for a new casing than he sold the saw for!
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    Things I Don't Like

    I had to look up spudger! " A spudger (or sometimes spludger) is a tool that has a wide flat-head screwdriver-like end that extends as a wedge, used to separate pressure-fit plastic components without causing damage during separation. " Now I have looked it up, I think I have an urge to get one! I hate all those plastic clips too . And cars are full of them as well, in various sorts. Talking of dismantling things, this box of bits used to be a chainsaw! All because of a leaking crankcase seal. At least it was almost all screwed together, though I am going to have to make a worm remover. For the worm oil pump drive gear on the crankshaft. The Husky tool is a silly price, and I can only find it in the USA. I am, optimistically (?), hoping it will all go back together again and work!
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    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like how time consuming running Pipper's social media accounts are. When I started in October I thought it would just be uploading a couple of photos daily and commenting on them, per account: 10 minutes daily I wrongly thought! As her 'followers increase the time interacting with them grows. I must spend around 3-4 hours a day doing it, off and on, now I don't like how awkward it is to open some electric items, not sensibly screwed together: but with a multitude of plastic latches that you don't want to break doing it. My Philips shaver that stopped working with a known fault, in this case. Unlike Philips Australia/Asia who exchange the faulty unit even though it's out of warranty for free: Philips Europe, have a non-refundable handling charge even just to look at it! As it's known fault with battery pcb (dry joints) I thought I'd do it myself, and whilst I'm inside it, change the battery for a new one, at a cost of a third of Philips handling charge. Finally got it open using a combination of Bojo tools, a spudger and an old Sainsbury loyalty card. Only broke one latch on the internal battery compartment out of 7.
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    Things I Do Like

    I'll be bringing that back [emoji41]. Taking up a couple of bottles of vintage Taylors Port to see a couple of mates that are Majors based up there in the Royal Marines. Supping port is part of their traditions. [emoji5] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Ah, blame me as usual [emoji19] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Which tyres?

    that's depends on what you define as irreparable..
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    A few mods to show off...

    Another new addition
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    RS to ST Airbox lid conversion

    I have been planning this project for a couple of weeks and finally tracked down a pre-used, mint condition RS airbox from which to take the cover, for £50.- Having already purchased the 3D printed ST replacement grille off ebay for £30 from HERE, I just needed a cheap hot glue gun and my (supposedly) trusty Dremel to get cracking.- First I removed the rubber seal from the top and using my Dremel I cut away the original grille, the flamin' Dremel's battery went wonky half way in so I had to resort to using a small hacksaw which resulted in a bit of a nip out of the rim of the apeture.- This was not too much of a worry though as the replacement grille has a groove that sits over the rim and hides any nicks nicely as proven by a test fit prior to glueing the grille in place.- Once everything was sanded and cleaned off, I attached the new grille by applying the hot glue between the grille and rim and pushing them together, they mated together snugly pointing to the fact that the seller did his homework and got the size just right.- I recommend using a mini glue gun as I feel a standard size one would likely chuck out too much glue and make a real mess plus the mini gun ran around the rim of the lid quite nicely Finished product with the grille secured firmly and the rubber seal pushed back in to place, (photos of the lid fitted to the car will have to wait until daylight and giving time for the glue to fully set).-
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like getting my new car yesterday. A ST250!!!!!
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    Coolant use.

