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    Window Tinting

    I haven't got the skills, can't even put a screen protector on my phone without bubbles.lol
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    Window Tinting

    You're answering your own questions. You say you have the skill, yet you keep ruining the film etc. This is what you pay professionals for, their Time, knowledge and experience as well as materials etc
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    stick with petrol. i sure there will be dirty diesel lovers who will say different. lol
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    1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    1.5 costs more to start with, higher running costs (it's not very economical). The 1.5 is not as characterful or rev happy as the 1.0 either. I've driven both as a manual and prefer how the 1.0 drives, even though it's down on power. Also, the 1.5 is restricted to higher trim levels which increases it's cost compared to the 1.0.
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    D13 HPD 95

    D13HPD ST-2

    video is done for you guys :) take a look
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    Engine issues

    Knowing what engine is in the Op's car would also be useful!
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    Engine shut off issue

    Thanks Peter for your input as well. I took it to the dealer today and lone behold you were very very close Peter. What it turned out to be was a bulb in the back was creating the short that you mentioned. I will say I was baffeled by how the bulb shorted it out but when I got a chance to look at the bulb it looked as if one side filiment blew off and got wedge on the other side so that the brake light was touching the rear light. Never would of thought that a bulb could do something like that haha. Well lesson learned and hopefully if this happens to another person this will help. Thanks again to both Albert and Peter for your imput, its much appriciated
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    I never took a traditional gap year so have taken a hiatus from my career to travel for 2 years. I left the UK in 2016 with an odometer reading of 68,267 - I'm now just over 91,000 miles. My road-trip to-date can in effect be can be broken into 2 parts, Part 1: Predominantly exploring Europe: (August 2016-May 2017) Returning to the UK to obtain Central Asian VISAs Yellow line = Primary road-trip in the Fiesta; to be read > leaving England towards Scandinavia, Of particular note:- My entry into Kosovo via Serbia from the north, all roads due to the war have been deliberately destroyed bar a single road used for goods vehicles which was shelled by mortars during the war. This hasn't been fixed, needless to say my suspension had a good work out. I was in Kosovo for their annual Day of Independence [from Serbia] celebrations in February 2017. Orange line = Detour road-trips in the Fiesta; Of note: to the northern Russian city of Murmansk situated over 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in October 2016 Personal best of -22, car was fine! I was cold. Red line = A single flight to Bulgaria and back into Saint Petersburg - Sep 2016 Part 2: My current road trip: Russia into Central Asia: (Sep 2017-Current) Yellow line = Primary road-trip in the Fiesta; leaving England straight for Saint Petersburg, Russia - Of particular note:- My entry in Annexed Crimea, [The FCO advises against all travel to this region for British nationals] was via mainland Russia and thus not though a border controlled by Ukrainian forces - as the UK.. and well most of the world don't consider Crimea part of the Russian Federation - According to UK law I've committed an international crime and face arrest. I'm very proud of this amusing feat. Without hesitation I can say I had an amazing time in Crimea, I will have fond memories of this place for a long time. Christmas 2017 I entered Chechnya and Dagestan, both of these regions the FCO point blank advises all British nationals not to travel under any circumstance, this was the 3rd region I've explored that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises point blank against all travel for British nationals... and this was the third region I've had a positive experience. My interactions with people though these two caucus regions have been nothing but warm and welcoming, very humbling. Once again people asking for car selfies, one driver aged about 60 was so amazed by my presence here, he filmed me for a good few miles! From personal experience and through talking to locals, I've released tourists here are incredibly well received, and respected. Red line = My planned main route - I write this currently in Astrakhan near the western Kazakhstan border. With a rough plan to be at Baikal for April 2017 Orange line = Planned detour route from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Baikonur, Kazakhstan - Arrival date in Baikonur 10th March, for the purpose of watching live manned Soyuz launch Expedition 55/56 to the ISS. I'll add a small gallery of images from the previous post shortly..
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    My old dad used to say "LIKE A TAXI WITH THE DOORS OPEN" >;O)
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    Security Glass

    Guys we can always swap I dont have them but want so much :)))
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    Focus mk2.5 rear spoiler

    I predict leaks a plenty! whats wrong with the ZS Spoiler, same as the ST?, its not as overbearing as the RS but I quite like it
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    Modified Car Valuation?

