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Full Version: Southampton People Watch Out!
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Recently my friend has had his saxos wheel arches stolen, alot of other cars near my college have also had parts being taken off them.
It appears there's a thief operating in the Southampton/Eastleigh area who takes a photo of your car part posts it on ebay and if he gets enough bids for it steals it the night the auction ends. He's being reported soon however he/them will most likely still operate for a period until they are banned.

You should be fine if most of your car is properly welded on like newer cars but for those of you with more of a kit car style or easy to remove spoilers/body kit you might want to think about putting your car in the garage for a little while.
So is this person stealing whole cars or bits off them? Sounds like a forwarded email thingy to me.

But if not, it's exactly what I expect from Eastleigh to be honest.
Just parts, mainly body work parts such as wheel arches.
I expected it from eastliegh as well :P but apparently his ebay account is registered to Southampton , hence how my friend found him, along with his past sales being his and 5 other saxo wheel trims.

I'll see if i can get his ebay account name later just incase we have any l33t hackers here on ford forums who fancy getting his details so we can..have a chat with him :rolleyes: ;)

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