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    Fast Fiesta

    What Do You Think About Stripes?

    Stripes equal- mid life crisis or making up for something you havent got hehe 'A snail went into a body shop and asked them to paint a racing stripe the length of his shell. He also wanted a big letter "S" right in the middle of the stripe. The manager agreed to do it, but asked, "Why in the world do you want a paint job like this?" The snail replied, "So everybody who sees me will say, "Wow, look at that S-car go!'" Cringeworthy i know- couldnt resist :P
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    What Do You Think About Stripes?

    I heard that they add +5BHP, and also another 5BHP for every accessory that you buy from Halfords. I've got a pink leopard print steering wheel cover, a ripspeed tax disc holder, some LED washer jets and some stickers for parts that I don't even have fitted and my car can pretty much keep up with a Clio RS 200. :P
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    What Do You Think About Stripes?

    I quite like the side stripes but my girlfriend has just reminded me that i'm 46!! So that's, that.