    So the jobs a good un, I ordered the part online for under 9 quid, got a mechanic mate to fit it for 15 quid, not worth messing yourself for that money. He even put his own antifreeze in, despite me having some of my own in the boot. Thermostat housing had a crack in it. Thanks all for the replies.
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like having this bottle of beer tonight. Seemed appropriate given the weather conditions today
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    I went for the Zetec S purely for looks, what I really wanted was an ST but thought it would cost to much to run, how wrong was I, my 1.8 petrol is only returning high 20s low 30s according to my dash readout, and I don't do enough miles to warrant a diesel. I only travel 4 miles to work each way and about 100 miles on the weekend. Like you said Tom, the chassis I excellent on the Focus, I have pushed it on my local back roads on my way home from work in the early hours and it's really satisfying 😀 but on the whole majority of my driving is duel caridgeway with the cruise control set to 70ish.
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    Sorry, missed the latest replies somehow! Flywheel locking pin needs to be about 3 inches long I guess, will try to remember to measure the proper one tomorrow though. Tensioning makes sense when you actually see it. But basically there's a spring inside the tensioner, as you turn it, you put the spring under more strain which pulls the pointer around. So at the correct amount of tension, the pointer is in the window, then hold it still and torque the bolt. Luke, sadly it doesn't work, the logistics of buying and moving cars is difficult now with non transferable tax and ridiculously expensive day insurance, that's assuming it's got MOT. Car couriers also cost daft money now, looking at £3 a mile or so...then there's the space and time... Plus eBay fees for selling and the unexpected parts. And these cars are old now, margins are tiny. I have been trying to do something like that myself. I used to privately a few years ago, but just can't do it these days. Bodger, the fuel pump is locked for a reason...but no one seems to quite know why! I have read it's to do with the balance of the 'surges' as each of the pump pistons fire, which can affect the smooth running of the engine but never have found a solid answer! The crank pulley is keyed on these engines, it's just some of the petrols where it isn't. As Darren says, there's no fuel unless the ECU tells the injectors to fire...as long as you don't have the ignition on there should be no issue turning it over by hand. Plus trying to overcome the compression of a diesel takes some effort, I'd be impressed if you could turn it over quick enough by hand to start it anyway!
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    PICTURE HEAVY POST! Few minor changes happened today! I've been keeping the postman busy this week so decided to get out there this afternoon just before sunset [emoji4] Autobeam stuff arrived, plus a few other bits: Engine cover before: After (although I've just realised I left out the oval around 'Ford' [emoji34] Will have to get back out there tomorrow!) : Boot, no light: We have light! [emoji362]: Before LEDs: Bulb comparison: After LEDs: Before number plate LEDs: Bulb comparison: After LEDs: Before: After: New booty [emoji527] lol: Took some pics once it had gotten darker to get a real idea of the difference. Much prefer the brighter LEDs and bluer look to the standard yellow ones. Feels much nicer to sit in too [emoji16] Tbh, I'm most impressed with the boot light after not having one for about 7 months. Apparently I bought my car without a bulb in there, but because I was checking the wrong side, I always thought I just didn't have one... FAIL! No more rummaging round in my boot in the pitch black [emoji122][emoji122] Sent from my Phantom6 using Tapatalk
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    Advent Calendar

    Chocolate advents are so overrated!
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    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like the amount of people that drive tiny cars like artics lately... It must take some serious effort to hold up so much traffic and take up so much road in a car the size of a shoe... I also don't like December in general...1st of December and it suddenly feels like there are 10 times as many people and cars about that there were last month!
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    Breakdown - help!

    You should also inspect the water pump. Just like some other Ford engines the 1.0 ECOboost has a coolant lubricated water pump seal (mechanical seal). On this type of seal a miniscule amount of coolant is allowed to pass/lubricate the seal. Unfortunately these waterpumps are known to leak quite often. The water pump of the 1.0 ECOboost is mounted directly above the alernator. In case of a leaking water pump the coolant will drip directly into the generator. This will reduce the life expectancy of the alternator drastically. Last week I changed the water pump on my 1.0 ECOboost because of this problem.
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    Few pictures of upgraded bulbs and a few since I've had her. Proper one hopefully this weekend. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Haunted Car

    Mechanic friend thinks the storm put the alarm off which drained the battery. Quick jump later and it seems ok.
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    There is a decent Youtube guide done by Dayco themselves showing the belt change on a CMax with the same engine, that ones worth a watch if you can find it, I only found it while looking for something unrelated after doing the belt myself lol! The crank pulley bolt is a stretch bolt (also known as torque to yield bolt) so it requires a certain angle of torque to be applied after the initial 'simple' torque setting. It's really only crank bolts and cylinder head bolts that use stretch bolts like this on cars. The bolt is physically stretched and deformed which is why they can only be used once and have to be replaced if removed. A torque angle gauge is exactly what it sounds like, basically a protractor with a socket adapter through the middle so you can accurately measure the angle. However, these gauges seem impossible to hold steady while tightening the bolt, as soon as it slips it becomes inaccurate. I've found it much easier to mark the bolt head (just scratch it with a screwdriver or whatever is to hand) at the top/North position. Then turn it the correct amount by eye...obviously 180 degrees is half a turn so that's an easy one to work out! When you think it's about right, just remove the socket to check the position of the scratch, you can keep tightening it in small segments to get it right, but just don't over do it as it shouldn't really be loosened off.
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    Things I Don't Like