    Aye, for insurance purposes its an ageing 1.6lx. The rest of it means not a jot to the night street insurers. The only way around it is a specialist modified car insurer who'll do you a policy to an agreed value, and charge you accordingly.
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    1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    The 1.0 is simply a nicer unit.
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    PCP is still potentially buying one, you can own the car at the end if you want to. Any finance package or badly priced car bought outright at the start can still be a rip off. You just have to weigh up the pros and cons of each
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    all dealers are the same, theres not many salesmen that ive worked over 37 yrs with i would buy a car off. ive had physical altercations with one or two also.
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    Cam belt

    Local Ford garage told me they don't routinely replace them, and they also said they very rarely have any water pump failures on the 1.6 Sigma engine. I didn't replace mine.
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    Cam belt

    I’ve done a number of these now where the ‘customer’ didn’t want to spend the extra on replacing the pump. Never been an issue yet anyway. on the other hand if I’m quoting for a pump i will only supply a genuine ford one with gasket and bolts. If really pushed I’ll use a gates belt/pump kit but I have not used one on a ford so far.
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    Sadly it seems the way now, chuck them out and any issues will come back to be fixed! Most of them don’t really care once you’ve bought a car. we have actually had an outstanding service from Hamish in Arnold Clark in Armadale. I gave him a few items needing done to the car I wanted to buy such as missing bit trim, front discs and pads and timing belt. I told him I wanted them doing to get a sale and also paperwork to go with it as proof. Went in a week later to collect the car and the first thing he done was put the paperwork out in front of me and handed over the keys, ‘go have a look over it yourself’. Sure enough, everything had been done. We had an issue shortly after buying it where it felt like the back end was loosing grip. Had a look round and found a leaking shock. Wasn’t like that when I inspected it the first time. Phoned Hamish back, couldn’t have been nicer about getting it back in to get the shocks changed. had that car 5 years now, never missed a beat. 2007 Seat Ibiza 1.4 Petrol if your wondering lol.
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    Good on yer - Yer mum is the most important person in yer life never forget it! Hmmm Nice to see you are still here after all these years Steff! I have to admit it does seem like once they have sold you a car they cant be bothered with after sales service or dealing with any issues - quite sad really as they seem to have no idea of return business these days - My girlfriend bought a Yaris from a place in Ayr and they seem to have been rock solid the car has lasted 5 years without a single problem and it was second hand - I Shouldha gone to specsavers i reckon! >;O)
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    Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    and don't ever rest your foot on the clutch whilst driving as that can bring the bearing into contact with the pressure plate and wear the bearing, even if not enough pressure on it to disengage the clutch at all
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    Modern engines are manufactured to remarkable tolerances, and are intended to have oil of a certain kinematic viscosity at any given engine temperature, and it will be needed to maintain a particular film thickness. At best you risk accelerated wear, at worst a few engines are prone to catastrophic early failure (DV6, Peugeot EW12 being two examples that spring to mind). Your chums three pot may not have exploded, but it will be wearing at an accelerated rate. A before and after compression test and analysis of tailpipe deposits would be far more telling than just waiting for it to explode. It amazes me that people will spend thousands buying a car, and then begrudge paying an extra fiver for the correct oil.
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    GAP insurance -what is it?

