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    Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    Hi Not sure if you guys on here know this, but the majority of the current Focus models are prewired for the footwell lights - you just plug the bulbs in! I've done this on my 55 plate Zetec and on two of my workmates cars who have 08 plate Zetec's. Just letting you know anyway as its a nice little extra to have and it only costs a couple of quid for the bulbs. If anyone else knows of any similar enhancements that can be made on the cheap let me know.
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    Under Bonnet Insulation

    If its a Mk 2.5 the Titanium and the Sport Petrols have the insulation to. When I had a Style, I did try putting some stick on sound deadener, but it didnt make any noticeable difference. I can say that my Sport is much quieter than than the Style though, so would be worth getting hold of the proper insulation if you can. I would go into the Ford dealership and describe what you want and say its from a Titanium. They can ID it from their system and give you a quote. If its a rediculous price you will have to try a scrappy. I couldnt find any on eBay despite looking for ages when I had the Style.
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    Ford Focus Cd Player Code

    Should be 9392
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    Just did this today, nice. Discovered my car didn't have heated jets, or any under bonnet insulation, so took me all of 2 mins to change.
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    Also LIDL have very good screenwash which isn't as expensive as the VW stuff!!! (typical of VAG products) and is every bit as good..... both my Mk 1 Focus Ghia and my sister's Mk2.5 Style coped well with the LIDL stuff in the washer bottle and some neat in a plant mister bottle makes great de icer as well... last winter and the one before that. Only drawback, when you see it on shelves in Lidl you're best to buy afew drums of it.... as they don't always have it in stock....
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    Focus Footwell Lights

    Yea was reading one of the threads alright and was getting that impression. Why couldnt ford make life easy especially when they already have everything there. Yea you guessed right im from the lovely Ireland
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    I'd hang on a while see if that Guy Lenny said about is selling them.
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    Interior Roof Light

    Bid, won and paid for :)