I have commited ol` Mondy to be scrapped today, it looked a little sad after being abused relentlessly, plough on understeer, full lock on Roundabouts was a favourite!.
anyway, I have now taken ownership of a 2.0 Tdci C-Max titanium.
Poor old Mondy had bits robbed off of her over the past couple of months and kindly deposited in my Garage ;)

Question is, anyone want anything? I`ve got: Pair of Foglights inc surrounds,
6 Disc auto changer inc full loom from stereo to under seat inc brackets,
Towbar and genuine Ford electrics ( plug and play! ),
Velour floor mats,
Fuel rail and Injectors ( brown injectors ),
2 x Ghia X wheels with 6-7MM Toyo tyres.
PM me with an offer, or I`ll sling them all on a certain Auction site.
I may have a couple of other bits that I`ve forgotten about, will add to post if I find them.