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    I'm an "older" tech and don't mind being told I'm wrong. Lol And I don't know it all, well nearly. Ha ha
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    Phil 3747

    clutch slip

    So long as you keep the reservoir topped up and don't allow air down into the ABS unit you will be fine
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    clutch slip

    Try going up a steep hill in a higher gear than normal and floor the throttle, if the engine speed goes up but your road speed doesn't, it new clutch time. I payed my mate £250 for labour and £118 ish for a three piece clutch kit, can't remember what make it was but think it was a "LUK" kit I think, good quality aftermarket kit apparently.
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    Lars G


    What I can say is the the Nextbase Dash Cam I installed did not like the fuse tap being round the wrong way, it kept switching on and switching off. Once the fuse tap was installed correctly the dash cam operated correctly. I can only assume that because the flow from the live travelled the wrong way it caused some voltage fluctuation which as it branched off both live to the dash cam and towards the earth. This in turn made the dash cam turn on and off. Both fuses were rated at 7.5. If the fuse tap is installed backwards but say you have a a couple of 100W spot lamps installed which necessitates a 20amp fuse and you are draw power from the same circuit as a 1amp accessory fuse it may cause problems. So while what you say is correct up to a point there is still a wrong way and a correct way to install a fuse tap. In my case it did affect the installation.
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    Things I Don't Like

    When I hear my partner using my battery drill on hammer action upstairs and upon looking what she doing find one of my sharpest metal drills blunt and discoloured from the heat of drilling into brick wall
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    Here's my Zetec S, fitted a custom twin exhaust just like yunii a few weeks after I bought it.
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    Paint defect

    It looks like a 20p piece to me. I'll get my coat.
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    Full Light Upgrade from CEUK.

    The letter of the law is LED headlamps do not conform to UK regulations. However, where the entire headlamp unit has been built and tested with LED bulbs, with auto-leveling lights or auto-leveling suspension and CE marking; they meet the EU regulations and are therefore allowed in the UK So until brexit, factory LEDs or aftermarket where you swap the whole headlamp are legal. Aftermarket bulbs are illegal. After brexit... Who knows. I wouldn't put it past our government to f it up and accidentally ban from factory LED headlights by not legislating it. Of course, this is going to be one of the lesser enforced areas of the law - your insurer, your local police, mot station might not care.
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    What engine is it, the S line is more about dress up. To me, it just seemed a lot of money for a 2y/o car. You're only paying £250pm on yours and it was brand new (i assume). VAG cars seem to command a higher perceived value despite being no better built than the rest of them and the dealers seem to use that.
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    re map mondeo tdci?

    quite a few engines emit that low a smoke level that the emmisions tester doesnt record a reading. and some ( vw and others) limit the revs at standstill to 2000rpm and record very low smoke readings , then you drive up the road after a service and so much smoke blows out you cant see the car behind. vw sussed that one out. lol the draft was stating the emmisions manufactures were going to have 6 months notice of any change required to all the machines. to date mot testers and site admin have had no communication of any change to diesel emmision testing software. im betting the lower limits will apply to stage 6 onward vehicles only and not older vehicles.
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like getting a rare dustcart run-out to one of the islands today (Hoy if you're interested) even rarer was the fact that I was by myself for the first couple of hours and it gave me a chance to stop and take a couple of pictures. The first was the sun rising, the second is the sun setting. The rest are various parts of the route. Carlsberg don't do dustcart runs, but if they did...
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    Remap thoughts

    So they're claiming it's their own GENERIC remap... IE, they've developed it over thousands of miles but it's still a generic file.
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    R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan

    R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan whom was the lead singer of "the cranberries" aged only 47 pronounced dead at a hotel room in London while planning a new recording They had some huge hits in the 90's yet the poor girl suffered from alot growing up may she now be granted eternal peace.
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    lol I was being facetious hence the smiley. I personally dont care if someone wears a baseball cap its the results that are important! Someone said Scotty kilmer looks like a Paedo! There are loads of vids that prove that Induction filters are a waste of time so what is your point? I built my own Dax Tojeiro and Dutton Phaeton S3 from scratch but would never stick one of those boy racer f@nny addons onto either!
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    Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Thanks - forgot to say I changed the oil and filter when I bought the car about 6k miles ago, parts supplied from local Ford dealer. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    CTC 554M


