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Full Version: Hello Im a newbie with problems
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We brought a 2007 Ford Galaxy Zetec 1.8 6 speed on xmas eve. I didnt go on the test drive with my husband, The blowers were on the whole time he was on the test drive and he did not notice the horrendous road noise. As soon as we collected the vehicle and pulled away I had the feeling the car had a huge hole in the passenger side front wing. The noise of stones crashing up is really loud. My dad thinks it is something to do with the top of the suspension leg. Has anyone else had a similar situation. I really think we might sell it as I think it is a bit of a turkey!! Its warranty expires in Mar. It is going into the garage next week. The noise is not the same on the drivers side.

The front passenger quarterlight window seems to have been badly fitted I can jam half of my fingers into the gap between the dash and the window. It is different to the drivers side. Any ideas would be really appreciated.

Oh dear...sounds like you have a bit of a problem!

Firstly can a mod please move this to the problem section cheers.

Ok, first thing sounds so simple but does the galaxy have the arch liner in the passenger side as this would elimiante the thought that it sounds like stones flying up in the arch.

2nd of all it could be wheel bearing. If it has completely gone it sill sound like a bag of nails. Eventually it'll collapse and possible cause damage that will cost a fortune to repair.

3rd) I would guess the quarterlight has been replaced previouisly badly by somebody....just get it re done by auto glass. Should be quite cheap as you wont need to buy a new window...just pay the labour
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