    I have heard of internet radio, that's where I listen to Planet Rock etc I'm on a PAYG on O2 and I would need to be on a £20 a month sim to cover that usage........and I'm too tight to spend that!
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    Here are a few pictures of my Mk2.5 Focus ST2. You may recognise the photos from issue two of Modern Classics magazine, and more recently in the Heritage Insurance adverts! The magazine wanted to do a feature on the Ford Focus ST with it's competitors, VW Golf GTI and Honda Civic Type R, for it's first issues. The photo-shoot and road tests were done in and around the surrounding areas of Silverstone race circuit. Needless to say, Mike Duff, author of the article, loved the ST! Having been at the original press day release of the Mk2 Focus ST back in 2005, on Mike's return from road testing my car, it had reminded him of how good the car was, his smile was like a Cheshire cat that had pinched all the cream! I purchased the car in January 2012 from our local main Ford dealer. Although it was a "dealer demo" car, she only had 92 miles on the clock! She is standard and has only done 38,000 miles. The performance is very quick and although the ride is a bit firm, the road holding is superb, and I love the noise the 5-pot makes!!! Modern Classics magazine think my car could be the last registered Mk2 Focus, July 2011, supported by Ford's Etis...unless you know differently!
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    Sudden Drop in MPG

    Turns out that for whatever reason, that alternator was ***** my MPG, now hitting 61 from 54. edit: wow, that's a new one, since when was the action of using a screwdriver a naughty word!?
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    Floor mats

    yep. lol
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    Floor mats

    Ain't you posh lol
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    Sudden Drop in MPG

    my petrol focus is getting better mpg than toms diesel. lol
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    Just a quick picture guide for removing the screenwash bottle to clean the filter. Seems to be a common issue where they block up when different screenwashes are mixed. Jack up and support the OSF corner, remove the wheel. Remove the full wheel arch liner. These are T30 TORX screws. Starting at the back, there is one under the mudflap (if fitted), one top corner of mud flap, one either side of the suspension strut, 2 in the bumper, and 3 under the front corner through the undertrays. Then just bend the liner inwards and pull it out. The washer bottle is top left. Mines in 2 pieces - not sure if that's extra size for headlight washers or if they're all the same. Now...the washer pump is directly behind the bottle, between the bottle and the back of the wing - I can't understand why they didn't fit it on the front there!? So, you do need to at least lower the bottle to access it. There are 2 10mm bolts holding the small rear bottle in (one can be seen above). It's a tight fit, but does just pull down after those bolts are removed. If you don't wish to remove the rear bottle, you can just pull that pipe out, it's just held in by a 10 year old rubber grommet! Make sure to place something underneath to catch the screenwash. 2 of the main bottle bolts are easy to access underneath... The third bolt holds the filler neck and is under the plastic trim piece. This trim piece is secured by plastic screw. Basically unscrew it, then pop out the screw surround with a flat screwdriver. At this point I realised this piece of trim goes underneath the scuttle panel...another amazing piece of design there. I wasn't going to the hassle of removing the scuttle so managed to bend the trim just enough to get a small 10mm socket on a UJ in. Once the bolt is removed, the filler neck needs pushing away from the bottle, towards the engine, it has a long hard pipe on it that fits into the bottle so needs moving to get the bottle out. You can't fully remove it with the trim still in place but can get it just out of the way. Now the bottle should be almost free to drop. If you look up behind the bottle you will see a white plastic clip, I think this is used during manufacture to hold the bottle in place while it's bolted in. If you pull hard on the bottle it will come down suddenly...watch your fingers! Second time I did it, I pushed the clip up and out of it's locator in the bodywork which allows the bottle to release a bit more smoothly. Not sure it really needs refitting but I did anyway, I wouldn't worry if it breaks though. If you just want access to the washer pump, the bottle can hang on the pipes and wires without an issue, the pump is at the back corner here. Push it straight back and out of the grommet with the filter, apply steady even pressure, not a sharp shock as you'll snap something. Here you can see how the pump and filter work together. Pop the filter out with a flat screwdriver between it and the bottle...don't go jabbing a screwdriver into the filter itself lol. Just run it under the tap to clean Refit the filter and pump and refitting is a reverse of removal as Haynes would say! I went a bit further though, and fully removed the bottle. Pulled down further, the electrical item near the washer pump is the level sensor. The headlight washer pump is located around the inside of the bottle, and this has no filter on it. I fully removed both bottles to try and clean but the shape of them makes that pretty much impossible. This was the best I could do with a hose and wheel brush. Filling it with some sort of cleaner before removal may help. I also placed the washer pumps in a bucket of clean water before refitting them to the bottle to flush out the pumps and pipes. Just make sure the water level is high enough for the pump to suck in but not high enough to get into the electrical plug. Not sure why but the headlight washers wouldn't work properly while doing this wrong angle maybe. And all refitted...
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    Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    I would ask to test drive a both cars if possible before you make your mind up. We had a 1 litre Eco Boost Fiesta 125BHP which was fine and pulled like a train around town. But when we took a 1 litre Eco Boost Focus for a test drive it felt sluggish at the lights possible due to the Focus body weighs more than a Fiesta so we took a Focus 1.5 litre Eco Boost 150 BHP for test drive and we found it a lot better drive than the 1 litre. And we ordered a new 1.5 Eco Boost 150BHP ST Line we find it drive like a dream I am glad we choose the 1.5 litre 150BHP. We are getting around 50 mpg on a run and about 40 mpg urban the road Tax is £140 the same if registered after April 2017. So I would test drive both cars before you buy.
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    Yeah, I flushed mine but I did a lot of research before hand for the reasons that have been mentioned. I used BG EPR which is widely considered one of the best. Would I recommend using it? I wouldn't if you don't know what state the engine is in. its never had any carbonisation build up around the injectors, under the rocker cover and for the first 47k she had regular 12k oil changes. I drained the oil, refilled with some cheap oil, then flushed, emptied, then did 2 more cycles of oil change before running it for 1-2k, then did a final change. (oil never did stop being black, by the last one it was as close to a deep clear brown as I could make without spending even more money on it. Not long after that I discovered that in the sump about 100ML of oil remains stuck inside, plus anything else sitting in the oil channels. and was pleased to see that although it was thinker oil in the bottom, it wasn't lumpy! If you have run it for over 100k, unless you did all of that and can contest to the condition of the oil and frequency of the changes, id leave it. Frequent oil changes will remove most deposits, only the hardened baked on parts will be left in place. a good flush will dissolve those but if its bad, then rather than dissolving them, it can flake them off... which isn't good!
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    One Of Stoney's Colleagues?