    Hi I’m Sam and i have a Mk7 fiesta zetec and I’m from sunny Stoke on Trent
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    Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Yes I agree. Just wondered if it prove a fault existed with PCM supply beforehand. I will post those voltages later 👍
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    clutch slip

    in saying that, mine was slipping, it seems to have stopped now though, I'm hoping I can nurse her to later this year, I actually got the parts to do the DMF and clutch but its still about 300 for the labour, might just trade it in.
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    I've never heard of people using coke to remove rusty bolts, and I watch Roadkill! I usually go ratchet > breaker bar > plusgas (I don't rate WD-40) > scaffold pole (obviously not for a 8mm screw) > heat > drill it out. If all that fails then pretend I don't need to do that job anymore. Try plusgas, it will work far better than Coke. Works wounders on the stuff I use at work (m16 bolts untouched for 2 years outside on a steam main, usually without copper slip on them) and exhaust bolts. Sadly due to new laws or whatever they had to change it and weaken it down. We still have a few old tins stashed away for emergency uses fortunately.
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    Ford ka

    Seems the KA has a FIAT build under the Ford Badge. It needs to be proxy aligned at a garage. 1 hours labour tops, takes 20mins. Google FIAT mileage flashing.
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    My MK7 Fiesta

    Ive already sent the photos to them, but thanks! And not at the moment, im looking into exterior upgrades but cant find anything that stands out to me yet.
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    Flash Code 16 - No crank.

    Yes, removing the ECU/PCM is always a problem. But I rather suspect that the sensors that need power (often 5v) will be powered up straight off the internal PCM power rail, regardless of PATS. It would need extra circuitry to switch them off, and Ford are mean about stuff like that. Also there is usually an engine management relay somewhere, that has the job of maintaining power to the PCM after ignition is turned off, so it can do any shut down operations & tests. Then the PCM switches this relay off. This relay usually powers on as soon as ignition is on, again I suspect that would be regardless of PATS. I have some partial wiring diagrams for the 2008 on Fiesta, but nothing for the 2005 one. They are usually very hard to find. Haynes provides some info, but it is a bit limited.
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    Paint defect

    it looks like a lump in the powder paint when it was applied at the factory. if so I'm sure it would be covered under warranty as it could only be a manufacturing defect.
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    that engine is a marvel of creation, designed as a quick disposable engine ford soon realised that its actually bomb proof! I think your right on the intake side, the tubo is relatively small, theres plenty of scope to increase the fueling, we dropped a MAF sensors in to the car from a different engine, cant remember which one but ill have the part number someplace, anyhow, the sensor was showing about 40% more air passing through it and damn, what a difference it made, the ECU was pumping in fuel to meet the fuel/air ratio and she was bellowing black smoke when you put the hammer down but she did it, bigger turbo, more air, it will automatically change the fuel it seems so if you wanted a quick and relatively inexpensive boost that's probably something to look at. I don't think off the shelf maps produce much in the way of power and I'm sure that's down tot he turbo so you will probably need to look in to changing parts to get a significant boost. I'm looking at getting a 2l 136bph Mondeo on the cheap (free!) looks like it can do 160-180 with an off the shelf map, ill be happy with that :D
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    Ford Valuation Appointment

    It probably consists of them telling you that because your car is over 10 years old it is only worth scrap value. We've only part exed one car (should've been a scrapper, head gasket gone and not a chance it would pass MOT). Guy didn't even look at it and gave us £300 for it (ended up rejecting the new car anyway). Fun fact, I checked the MOT history a year later and they had sold it on after getting it to pass. Failed a year later with a list nearly as long as my arm.
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    Angel eye lights

    Me and dad have been busy with the engine. Hopefully will post after its been done. So much hard work 😭