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    Lost key fob

    Fair enough - I'm sure you do mean to be helpful, but as I say there are quite a few problems having keys cloned rather than having unique keys coded. It's not really about how established you are, though that is helpful in vouching for you, but people who don't know more need to be advised of the pros and cons of things like this really - a cloned key is, I suppose better than nothing if you desperately need a spare, but ideally you should always code a unique key. That. And Clive has got his eye on you now . Anyway, welcome to the forum - I hope you do settle in despite me jumping on you
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    Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    If they're inviting you to see a car, you can try and haggle them for a titanium for the same amount. Just don't buy it at the end. If they're that desperate to sell you'll get it.
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    T-Cut on windscreen

    Just don't try using that stuff for dentures otherwise you'll have to take the windscreen out first Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk www.tomholroydphotography.co.uk
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    Things I Don't Like

    It's an earthing issue - I just haven't had a chance to sort it it! My OH has a V40 - but it's not on the road lol I have spotted an old Defender that's been sat for a few years...might be worth knocking on a door and making a cheeky offer hehe What's she moaning about? They smell better than half the laundry products out there lol
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    Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    So bit the bullet last month placed the deposit and went and got my car remapped just yersterday, car was standard running 115bhp, 270nm (On the dyno, before), and now 150bhp, 350nm (on the dyno) It's a very well known fact that 1st gear is rubbish but it's done like that to protect the gearbox and all the other components, so with this in mind I had asked to increase the power in first gear enough just to be safer when pulling out and some roundabouts and junctions, which he did for me and it's much better. It was a 55 mile drive from my house and I was getting 48.6 MPG on a mix of 30mph and 70mph, on my way back 51 MPG with me booting it Gear overview. 1st - Enough power for pulling away safely 2nd - The wheels spin if I give it the full throttle 3rd - Absolute beast of a pull up to about 50mph 4th - If changing from 3rd at 50mph it just keeps pulling to 80mph and very quick! Normal changing it still pulls just not hard. 5th - excellent cruiser with the power ready to do a easy overtake, great to shift down into on motorway to do a fast overtake 6th - exactly what it should be has a bit more pull but tuner said it won't have it max power until I get the car to 90mph but i'll save that for the track. I was given the option of having the DPF removed but decided not to due to DPF laws changing this year. Insurance cost: I'm with Admiral and had an issue with the power increase at first but after bouncing some emails around at them I had £60 added to my premium which is great. All I need to do now is be mindful of the clutch, when the day comes for it to be replaced I will be buying an uprated clutch. But will have many miles left of happy motoring. Car is on 53k miles at the moment. Is it worth it? Oh yes!
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    New member

    Hi my name is Tom picking up my new fiesta st tomorrow and so exicited as my first fast ford cant wait
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    Hi all, Just picked up a 2011 Focus Titanium 1.6 Ti-VCT today so I thought I'd join here and say hello! Loving the car so far and amazed by the economy! It's currently doing 42mpg, so I'm not missing my old diesel Cee'd at all! Cheers, Craig
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    Lost key fob

    That is my thought, almost exactly. With the Mk3 Focus, and I guess most later Fords, the alternatives are being ripped off by the dealer network, charging whatever they want, or getting a cloned key. I do not know of any other option at present. With the Mk2, there are other options, like Forscan or a decent auto-locksmith. But I think it is very important to distinguish between the approved method of getting a key with a new code where the car is programmed for the new key, and cloning a key where the user ends up with multiple keys with the same code. Normally it makes no difference, but when something goes wrong, like either a car module has to be replaced, or a key is stolen, then it can make a huge difference. So the important thing is to be informative and honest, and make sure customers know which type of key they are getting. ----- Ford, and many other companies like Microsoft, like to rely on security through secrecy. All good security systems rely on security through logic or mathematical proof, and can not be practically breached despite the crook knowing exactly how it all works. Secret systems never remain secret for long, the crooks soon get hold of the secret information. The radio code system is a mockery, anyone can buy them for a few quid off Ebay. Ford odometers can be wound back by certain companies, who charge a lot to do it, they have obviously broken the security. The Mk2 PATS code incode - outcode system has been broken, and is freely available on the internet, so now has no security value. These systems now just annoy or cost ordinary owners a lot, and do nothing to prevent crime. It is just bad, lazy, design, and a desire to keep it "in the family", so dealers can make loads of money, which keeps them faithful to the Mother corporation. Bah! Sorry for the rant, but it does annoy me!
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    Things I Do Like

