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    Parrot Mki9200 In 2006 Focus

    Anyone know what wiring adapters are needed to put the above parrot into my LX focus? Halfords link would be ideal. Thanks a million and merry Christmas!
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    How To Get Hold Of Genuine Ford Parts?

    petrols tend to have a filter in the fuel tank that never needs replacing...its more of a diesel thing, which in diesels is recommended to be replaced every 37.5k miles (i do mine every service) from what i can remember there is no way to tell the make of the filter, such as manufacturers name, its on the box that you chuck away... oh and as for warranty, you can use any VAT registered garage and it doesnt have to be ford genuine parts, just as i say VAT registered and your book stamped up...well then again that is peugeots way of things (im on another forum), ford may be different.
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    Rev Counter Going High Then Low

    As Lenny said the battery or alternator is a possiblity, especially with the much colder weather we've been experiencing lately. It may be worth telling you I had a similar issue and it was the battery, I isolated the battery as the problem by measuring the voltage drop over one night using a multimeter and keeping records of the voltages and amps as they fell. Do you find your trip counter resets when you start the engine? Mine did this too, presumably because the ECU was being starved of voltage just as the engine would crank and the starter motor needed all the power. The engine revs would dip and yo-yo as you describe because the ECU learns settings based on the climate etc, if the voltage has been cut then it will lose these and the engine runs like a pig until it learns again. Hope that helps, I've pretty much repeated Lenny's advice - it's likely to be either your battery or alternator! :D Merry Christmas! :)
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    Key For The Wheel Lock-Nuts

    Well yeah, fastest solution, and maybe the only due to your location is to get them removed from a garage and get aftemarket ones fitted. Ford locking nuts come from Germany, a company called McGard, and delivery to UK for mine was about a month if not longer!