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    Nice one Lenny , glad you had a good time and it was worth it, we all know how much you have been looking forward to it. You deserve a break mate, but something tells me in the future you won't be able to help yourself ;-) You have inspired many of us focus lovers to get are car looking beautiful like your own. Make sure you keep an eye out on how we are all getting on with ours, your tips are always useful and also your respectful thoughts and comments give us that extra boost... You take care and Have a good break Lenny Kind regards Ollie
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    Home from FordFair 2013 Back in work today at 23:00 Weather was great, Only took 35litres of Diesel to get there and back too, very happy stilll got 20litres to burn lol Met some very nice people and some beautiful fords well worth the journey. This build thread is now complete until November or perhaps forever who knows. One thing I do know though is lenny has to go in search of a life outside of the blue oval Its been a fantastic 3 years of modification and furfilling my dreams, I never anticipated getting this far with it and I thank many of you guys for assistance and knowlege But sadly it is now time to turn the key on the build for a few months atleast I'll see how it goes in november, If I was to go further then modifications would be: Upgrade intercooler Upgrade front brakes Hybrid turbo Remap to 144bhp Upgrade Clutch ST front bumper ST rear bumper St exhaust tips TrippleRcomposites front splitter for ST Front Wind deflectors Zetec S pedals K&N57s induction Chrome radiator resivour The thoughts of fitting all of the above is exciting and having a 140ps 1.6TDCi would be classic but the cost of modification may not be worth going for, My journey to work is 13 miles each way and is now permanent so the idea of somthing petrol and a bit more power appeals
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    Washed mine with some good ole Aldi shampoo :P
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    Pictures Ford Fair 2013

    Some interesting cars there - i like the mirrors/ slam panel on that green RS! - the orange fiesta is so low its a lawn mower! Your Focus stands out, even next to the RSs, the side decals make a big difference!
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    Thats the wrong connector. Try the one in the passenger footwell lol
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    If you cant sort the problem out, the are two possible options i can think of. A. get the seat mechanism welded to your exact height B. get some cushions to sit on, or some sort of pad that raises you up, something similar to childs booster seats, infact the kids version may be an option if you are very small (no offence ment with regards to small)
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    2009 Mk6 - Driver Seat Keeps Dropping

    I had a similar problem in my Punto...general picture was that I'm too heavy for it lol I have the Focus one set at the lowest anyway. Had it higher in the Punto to accommodate for the typical Italian driving position...seat reclined, close to the wheel, legs spread :-P
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    Wynns Egr Cleaner

    +1 on getting a blank without a hole.
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    Wynns Egr Cleaner

    Yes, you can fit a solid EGR blanking plate and the EML will not come on,
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    Wheel Trim Centre Decals

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    In case anyone's interested, did my car over the weekend, replaced banjo bolts, feed pipe, sump off, cleaned out etc. Car is a 2008 90bhp with no DPF, on 58000 miles. Serviced twice by Ford at 14k and 32k with semi-synthetic, then when I bought at 46k, then 54 and 57k and now again at 58. Luckily I stock up on Magnatec when its £18 from ECP. So quite long intervals between first services and with all the horror stories I decided I'd rather replace possibly OK parts than wait for it to go bang. I found the banjo bolt filter was fine, the feed pipe was fine, as was the return, all completely normal. Ford have changed the design of the filter - original parts have the filter in the end of the bolt presenting a small surface area, the revised design has the filter inside the bolt so there's a bigger surface area, therefore less likely to block. So a bit of a waste of time and money but at least I know what's going on under the bonnet. As for the sump, that was worthwhile. I decided not to bother removing the pickup pick and just fired a can of brake cleaner up through the mesh in the bottom. Each shot of cleaner caused a big load of black gloop to come out. The bottom of the sump holds about 1/4 litre of oil so it ends up contaminating any clean oil that gets put in. Dunno if anyone's had success using a vacuum drainer, the dipstick tube has a couple of kinks in so it might be tricky pushing a tube all the way to the bottom. I was glad I got it all cleaned out, and the oil is still coming up clean on the dipstick which makes a nice change from it turning straight to ink. I'll stick a how-to guide in the Guides section if I get time, there were a few gotchas and the usual "why did I start this ****ing job" moments so it might be helpful for someone. So the conclusion.... don't believe all the scare stories about these being unreliable engines - unless your turbo has gone bang of course :-( there must be some factor that causes the carbonisation problems, either leaking injectors, blocked DPF, poor oil servicing or a combination of the above - or who knows. The question is how would you tell if you had an injector problem or a blocked DPF before the damage gets done? I dunno if there's something an owner can do to diagnose those faults, I guess the problem is hidden away until its too late.
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    Thanks for the replies. I have tried 37 front and 41 rear, the car runs a bit hard and quite bumpy. My mechanic suggested not to use those pressures. so I now run 34 all round. Also. lower pressures have a better group. I measure the mpg myself and don't friend on the on board computer, they always over estimate. I measure from full to full and stop at the click of the pump. from your rookies, it seems lie 47-50 is not too bad. thanks again guys. happy driving :)