    Couple of likes today...firstly, at long last, I'm being offered a permanent contract with the RFA! More of a like: PUPPY!! She's growing soo quickly!! Most people think she's 7 or 8 months old...not 3!! Only another 2 weeks before we can walk her properly!! Being so bright and energetic, she's getting bored and frustrated being at home...no matter how many toys we have for her, or games we play. Some of her favourite toys are the random crap we've acquired...couple of lengths of rope (handy being able to tie knots), an old fender...not to mention socks...the stinkier the better!! She has calmed a little since swapping her diet to raw. Local butchers have a good range of meat they put aside for dogs She also loves frozen blueberries!!
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    Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    Well it's all re-gassed and working fine now, thanks for the advice on this thread, I hope it helps a few others too!
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    Lost key fob

    Much of this thread is aimed at steering people away from cloned keys, for the various reasons outlined by several users. I am sure you are trying to be helpful, but it probably does not come across as very confidence-inspiring when you are quite clearly a new user, known to nobody on the board, offering to clone people's keys at cost. A tad suspicious... As I said, I'm sure your intentions are good and that you are well-meaning, bit again, it is inadvisable to simply clone an existing car key.
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    Things I Don't Like

    spent 8 hrs at work doing nothing! bored all day.
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    focus tintted rear lights pictures

    Ita shame cos theirs a lot of very useful & awesome modded pics that are now un accessible. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    focus tintted rear lights pictures

    Used to use photobucket but they're getting sacked off now cause of this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk www.tomholroydphotography.co.uk
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    Hi there name's Gordon Finally got go rounding to joining here lol. anyway lets get down to the brass tax, I own a 2011 1.6 tdci focus sport, loving riving compd to my previous car. Any just though i would say HI
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    T-Cut on windscreen

    I'm sorry, but I can't condone the use of any kind of alcohol for cleaning purposes!
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    focus tintted rear lights pictures

    I just use photobucket to store uploaded photos from my phone which I then download and edit on my PC then post them directly to the forum. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Things I Don't Like

    You should wash them separately anyway because you need to clean all the fabric conditioner out of the tray before washing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk www.tomholroydphotography.co.uk
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    I'll just stick to the auto locking then lol
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    Doug F

    Ford Keys

    Thanks Clive worked a treat it is better doing II-I as it didn't do it at the first attempt at I-II. Thanks doug
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    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like getting a bollocking off the wife as the last couple of loads of washing have a smell of Autosol & other car related polishes! Must remember to wash my microfiber cloths separately! lol.
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    From a better angle Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    2016 Red Edition Fiesta

    nice and cant wiat to see the pics when its fitted
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    focus tintted rear lights pictures

    quick up date have picked the lights up and pleased with how they look. cant put them on yet as the weather in wales has gone junk. once it does go dry again I will get the lights on get get pics up asap.
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    LED build change over.

    Yip, where as in the good old days you had one bulb that did main & dipped beam the Edge uses one bulb for main beam & DLR and a separate bulb for dipped beam.
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    3 kids in the back?

    If they are all using car seats then I'm afraid you may need to pick your favourite 2 ☹️ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    If you go down the Brodit route - get it from www.drivesafeandlegal.co.uk Fraction of the price compared to Brodit direct. I whole heartedly recommend Brodit!! Had one in the Focus and now one for the Mondeo. Tried convincing the OH to get one for her new CMAX. No such luck lol
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    Mk2 Focus Bonnet Opening Issues

    Cleaning off the old, sticky grease and replacing with new is never going to cause any harm. Dirt and dust likes to stick to grease.
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    Break light come on & speedo

    Hi Paige, The brake light coming on, if you apply and release your handbrake, does the light flicker or turn off? It may be a faulty handbrake switch, or it could be a fluid level switch if the fluid level is indeed ok.
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    Could I have details for activating sat nav please got a 2015 focus @Bannko
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    I didn't get any biscuits stef, but the job nearly drove me 'crackers' a few times!
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    Cruise control symbol

    a photo posted up to show the symbol would be good.
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    Curtain Airbag recall

