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Full Version: Ford Focus Tail Light
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Hi all,
I have a 2003 Focus hatch and have a problem with my tail light bulb I hope someone can help with.. I have replaced what I thought was a faulty tail light bulb but the tail light is still not working, however the brake light is. I have tried 3 bulbs and each time only the brake light works, does anyone have any ideas? I thought it may of been the fuse but if the brake light is working the fuse must be ok?

Any help welcomed

the tail light and the brake light are on separate fuse circuits so it could be the fuse.
Twin filament bulbs - check it's inserted correctly and turned into the holder properly as the contacts may not be in line. Sounds daft, but it happens!
[quote name='mintalkin' date='11 February 2010 - 08:58 PM' timestamp='1265921319' post='64631']
the tail light and the brake light are on separate fuse circuits so it could be the fuse.

I have looked in the manual and cannot find any mention of a tail light fuse, only side and brake lights but all the other lights are working..
Barry (slag)
Hi wrighty001. I signed up specially to tell you this (be greatful lol). My mate had the same problem on his focus. I found the problem. You need to reboot the comp. Simply follow:

1. Disconnect the negative from the battery terminal
2.remove the passenger kick pannel
3.Get a 12M socket and remove the wiring harness box. Looks like this:

3. Leave it [b]10 minutes[/b]
4. Reattatch the box
5. Reconnect the earth

Your problem should be fixed :)

I drive the silver slag focus (you may have seen my at car shows and stuff?)

Thanks Barry, it appears to have started working again but will kepp your instructions incase it goes again
I had a very similar issue with my 03 Focus.

I ended up replacing the bulb holder and hey presto, we have a tail light.

Though I would give you the wisdom of my experience as well. :D
Richard Dyke
For anyone reading this in 2013 - I have had the same trouble and it turned out to be the tail light bulb holder. Bought two new bulbs, the break lights came on but not the right tail light.

Tested the fuses under bonnet and behind glove box, removed wiring loom, disconnected battery but no luck - so thought it may have been a relay.

In the end a local dealer advised me to buy a new 7 bulb holder for the back tail light and it worked first time, now both break AND tail lights are on. Must be just wear and tear. The thing clicked off and the new one clicked on within seconds, no nonsense.


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