    Saw another 999 plate in another carpark today! Must be ganging up on us! I was going to wheel around for a pic to add to my collection but Mrs Turvey gave me 'that' look and said something about being "a sad git!" or words to that effect, so I left it.
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    Mk2 headlight bulbs

    I'm surprised you didn't get a fail or pulled for your HIDs in reflectors tbh. They spray light out like no ones business and blind people. I absolutely hate people who install these bulbs without conforming to the specification required to have these bulbs in the first place.
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    Switch symbols

    This switch deactivates the ultrasonic interior sensors of the alarm system. This way the alarm system is armed without monitoring the interior. This way the alarm can be used when for excample a dog is left in the car
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    yeh, blame you !!! lol
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    Coolant use.

    Honestly, I'd check that waterpump again... You'd be amazed how often the broken thing is the one that's recently been replaced! Was there any indication of which side of the engine the coolant may have come from? If you have a leak, air may get in where the water leaves, this air gets trapped in the system which can cause odd level readings on the bottle.
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    JAJ TV

    New Member Own a Fiesta ST 200

    Hello everyone! Im new to the ford owners club! I’m a proud owner of a Ford Fiesta ST200! Let me know what you think to it! Best, James
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    Get a steering lock now

    Probably mentioned it brfore but I'll repeat it here as it's on topic- I use a metal key locker, inexpensive but serves the purpose. I also have a key tester (IR & RF) for helping to diagnose faulty RCL circuits / TV remotes for friends & family. A keyfree keyfob gives out a low level RF signal pulse that is detected by the car unlike standard RCL keys which only work when buttons are pressed. I have tested my keys whilst inside the key locker and all signals are blocked and unhackable from point blank range, thetester has a magnet on it so was stuck straight onto the locker. At the least every keyfree car driver should buy a key locker and position it as far from where the car is parked as is possible within your property. Get into the habit of placing your car keys inside AND closing the locker & you will vastly reduce the risks. Compare the price of an inexpensive key locker from B&Q compared to losing your pride and joy and it's a no brainer. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Weak Windscreen Washers

    Maybe have one of each? Jet for long distances, chopper for popping into town?
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    Mk2.5 Zetec Bought standard & this was a couple of months later. Mondeo Alloys, -50mm lowered, Sony 6-disc headunit, White bulbs, Pressed plates, De-wiper/de-badged rear, Euro reverse light, Interior light with map lights..... ..... and I'm about done
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    Things I Don't Like

    Christmas decorations up in November!!! When did it become socially acceptable to put up decorations in second week of November? Bah! Humbug!
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    Advertising is the norm nowadays, unfortunately that's life. I'm sure that advertising revenue pays to keep this Forum active. Try to find any website that doesn't have adverts. Tbh, seems strange that the OP joins and then posts once & only to complain. We can't delete your account, we can only ban you. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    My 2010 Titanium 2.0 facelift.. ST rear spoiler, tinted windows and powder coated alloys. Zetec S front upper and lower grills & soon to have front splitter fitted.