    My car has been at the dealer since Monday for this. The parts have been incorrectly labelled in Germany. I have two near side airbags but the sealed boxes from Ford say otherwise (one of each) Dealer has been great and I don't hold them accountable at all, they've kept me up to date on the parts arriving since I booked the recall but Ford customer service centre don't give a toss. I've requested a like for like loan car while mine is off the road, partners expecting so we're struggling with the low down Fiesta that my dealer has kindly provided in the meantime. I've already been told by Ford UK that they don't provide loan cars for recalls but I'm going higher and my dealer is trying too but they're getting the same responses. Offside airbags are on back order and my car is on a ramp at the dealer in pieces. Ford can't tell me when the replacement will be here and Ford won't authorise for the dealer to put the car back together in the meantime. i hope your recall goes better than mine. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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    Deciding on the colour of my first car!

    The cost to get those curbed rims fixed would be more than to do all them mods yourself. Don't buy a Fiesta based on it's mods, all of them on that car are dirt cheap. Also that white fiesta before isn't mine 😂
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    Deciding on the colour of my first car!

    Any car detailer have a google "Car detailers near me" check out the websites and more importantly the Facebook pages get in touch over phone or better take a drive down in your chosen car and they will go over different packages with you, I have seen some places charging up to £500 for big packages which take around 3-5 days, a protection detail will take around 12 hours from what I've seen my Fiesta took 8 hours between 2 lasses
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    Deciding on the colour of my first car!

    For reference seeing as everyone is showing their cars...
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    My vote is Frozen White & yes it's very easy to keep looking good!
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    Mine is a 2017 Fiesta ST-LIne Red Edition. So it's a Zetec-S with a new name. I won't lie, I love my car and I love the colour. Originally I was looking at the black edition, and then my girlfriend told me she thought it looked chavvy..and the more I looked at it the more she was right. SO I look at the red edition and fell in love. That being said, someone who works next to me has a white zetec-s with black alloys and it's gorgeous (apart from his scratched alloys).. I think it depends on what you're after. The white is a little more 'classy' shall we say, whereas the red edition looks a bit more sporty and will make you look like a boy racer. When I was looking at getting my car, I also viewed the standard ST-Line in a dark grey, which looked really nice, and also candy red. Candy red looked amazing. I preferred it to the red edition to be honest. I went with the red edition though as I was able to get some added extras on at no extra charge. Congratulations on your first car being an almost new fiesta zetec-s. They're lovely cars to drive, and enjoyable to drive. I'm going to do the mature thing now though and give you advice to drive carefully. At least for the first 6 months very carefully. Especially at 17, with mates in the car, it's easy to get sucked into driving dangerously. And although you might eb a good enough driver, if a police officer sees a fiesta zetec-s driving dangerously they'll soon have your license. I'm sure you'll drive fine, but in the years I have been driving, I've seen so many my age or younger driving selfishly. But...enjoy having the car, you'll love it! (Careful of other drivers too, noone seems to be able to drive anymore)
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    tow bar Mk2

    quite common for the fridge wire to not be connected to the vehicle. its normally tapped up in the harness. most ford 13 pin wiring kits miss out the relay and wiring for this . optional extra so they seem. ive had to provide wiring and relay to provide feed before when fitting 13 pin kit on some fords. pin 10 is fridge
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    I had a Haynes for it that said "Oi droives a traaaaaaaaactor" Wonderful car, when it was rubber side down...
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    Focus MK1 1.6 - Stuttering

    You were lucky. Coil pack failure on my mk1 killed the ecu. I had to spend £400 on a new resistor... And I even had to have a second brand new coil pack fitted or the place the garage sent the ecu to wouldn't guarantee it... Glad you got it sorted.
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    Things I Do Like

    My mum!
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    Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    I'm a mobile air conditioning person. This effects 1.6l mk2 focus petrols. Cause I've narrowed down to timing belt and water pump replacements. Pipe is not disconnected prior to starting job. Engine is lowered down which stretches the hose weakening it internally or more specifically breaking the string reinforcement. Then when gassed up refrigerant gets between the 2 layers of hose and ruptures the outer layer, it always fails near to the crimp because that's the it which gets stretched. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My mk 2.5 Titanium

    It was a suggestion that we both use my focus when I purchased it, but after seeing that the inside of my better halfs Clio looked like a bomb had gone off in a biscuit factory I declined that suggestion 😂